15 Shocking Mistakes You Never Noticed In Game Of Thrones

Grab your winter warmers and unfurl your dragon wings, because it is Game of Thrones time. As we fly toward to the end of HBO’s fantasy foray, and the race to the Iron Throne hots up like a dragon’s breath, let’s look back over seven seasons of stabbings and sorcery.

As one of the most-viewed shows on television, millions of fevered fans tune in every week to enjoy the adventures of Jon, Dany, Arya, Tyrion, and co. However, with that many eyes on the “Ice and Fire” epic, you would think that it would be pretty hard to escape scrutiny.

Over the past seven years, we have seen the various plot points and storylines come together, but it is clear that some moments have slipped through the Greyjoy fishing net. For a show that is so lauded, your average Thrones fan might not notice the odd slip-up or goof, but the eagle-eyed corners of the internet are always watching.

There has been some obvious mistake on the show - namely that trip overseas to Dorne - but what else might we have missed?

From vanishing bodies to Miracle-Gro hair, modern technology to molten gold, here are 15 Shocking Mistakes You Never Noticed In Game Of Thrones.

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15 Tommen's Age

Age consistency clearly isn't big deal for showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. The likes of Sansa, Jon, and Cersei are all played by actors much older than their book counterparts, however, across the seven seasons of the Seven Kingdoms, there is one character whose age stuck out more than most.

Tommen Baratheon is only supposed to be seven when we meet him in the books, then reach the age of nine by the time he marries Margaery - supposedly he is the same age as Bran. So, can you explain how 19-year-old Dean-Charles Chapman landed the role?

Although the show tried to retcon Tommen’s age several times, Chapman admitted that he frequently tried to play the character as a 12-year-old and would also put on a high-pitched voice.

Not that it mattered that much, really; Tommen was basically there to briefly sit on the Throne until the show ushered in Cersei as the Queen of the realm. That being said, the fact that Thrones managed to age the character by nearly a decade overnight will be a gripe to some.

14 Jon Snow's Rubber Sword

Jon Snow Sword Game of Thrones

There is no denying that season 6’s Battle of the Bastards is right up there with Hardhome and the Battle of the Blackwater as the greatest fighting scenes to grace the show. There was the epic showdown between Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton, a last-minute save by the Vale, and the tragic death of Rickon - he should’ve zig-zagged.

However, as Ramsay pulled back his bow and arrow and aimed to shoot down Rickon, did anyone notice Jon Snow’s rubber sword? As Kit Harington’s character raced to save little Rickon, you can see him leap onto his horse with a floppy prop sword by his side. While some may not have noticed, others renamed Jon’s sword Longclaw as "Longnoodle" from that day on.

It can’t be easy running around on set with real weapons, so it isn’t actually that surprising that the biggest stars are giving a safer option to wield. On the other hand, perhaps Thrones was too busy creating a CGI giant to notice the goof, or maybe Valyrian steel just isn’t as strong as we first thought.

13 Melisandre's Magic Necklace

Melisandre bath Game of Thrones

>Game of Thrones season 6 sure got off to a dramatic start. With Jon Snow still left for dead, we also got the shocking reveal that the Red Woman wasn’t quite what she seems. When the Lady Melisandre removed that ornate necklace, audiences were gobsmacked learn that it seemed to contain dark magic that kept her looking young. Forget a face lift, it seems all you need is some high priestess costume jewelry to fight off the signs of aging.

Now, it is likely just a continuity error, but remember that we have seen Mel sans-jewellery before. As she bathed back in season 4, Melisandre was chatting to Selyse Baratheon from the comfort of the bath. Melisandre clearly wasn’t wearing her necklace, but she still remained in her youthful form.

 There are of course several theories about it just being perception, or that only Melisandre can see herself in her crone form, but something just doesn’t add up. The groovy granny is officially revealed to be over 400 years old, but showrunners have yet to address that necklace issue.

12 Season 1 Says Sansa Is Targaryen

Game of Thrones Sansa Titles

The titles from Game of Thrones are a veritable treasure trove of Easter eggs. Each opening tells us where that episode will take place and the updated season 7 version already points to how the White Walkers could get around that magic wall of ice.

Over the years we have seen a burning Winterfell, the fall of Meereen, and the actors alongside the sigils of the house that belongs to their character. With that in mind, why does season 1 have Sophie Turner alongside an image of a dragon?

We all know that Sansa Stark is a pure northerner and that the blood of the wolf pack runs through her veins, so why is she listed as a Targaryen? It has also happened with Jorah Mormont next to the Lannister lion and The Hound next to a Baratheon stag.

Although it is probably just an error from the early days, things seem to be a little more consistent these days. Who knows, though; we have already seen the show reveal Jon Snow’s Targaryen lineage, so maybe we are in for a shocking reveal for Sansa in the final two seasons.

11 Stannis Baratheon's Laptop Charger

Stannis death Game of Thrones

With Stannis still being a major player in George R.R. Martin’s books, Stephen Dillane’s departure at the end of season 5 was one hell of a shocker. However, even his death scene was mired in a very modern controversy.

We all remember when Stannis and his forces were defeated outside Winterfell, and the False King was left beaten and bruised in the snow. Just when we thought Stannis would live to fight another day, Brienne of Tarth came along to exact revenge for Renly's death.

As Stannis sat dying, how did no one notice a rather large charger poking out from under his leg? The Lord of Dragonstone may have been writing his last will and testament on a Dell laptop and needed some juice - but it was probably to power a pump for all that blood. The charger was spotted in some behind-the-scenes photos, but it also made it into the actual scene from the season 5 finale - whoops!

10 Shireen Baratheon's Hair

Continuing the tragic Baratheon legacy, let’s move to Stannis’ daughter Shireen. The poor girl didn’t lead a particularly happy life during her short time on this Earth. Locked away for her greyscale and then finding herself literally in the firing line, being a Baratheon wasn't easy for Shireen.

However, why didn’t anyone question that Shireen didn't continue the Baratheon trait of having black hair? As Ned Stark flicked through the history of Westeros in season 1, the show made a major point of all Baratheon children having black hair. We all saw Gendry's black hair, and Ned's findings were how the Hand of the King disputed the Lannister’s incest illegitimacy to the throne.

Actress Kerry Ingram wasn’t sporting a crop of jet-black Baratheon hair - she was almost Lannister blonde - but she was definitely the daughter of Stannis. Sure, he may have played away with the likes of Melisandre, but it was never denied that Shireen was Stannis' flesh and blood.

There are those who will claim that Shireen’s greyscale is the reason for lighter hair, but we ain’t buying it!

9 Robb and Jon's Magic Hair

Robb Stark and Jon Snow

It is back to the start for this one and the very first episode of Game of Thrones for another hair-raising mistake. Northern men on the show are usually known for their shaggy beards and flowing hair. It was all part of the rugged charm for those Stark boys, who over the years have always managed to maintain their luscious locks, however, giving us continuity errors from the start isn’t exactly a good start for the show.

"Winter is Coming" saw both Robb Stark and Jon Snow have a fresh trim and a clean shave in anticipation of the arrival of King Robert - fair enough, it is right to look presentable in front of the king of the Seven Kingdoms. However, when Ned and his brood happen across those lost direwolf pups, both Robb and Jon have miraculously grown their hair long again.

Although Jon Snow has had many hairstyles across the seven seasons - even sporting that divisive man bun - it seems that both Richard Madden and Kit Harington were putting Miracle-Gro on their scalps back in season 1.

8 Margaery Tyrell's Computer Notification

Margaery Tyrell Game of Thrones

Oh Margaery Tyrell, your death still hurts us, and who doesn’t miss Natalie Dormer on the set of Thrones. The part-time humanitarian, full-time schemer was the people’s queen in stark contrast to Cersei Lannister. 

After the bloody Battle of the Blackwater at the climax of season 2, season 3 saw a compassionate Margaery consoling the orphans of the massacre. Although there was a spectacular defeat of Stannis Baratheon, his fleet of ships, and his army, a fair few lives were lost inside King’s Landing. We see Margaery and her handmaiden handing out toys, but it appears that technology moves faster that we first thought in the Seven Kingdoms.

As Margaery continues chatting to the cast of Oliver!, you can clearly hear an email notification going off in the background. No one managed to catch this in the sound edit, and you can still hear the out of place noise in the episode “Valar Dohaeris.” Wow, who knew the Medieval realm has access to smartphones and laptops?

7 George W. Bush's Head On A Pike

George Bush Game of Thrones

It seems that the Game of Thrones showrunners were in over their head when they decapitated a certain famous face in what was seen as a very political statement. Apparently, they just picked any head from HBO’s extensive prop room, but selecting the head of a head of state was a dangerous move to make.

We may have seen The Walking Dead use the likes of Greg Nicotero and Johnny Depp’s heads, but GoT came under fire for their controversial use of George W. Bush. When we saw Septa Mordane and Ned Stark’s heads mounted on pikes at King’s Landing, you can also see the face of the 43rd president of the United States meeting an equally grisly fate.

While the Bush prop has much longer hair than his real-life counterpart, it is definitely him under there. Benioff and Weiss confirmed it in the DVD commentary for season 1 and then apologized. Bush’s head was removed from any further DVD releases, and safe to say, it doesn’t really get mentioned anymore.

6 Ramsay's Missing Hounds

Hounds Game of Thrones

Heading to the season 6 premiere, there was a serious case of "who let the dogs out" that left some fans furious. We may have solved the mystery of what happened to Theon and Sansa when they leaped from the Winterfell battlements, but the episode went introduced a whole other puzzling situation.

A severely peeved Ramsay Bolton sent his forces and a pair of bloodhounds to track down his escaping prisoners. There were six Bolton soldiers - four with horses and two with dogs - but it wasn't for long. As Ramsay’s hounds closed in on Theon and Sansa, a heroic Brienne of Tarth came to save the day, but the dogs were nowhere to be seen.

There was also the fact that the hounds had changed from rottweilers to bloodhounds, but we can let that one slide. In all honesty, the hounds could’ve just run away when Brienne came bounding in to rescue the runaways. However, after waiting an entire year for more Thrones, was anyone really bothered where a pair of ravenous dogs went?

5 Arya Doesn't Tell The Hound She Met The Mountain

Game of Thrones - Hound and Arya

Unfortunately, siblings in Westeros aren't all hugs (and kisses) - some family ties just aren't as civil. We saw the Baratheons tear each other apart, but no two brothers hate each other quite as much as the Cleganes. We have seen Sandor and Gregor become two fan-favorite characters as The Hound and The Mountain, but it is safe to say, there is no love lost between them.

When Game of Thrones paired The Hound with Arya Stark to give us one of the best screen team-ups ever, Sandor explained his hatred for his older brother. A blank-faced Arya listened along to the tale of fire and feud, but why didn’t she tell The Hound that she also hated his brother?

Arya famously met The Mountain (Ian Whyte’s version) back in season 2. Not only did she cross paths with the bloodthirsty bludgeoner at Harrenhal, he also made his way onto her notorious hit list for his crimes. There was definitely enough time for the Stark girl to say, “Oh yeah, that guy? I hate him too.”

We can only hope that The Hound and Arya meet again and can take down The Mountain together.

4 Euron's Fleet Being Built On The Iron Islands

Euron Greyjoy

As Pilou Asbæk aims to make good on his promise to be the next Ramsay Bolton, Euron Greyjoy is fast becoming one of the standout characters on Game of Thrones. Returning from his many years of exile in season 6, Euron set his eyes on the Salt Throne and then Queen Daenerys. However, realizing his alliances may work better elsewhere, this season sees him try to woo Cersei Lannister and her Iron Throne.

The pillaging pirate may not seem to have much going for him, but remember Euron has the biggest fleet of ships on the seven seas of the Seven Kingdoms. However, just how did he create such an impressive feat with barely a tree in sight on the Iron Islands?

Even in season 7, Euron reminds us that Greyjoy homestead is just bird excrement and rocks - it is hardly flush with a forest full of handy trees- yet he's built himself quite the ferocious armada. Euron came quite literally crashing into the climax of episode 2, “Stormborn”, and we assume his ships will continue to play a big part of the Greyjoy storyline.

3 Cersei saying there were only two of the same necklace

Myrcella necklace Game of Thrones

It isn’t only Melisandre who struggles with necklace issues, and it seems that the Lannisters have so much jewelry, they don’t bother counting it. Season 5 saw Cersei being sent the necklace of her daughter Myrcella as a threat from Dorne.

Those Dornish women mocked the Lannister lioness by sending Myrcella’s necklace in the jaws of a viper. Cersei claimed that she knew that her daughter was in trouble because she and Myrcella owned the only two necklaces in existence. However, attentive fans will remember that this isn’t the case.

Back when the bratty Joffrey wasn’t toying with Sansa Stark, he gave his betrothed a necklace that the Stark girl says is, "just like the one your mother wears. Elsewhere, season 1 saw the forgotten prostitute Ros with her own Lannister necklace thanks to Tyrion Lannister. Who knows, though: maybe the seemingly priceless heirloom came free inside a Christmas cracker.

While some have accepted this as a mistake, other theorize that Littlefinger sent a replica necklace to force a war between Dorne and King’s Landing. With Myrcella dead and everyone trying to forget Dorne, we will probably never know about this one, though.

2 The Sons Of The Harpy Vanish

Sons of the Harpy fight

While we still don’t really know what the point of Daenerys’ travels to Meereen was, her stint there at least had some epic fighting scenes. Before Dany flew off from the fighting pits, we saw her forces falls to the Sons of the Harpy.

Season 5’s fourth episode saw an early grave for Ser Barristan Selmy, and while actor Ian McElhinney wasn’t happy about bowing out before his book counterpart, the episode at least had a shocking climax. We all remember the scene where the Unsullied, Barristan, and Grey Worm took on the Sons of the Harpy in the bowels of Meereen.

Daenerys’ loyal men took a fair few of the masked menaces with them, but Grey Worm barely escaped with his life and Barristan kicked the bucket. As the episode came to an end, we saw both men slowly dying in a room full of dead Sons and Unsullies. However, as the camera panned out, several of the bodies had vanished. Maybe the extras just got bored of lying on the floor all day?

1 The Magic Dothraki Gold

Finally, it is back to the early days for a bit of alchemy, and it is clear that no one on the Thrones crew did their chemistry homework. As one of the first villains to grace the show, who wasn’t happy when Viserys Targaryen met his farewell on the wrong end of some molten gold?

The episode was literally named after Viserys’ death, and “A Golden Crown” ended with the sniveling brother of Daenerys finally getting his comeuppance. After rubbing one too many peopl the wrong way, an angered Khal Drogo gave us one of the most memorable deaths in GoT history.

However, the melting point of gold is a mere 1945 degrees Fahrenheit, and yet, the average campfire is around 700 degrees. Even if it was heated by the flames of a dragon, the Dothraki campfire defied logic.

It was only a matter of moments before Drogo's medallions were a gloopy mass of gold that was ready for pouring. Some argue that the fantasy world of Westeros or some Dothraki magic could’ve sped up the process, but come on guys, admit you dropped the ball on this one.


Which do you think is the biggest mistake on Game of Thrones? Sound off in the comments below!

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