Game Of Thrones: 10 Villains Who Are Worse Than Joffrey

Jack Gleeson As King Joffrey

Joffrey Baratheon is often cited as the most hated character on Game Of Thrones. It makes sense - he’s a spoiled brat who gains too much power and goes on to be a murderer. He’s needlessly cruel towards everyone around him and abusive - yes, place him in most shows, and he’d be the worst character on there, hands down.

But the truth is, in Westeros, there are actually people worse than Joffrey. Seems hard to believe but If you look at the deeds of everyone, there are crimes committed even worse than the ones Joffrey did and with far less reason behind them. Here are ten people who were actually worse than him.

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10 Vargo Hoat/Locke

Noah Taylor as Locke in Game of Thrones

In the books, he’s called Vargo Hoat; in the show, he’s called Locke.

He’s equally vile in both.

He’s a sadist who enjoys torturing his victims by cutting off their hands and feet and leaving them there to die. When he gets a hold of Jaime Lannister, he cuts off his right hand and laughs at him when Jaime nearly dies of the infection (the first time we feel truly sorry for Jaime Lannister). He attacks Brienne, who is saved only by Jaime’s quick-thinking, and is one all-round cruel guy whose only pleasure in life seems to be from other people’s pain.

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9 Robert Baratheon

Is it controversial to have Robert on this list? Sure. But he deserves his place.

He started his rebellion over a lie, jaded at Lyanna leaving him for Rhaegar and accusing the Targaryen of taking her by force. Rhaegar wasn’t perfect either, but to start a whole war over being rejected… wow.

He was also abusive to both Cersei and Joffrey. While there’s no excuse for their behavior, it’s a definite reason for how Joffrey especially turned out the way he did. Robert once hit him so hard he knocked his teeth out, and he forced himself on Cersei multiple times.

Just because he wasn’t as obviously vile as someone like Locke doesn’t mean he was a good man.

8 Roose Bolton

Roose is often overlooked because his bastard son Ramsay seems so much worse, but Roose is a very dangerous man. In the books, he’s outright stated to be worse than Ramsay. He’s committed many crimes and perhaps the most dangerous and despicable thing about him is that his loyalty goes to the highest bidder. He has no moral code to follow, and seems to be a complete sociopath.

Looking at Roose, it’s really no wonder Ramsay turned out the way he did.

He also played a key part in the Red Wedding, which is reason enough to despise him. No one is over that.

7 Ramsay Bolton

His son Ramsay, however, is also terrible.

Once a Snow and legitimized to be a Bolton, Ramsay has clear issues with his father that have plagued him all his life and turned him into a twisted, awful person. In the show, he’s married to Sansa at one point and puts her through unspeakable, awful things. In the books, it’s Jeyne, but he does the same to her. He enjoys hunting people with his hounds, considering it a sport; yes, even Joffrey isn’t that bad (although he also has a thing for shooting people with arrows)!

Fortunately for the fans and their need for satisfaction, he was murdered by Sansa on the show. Good. If anyone deserved to be the one to deal the killing blow, so to speak, it was her.

6 Gregor Clegane

Gregor Clegane, otherwise known as the Mountain, worked for the Lannisters all his life. His most notable deed was during Robert’s Rebellion, when he raped and killed Elia Martell and killed both of her infant children. He was never given explicit orders to do so, but took it upon himself; presumably because it was his desire to do that.

That’s only what we know of. The Mountain has no doubt committed other terrible deeds. He does seem to be very loyal since he’s stuck with Cersei even after his almost-death, but that’s his only redeeming quality… And even at that…

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5 Tywin Lannister

Tywin Lannister is a formidable figure. He’s not one to get his hands dirty, but he has the capability of doing awful things - look at House Reyne and what happened to them.

Perhaps even worse is how he treated his son Tyrion his whole life, and sleeping with Shae after Tyrion was sentenced to die. Tywin is never seen actually committing some awful act, but in the books, it’s noted that he’s done things even worse than that. For example, if you aren’t a book reader, you should look up Tysha; who she was and what happened to her. It’ll make your skin crawl.

4 Aerys II Targaryen

They say the gods flip a coin every time a Targaryen is born and it lands on either ‘mad’ or ‘great’. Guess which Aerys was.

Known as the Mad King, he became extremely paranoid about those around him and started to charge people with crimes. When they demanded trial by combat, knowing they wouldn’t get a fair trial from Aerys, he named wildfire as his champion and would burn them alive in the Throne Room. He had a plan to burn down the whole of King’s Landing, but was stopped by Jaime Lannister - thankfully. He also abused his wife and probably his children.

A truly awful human with no remorse.

3 The Night King

Whoever he is, he’s painted as the main villain of the whole series and the ending will surely be brought about by him. His worst sin so far on the show was by far when he killed one of Daenerys’ dragons, and brought him back to join the army of the dead.

He may be a fantasy villain, but he’s still awful.

2 Petyr Baelish

Littlefinger doesn’t seem particularly threatening, a short man with a complex about his lack of noble roots, but he’s very dangerous and also without morals. A man who seemingly wants power, he’s similar to Roose in that he has no loyalty and will step on anyone he has to in order to get to where he wants to be. He uses, manipulates, and murders Lysa Tully, using her love for him to do so, and he’s creepily obsessed with Catelyn Stark and then her daughter, Sansa.

The creepiness vibe makes him worse than Joffrey; the fact he’s a grown man, and no longer has the excuse of being an immature child.

1 Euron Greyjoy

Euron is painted pretty badly in the show. He takes pleasure in the pain of others and, like many of the villains on this list, is driven by power and money.

But his backstory that’s not talked about on the show as much as it is in the books makes him so much more frightening. He was exiled from the Iron Islands for forcing himself on his brother’s wife, ending in her being beaten to death and operates a ship where the crew have their tongues cut out so they can’t tell anyone his secrets. He is a psychotic mastermind.

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