Game of Thrones: Mark Gatiss Confirms His Season 7 Involvement

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The penultimate season of HBO's Game of Thrones is just around the corner. With the summer premiere date confirmed recently, all that's left is for fans to receive a proper glimpse of the new season. As the return of the series is just a few months away, it's a good bet a full trailer will emerge in the coming weeks. In the meantime, eager viewers have had to make due with promos highlighting the characters and conflicts of the show.

HBO hasn't delivered proper look at the show with any official photos. Instead, our only glimpses of the new costumes the characters will wear came from a comedic promo for the network itself that dropped last week. There also hasn't been any official word about who will be returning, though the promos did reveal a few key players. Like the books, the shows have left certain characters out for certain seasons, in order to focus on other members of the sprawling cast. But it is known one side character will be back, however, and it could spell doom for Cersei.

While speaking with press (via Express), Sherlock co-creator Mark Gatiss confirmed he had filmed for the upcoming season of the show, though he naturally couldn't reveal anything about what his character would be up to. Gatiss said:

“Yes, I did it in Belfast last year. I can’t tell you anything more obviously, mostly because I don’t know anything.”

Mark Gatiss as Tycho Nestoris on Game of Thrones

Gatiss made his Game of Thrones debut two seasons back as the Braavosi banker Tycho Nestoris. As the overseer of the Iron Bank, he helped Stannis with the massive loan that brought him back into power. He's also who the Crown owe much of their debt to, which won't be good for Cersei's new rule. Though Gatiss' part is small, it's a good role, and one he's happy to play.

“It was lovely. What I love about it is that I don’t have any stake in it.”

Of course, that relaxed role means he isn't privy to a lot of the inner workings of the show. Then again, even if he was, he wouldn't spoil them for viewers, but he does have high hopes for his character's fate come the end of the series.

“I honestly don’t know the ins and outs. People ask me this, that and the other, I haven’t got a clue. I’ve done four episodes now and there’s two more they think. It’s a huge saga and I don’t know and I rather like that. But I’ve had a lovely time. The last scene I’m in with - I probably can’t say because it would be a spoiler, wouldn’t it?

I made a pitch to be the last one alive because if anyone survives, it’s the banker, isn’t it? They smiled at me and then plotted my doom."

With only two seasons left, Gatiss may get his wish. In fact, he might not even have time to die considering the final season will only have 6 episodes, making it the shortest of the series. Of course, fewer episodes means a bigger budget, and the spectacle this year promises to be massive. Hopefully, we'll learn some more concrete details about the upcoming season soon, so stay tuned.

Game of Thrones season 7 premieres July 16 @9pm on HBO.

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Source: Express

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