Game Of Thrones: 25 Things That Make No Sense About Jon Snow And Daenerys' Relationship

Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones has become a pop culture powerhouse with many iconic characters, though arguably none are as iconic as Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow.

In a blood battle for power, Jon and Dany care the most for the well-being of their people. Though Dany is arguably more violent in her methods, they do have similar goals: create a better world for their people.

Jon does this by focusing on their best interests, while Dany goes about doing this by breaking the cyclical wheel of houses trading power over and over so that civilians can stop paying for their house's wars.

In the past season of Game of Thrones, the two fan-favorites finally met in the Targaryen castle: Dragonstone. Jon came seeking help against the White Walkers, while Dany accepted him in while seeking more allies in Westeros.

Initially, the two butted heads. However, by the end of season seven, the two had fallen in love. Fans had been interested in the pairing for a long time, but now they finally came together.

This doesn't mean that the two don't have a lot of complications, though.

Dany and Jon have a lot of confusing, nonsensical aspects of their speedy romance. The Mother of Dragons and the King in the North may finally be together, but it hardly means that everything's perfect.

With that said, here are the 25 Things That Make No Sense About Jon Snow And Daenerys' Relationship.

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25 The Romantic Comedy Set-Up

Daenerys meets Snow

In a world of complex drama, political subterfuge, and conversational etiquette, Daenarys and Jon's first interactions are oddly rom-com-esque.

Though the directors and actors worked to show the chemistry between them from first glance, they also started their relationship off with icy distrust and forceful demands.

This is despite the fact that both parties greatly benefit from an alliance and they both know that.

More logically, they would have made an alliance, but stayed distant from one another.

However, events and time might have brought them closer and eventually to love. It simply doesn't make sense for the two respectable royals to act out a "hate turns into love" rom-com plot thread.

24 Their Poorly Timed Courtship

Though fans have been imagining a Dany/Jon pairing for years, the timing for their romance couldn't possibly be worse. Just as the most terrible adversaries threaten Westeros, they are giving each other long looks and taking reckless risks for love.

Moreover, it's poorly timed because many fans theories were naming Jon is the "Prince That Was Promised." He will stop the White Walker invasion.

Also, fans theorize that Jon will have to stop the invasion by repeating history: stabbing his wife and turning her into a Walker.

This would mean beloved Dany might become a White Walker, a terrible fate for any character.

Their romance's timing makes no sense, or it makes the worst kind of sense.

23 Jon Calling Her "Dany"

Viserys Targaryen Kissing His Sister Daenerys in Game of Thrones

Fans may call Daenerys "Dany" as an easy nickname, but in-story, the name holds little affection.

The only person who called the powerful woman this name was her brother, Viserys. Their relationship was poor, to say the least.

He sold her to the Dothraki for an alliance and he emotionally abused her. Viserys only saw her as a pawn in his bid for the throne.

Fed up with his cruelty, Dany had him executed.

In season seven, as Dany and Jon's relationship blossoms, he calls her Dany. Though well-meant, it doesn't make any sense for her to find this endearing.

It was the pet name her abuser gave her.

22 They're Not Each Other's Type

Jon Snow and Ygritte - Game of Thrones

Jon and Dany are hardly new to the game of love. Both have been in love at least one time before. Oddly enough, though, they are hardly each other's type.

While Jon does love strong women, he seemed to prefer non-royals.

Ygritte was fearless and outspoken, but she also wanted to be free of the political complexities of Westeros.

This is the opposite of Dany, who wants to lead the kind of world Ygritte despised.

Dany, on the other hand, seems to have a bias towards rugged, ruthless men. Both of her lovers were a fierce king and a dangerous assassin.

Meanwhile, Jon may be a good warrior, but he's hardly fierce or ruthless.

21 Daenerys' Delayed White Walker Exposure

This Game of Thrones season saw a back and forth debate on the existence of White Walkers.

While it was understandable that Dany didn't know they existed, she also has dragons, so it would be very easy for them to quickly travel to the North, show her the danger, and hop back to Dragonstone shortly.

The debate allowed for Dany and Jon to be forced into close quarters, to have lots of discussions, and interact.

However, it was a fairly easy thing to prove with a small field trip. With how quickly Dany goes from Dragonstone to King's Landing, this controversy could have been solved in an episode or two.

20 Their Very Different Opinions About Royalty

Daenerys people

Jon Snow of the North and Daenerys Targaryen understandably have fairly different opinions on royalty. While both parties support the health and goodwill of their people, this isn't all that makes a royal.

Dany, as a leader, takes great pride in being a queen. The Mother of Dragons feels that she deserves to be in power and, though well-meaning, will take that power by whatever means necessary.

She came to Westeros with an army, after all.

Jon, on the other hand, is a reluctant king. Unlike Dany, he is an every-man. Though he is king, he doesn't believe he deserves his title, he only wants to do his best by his people.

19 Daenerys' Sudden Interest in Romance


Since Khal Drogo's sudden, unfortunate passing, Dany swore off romance and love. She kept all relationships casual or kept her focus on her goals.

Furthermore, she broke up with her lover, Daario, to keep herself available for any political marriages that could be useful.

After years of rebuffing other advances, keeping other hearts at bay, and focusing only on being queen, it feels very sudden for her to change her mind because of Jon Snow.

He's done nothing that her other lovers or admirers haven't done. However, prolonged exposure to his northern charm has collapsed her iron resolve.

It's a nonsensical, sudden change. A political marriage turned romantic would have made more sense.

18 Their Ages

Ghost Direwolf Game Thrones Jon Snow

Jon Snow and Dany, despite all they've been through and their appearances, are both only 22 years old. Yet these two young people are leading nations.

Their ages are even wilder in the books, where Dany and Jon are 18 and 19, respectively.

While it's hardly insane for them to be together, it is insane that they had any chance to meet and are this successful as leaders.

In history, when people this young are appointed by blood, they have heavy-handed advisers guiding them. Dany and Jon both have advisors, but they are not heavy-handed.

Both leaders make many decisions on their own, which is m ind-boggling.

17 Tyrion Playing Matchmaker... But Then Not

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen and Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones

Early on in Game of Thrones' season seven, Tyrion had a strong hand in telling Dany and Jon good things about one another.

Tyrion soothes Dany by describing Jon's honor and heritage. He also soothes Jon by recounting how Dany cares for her people.

Moreover, he even talks about how they look at one another, as if he's invested in the romantic path that the two have taken.

However, at the end of the season, Dany and Jon sleep together. Post-scene, Tyrion looks very upset about it. The character's actor, Peter Dinklage, said it was out of jealousy: the third Lannister sibling fell for Dany and is now distraught.

However, why did he encourage them, then?

16 Daenerys Calling Jon "Too Little" For Her

As her adviser, Tyrion and Dany speak often. In one of their chats, Dany described stupid things that heroes do, citing all past admirers, lovers, and Jon Snow.

Tyrion calls her out on this and the queen rebuffs that Jon is "too little for her."

Indeed, her previous lovers were quite tall. Drogo stood at 6'4'', Daario at 6'1'', and even Jorah was 6'0''. Jon Snow, comparatively, is 5'8''. However, Daenerys Stormborn herself is only 5'2''.

While Jon does not tower over her, he is still half a foot taller than her.

Dany was just using a deflection tactic, but it still doesn't quick make sense when she's still so much smaller than Jon.

15 Their Differing Personalities

Daenerys Targaryen in the Sack of Astapor

At their core, Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen both want to make a better world for their people. However, past that, they are very different.

Jon is a willing leader, but he's also reluctant. He's family-focused, down to earth, and humble. Though a king now, he still tries to do the right thing, as he's always done.

Dany has become fierce in her pursuit for the throne. She has burned away her past, including her only living brother. Her loyalties lie with her people and her dragons.

She is a dragon mother and a queen before anything else.

His good guy approach and her ruthlessness are bound to contradict eventually.

14 Jon Talking About Her Infertility

A lot of Jon Snow and Daenerys' discussions and decisions seem fairly plot-based for the entirety of season seven. This leads to a few bizarre topics of conversation that initially would be unexpected.

One of the strongest examples of this is their talk about Dany's infertility.

While at the dragon Pit parley, somehow Jon and Dany get to talking about bloodlines and, subsequently, her infertility. He notes that the person who told her she was infertile was unreliable.

However, Jon deliberately talking to her about this is odd and out of place.

If it was done deliberately so that writers could give them a child, this only makes things a little more complicated in Westeros.

13 Everything About The Wight Raid

Drogon King's Landing

In efforts to fight the White Walkers, Dany and Jon hope to enlist Cersei Lannister herself. However, Jon wants to get proof, a wight from The Wall, to ensure that Cersei understands the danger and won't turn on them.

As the wights have converged into an army, though, this is a difficult task.

As feared, the raid goes terribly. They capture a wight, but the army finds them and they lose several men trying to escape.

The plan, though well-meaning, always was dumb.

The White Walker army is too organized for a small party to stand any chance. Also, worse, they lost a dragon to them.

Allying with Cersei is less risky than this.

12 Daenerys Ditching Jorah

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen and Iain Glen as Ser Jorah Mormont on Game of Thrones

Jorah Mormont has been in love with Daenerys since he met her. Though she values his friendship and sees him as one of her most trusted companions, she never returns these feelings.

However, Dany complicates this situation by ditching this trusted friend for her new flame, Jon Snow.

However, she doesn't just ditch Jorah by ignoring him - she chooses not to acknowledging him in her rescue attempt in the North, instead solely focusing on Jon.

It's only because of Jon's protective nature that he is the one who gets left behind.

Love is understandably powerful, but it's heartbreaking to see her disregard her loyal adviser for a man she has only known for a short while.

11 No Talk of Marital Allegiance

Dany's entire reasoning for leaving Daario behind and remaining single was to be open for political marriage.

She needs the support of the beloved King of the North, while he needs the dragonglass in her caverns and the support of her armies for the impending wight war.

To solidify this union, it would be logical for them to arrange a political marriage. However, Dany and Jon never mention it.

Not only would it make a strong bond between their peoples, but it would also have been an easy device to bring the two characters closer together.

Also, with all of Dany's talk of political marriage, it's illogical for her to miss an opportunity like this.

10 Daenerys Having Any Romantic Interest In A King

After Drogo lost his life, Dany's singular goal was to reclaim her place the iron throne.

She decided that she was going to become the queen she was destined to be: Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name, The Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons.

Never again would anyone look down on her.

Despite all of this, she falls in love with a king: Jon Snow, which hardly makes any sense.

Dany wants to be the leader and re-mold Westeros in her own vision.

Having a king could hinder this, and at best he'd be her equal, not her subject.

9 Jon's Opposition to Bending the Knee

Jon Snow made it very clear throughout season seven how dire the situation was in the North. The wights were quickly encroaching and war was upon them.

However, despite this impending doom, Jon refuses to do the one thing that will get Daenerys' dragons and armies on his side: bend the knee.

He's initially uncertain about her abilities as a leader. Later, he cites the fact the North won't accept her as queen. Jon is so adamant that it's ludicrous.

He talks to her about how dire the situation is, yet he himself is hindering progress to help save the world.

Jon, too, will have a graveyard to rule if the North is decimated.

8 Daenerys' Obsession With Jon Bending the Knee

Daenerys, from the moment she meets Jon Snow, is obsessed with getting the King of the North to bend the knee.

While her desire to accumulate more allies is reasonable, her belligerence is counterproductive. It doesn't encourage Jon to want to ally with her to keep him a near-prisoner at her castle.

Though she wants to rule the iron throne, at this point, it might be worthwhile for her to settle for allying with Jon Snow - especially when she has her concerns about Cersei's looming forces.

Instead, though, she plays it stubborn for plot convenience and is just lucky that he fell in love with her.

7 Davos and Tyrion Turning Into Gossips

While at Dragonstone, Jon and Dany are forced to discuss and try to find a way to cooperate. With them in these political struggles are their advisers, Davos and Tyrion.

Both men are intelligent, strong-willed characters.

Yet, somehow, watching Jon and Dany banter has turned them into romantic gossips.

Both Tyrion and Davos comment on how the two look at one another. Tyrion teases Dany about her possible interest in Jon. Davos does the same, particularly telling Jon he's attracted to her.

The show tries very hard to tell the viewer that the two are falling in love, even when it doesn't make much sense.

6 Daenerys Not Being Angry At Jon About Viserion's Demise

Daenerys in Game of Thrones

One of the most alarming and odd character betrayals in season seven happens to Dany. As the devoted mother of dragons, she cares about her scaly children more than anything else.

When Viserion falls because of Jon's questionable wight plan, since Cersei plans to betray them regardless of the danger, Dany should have been furious.

His idea and having to save him and the party directly led to losing her dragon.

Regardless of the fact that Viserion will make the White Walkers harder to fight, it's uncharacteristic for her not to fiercely love and defend her dragons more than anything else.

Jon's hand in her child's passing should have caused a great rift between them, but instead it somehow brought them closer.

5 Their Relationship Only Spanned A Few Episodes

The greatest romances in Game of Thrones have been built up through seasons, or through episodes that the romance dominated, or through isolated time together.

Dany and Jon, however, butted heads for a few episodes, then grew warmer towards one another, then fell in love, all while political treatises, wars, and bloodshed were raging around them.

They had little time onscreen to grow close, foster feelings, and become lovers.

Though it's likely the fault of rushing towards the end, the pair didn't have enough time to connect, at least as far as the viewer's concerned.

By the end of season seven, it can make sense for them to have feelings, but not to be full-blown in love.

4 Sailing To White Harbor in The Same Boat

When everything is settled and all armies are banded together to go fight the White Walkers, they set sail. Jon suggests that Dany sail with him so that the northerners can, in-person, see them as allies.

Jorah argues against it, but Dany readily agrees.

Though Jon's intentions are good, this plan is obscenely risky.

With uncertainty about Cersei and the dangers of the incoming wights, two leaders on one ship is foolhardy.

After all, if Cersei can successfully destroy Jon's ship, she is now the only great leader left.

Now the armies are disorganized, they may start infighting, and Westeros could be lost to the wights.

3 They Only Had One Truly Romantic Scene

Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen in Beyond the Wall

Slowly over season seven, Jon Snow and Daenerys create a rapport that has affectionate, even romantic, undertones. However, that relationship quickly jumps deep into the romance by superseding any acknowledgements, kisses, or the like.

While sailing to White Harbor, Jon and Dany sleep together.

Though fans were hardly surprised about their relationship turning romantic, it was very abrupt.

Before their bedroom scene, the two didn't have a single purely romantic scene. All others had romantic elements, but were overall more scenes of two people getting to know and understand one another.

Very easily, they could have been platonic. It makes little sense to have no romantic amping up before the two went to bed.

2 Overlapping Prophecies

Daenerys Fire Game of Thrones Season 6

Throughout Game of Thrones, there has been an overarching prophecy about the Prince That Was Promised.

This person is not only the savior of Westeros, but the savior of the Lord of Light.

Both Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow have been pointed at as possible candidates for the prophecy, though it still remains a mystery to who really is the chosen one.

It's very likely that, regardless of who it is, their destinies are intertwined.

However, it is confusing that both characters have different people pointing to them as the savior just as they get together on screen.

Some say their child may be the actual prince, but only time will tell.

1 Their Familial Relationship

Unfortunately for Jon and Dany, this murky part of relationship is not their fault. Her older brother, Rhaegar Targaryen, caused all this trouble when he decided to leave his wife to marry Lyanna Stark.

However, Ned Stark assisted in keeping this relationship a secret by naming Jon as his illegitimate son. This led to Jon's cluelessness about his Targaryen heritage and his true birthrights to power.

For his relationship with Dany, though, it means that his new lover is his aunt.

In a book rife with troublingly close family relationships and taboos, it's still crazy that this pairing has that, too, even though it's not their fault.


Do you think we missed any other things wrong with Daenarys and Jon's relationship in Game of Thrones? Let us know in the comments!

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