Game Of Thrones: MBTI® Of House Lannister

While the final season of Game of Thrones premiered this year, we're definitely still not over this brilliant and incredible show. After eight seasons, we're sure that everyone has their favorite house and character. You probably know which house you would end up in, and which characters you're most like. For all the House Lannister fans out there, have you wondered which one you most closely resemble? Well, you no longer have to, because we've made a list. Here are the lions of House Lannister and their Myer-Briggs Type Indicator®.

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Jaime has to be one of our all-time favorites, right? (Let's ignore season 8, how about). Still, this character had huge development over the series, and he's an extremely dynamic and interesting guy. We think he falls into the "commander" personality type. This type of person is confident, and we definitely see this to a fault in Jaime. As well, they're efficient - they have goals, and they are quick to achieve them regardless of the costs. They are strong-willed and strategic, making them fearless and brilliant leaders.  They have followers, and they feed on power. This type of person is also stubborn, dominant, arrogant, and impatient. At their very worst, they can be ruthless if it helps them achieve their goals. This is Jaime summed up pretty well, and he definitely represents extroversion, intuition, thinking, and judgment.


Tywin is the "architect" personality. What does this mean? Well, he's definitely goal-oriented and stands on logic to achieve just about everything. He also is a lone wolf, and trusts himself more than anyone else, but this actually works in his favor to accomplish a lot. This personality type is strategic and quick, and they'll solve just about anything thrown their way.

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They also know their decision is the best one since they're usually arrogant, independent, and very decisive. They're hard-working, and you don't want to get in the way of that. This means they don't like to be challenged, and it's near impossible to change their minds. They're also probably judging every decision you've ever made. This is Tywin, and he represents introversion, intuition, thinking, and judgment.


Oh, Joffrey... the infamous villain that we all hate so deeply. We're really sorry if this is your personality type, because we're more than sure you're not a Joffrey. Nonetheless, we had to put him somewhere. Joffrey best fits into the "executive" type, simply because he really loves power and telling everyone what to do. He's dedicated to his duty, and he is strong-willed. Whether we want to admit it or not, this type of person is also direct and blunt, and are actually competent at creating 'order'. They have their own standards, and they are more than willing to delegate tasks. However, this personality type is also stubborn, judgmental, and obsessed with their social status. Joffrey's main goal is power, and he demands respect from everyone. Joffrey represents extroversion, sensing, thinking, and judgment.


We all love Tommen, and we still get chills when we watch his death scene. Tommen falls under the "mediator" category. He listens well, and he's open to everyone's opinion (yeah, it's because he had no clue what he's doing, but it's better to listen). This personality type has the strengths of idealism, dedication, and passion.

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Tommen has all of these to an immense degree, and he also values harmony - he doesn't like being dominated or dominating others, he likes a more democratic approach to issues. However, this person's weaknesses is that they are often too idealistic or altruistic, which might lead them to get swallowed by the world, which, he definitely is. Tommen represents introversion, intuition, feeling, and perceiving.


Again, we're sorry if you're a Cersei. Although, many people love this Queen, and honestly, some of her traits are pretty impressive. Cersei is also an "executive". While she's not as cruel (arguably), as her son, she has many similar qualities. She has strong beliefs, and she also has an affinity for power. However, this personality type is also known for being patient, which Cersei is definitely more so than her son. Yet she still finds order in the chaos and is able to get people to listen to her. She's strong-willed, inflexible (to a scary degree), and is definitely worried about her image. Cersei represents extroversion, sensing, thinking, and judgment, and we definitely don't want to mess with her strength or get in the way of her goals.


Yes, Lancel undergoes a pretty radical transformation after the High Sparrow sinks his claws into him. However, we still think he fits here pretty well. Lancel actually thinks he's helping people, which is important to this personality type.

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He's convicted and dedicated (again, to a scary degree). He doesn't like tyrants, and he values his own self-preservation more than anything else (that's probably why he's so willing to snitch for Tyrion). They're likely to be irrational, and probably act impulsively. However, we also see Lancel as decisive and determined to his cause. He represents introversion, intuition, feeling, and judgment.


This type of person is happy to live in a colorful world. Like Myrcella, they want adventure and change. This personality type is the "adventurer", which means that they like to live freely, but also are introverted and reserved, except with those closest to them. They're charming, curious, and imaginative (which is probably what gets her into trouble, really). However, this personality type is also known as being too independent,  and they are likely to resist help because they think they are living life in their own, best way. This is Myrcella, and she represents introversion, sensing, feeling, and perception.


Tyrion is definitely the "best" Lannister, and we're not taking any arguments against it. If you're like Tyrion, you probably also represent the "debater" personality type. This type of person is smart, curious, and loves intellectual challenges. Essentially, they're an incredible devil's advocate, which is Tyrion in a nutshell. They love messing with people's minds, but they're also brilliant at using their intellect and debate skills to manipulate and influence someone's decision. They're quick thinkers and are very knowledgeable (he drinks, and he knows things, right?). They're also charismatic leaders that mesmerize listeners. Oh yes, they're also immensely argumentative. This is definitely Tyrion, and he represents extroversion, intuition, thinking, and perceiving.

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