Game Of Thrones: 20 Things That Make No Sense About Jaime And Cersei's Relationship

Fans were already pretty distraught by Jaime and Cersei's relationship on Game of Thrones but these 20 things make it so much worse.

No fictional family has been synonyms with words like "diabolical," "manipulative," and "power-hungry" quite like the Lannisters have been. Although Tyrion is easily the most famous Lannister on HBO's masterpiece Game of Thrones, it's Jaime and Cersei who push boundaries the most. Therefore, they just stand out above the rest. In theory, we should absolutely loathe these two. This is especially true of the Queen Regent Cersei, who continues to make bad choices and never seems to learn from her mistakes. And yet, we often find ourselves relating to them and even caring about them. This says a lot given the fact that they have both been behind some of the most morally incomprehensible actions in television history. And that's no understatement.

Part of the reason that we can cut these two horrible people some slack is that we understand that they legitimately love one another. Of course, the fact that they're brother and sister does complicate things for us as it's a pretty icky hurdle to get over morally. None-the-less, we buy into their relationship. It's a redeeming factor for both Jaime and Cersei. But that's not to say that there aren't things about it that make no sense at all. This list will delve into some of the odder aspects of their relationship throughout the show's first seven seasons. Most of these entries have to do with some interesting story choices, but others have to do with issues behind-the-scenes. Without further ado, here are 20 Things That Make No Sense About Jaime And Cersei's Relationship.

20 Nobody Knew About Their Relationship

TV Couples Jamie Cersei GOT

It's hard to believe that Cersei and Jaime Lannister kept the truth of their relationship under wraps for so long. It's really not until Bran stumbles across them in the very first episode that anybody starts to take notice. Sure, there were one or two people who knew, but they are small potatoes in comparison to the vast majority of people who had no clue whatsoever.

There's just no way that their tryst would go unnoticed in King's Landing or back when they lived at Casterly Rock. Seriously, when you think about how long they've been together and how few people seem to have been in the know about it, it just doesn't add up.

19 Robert Didn't Notice Their Kids Looked Like Jaime

Cersei Lannister and Robert Baratheon

Speaking of nobody knowing about Cersei and Jaime, are we really supposed to believe that King Robert Baratheon was so tipsy every night that he didn't notice his wife sneaking away on him? More importantly, how did he not see the resemblance between Joffrey, Marcella, and Tommen, and their "uncle" Jaimie? Robert knew that he fathered other children, all of whom had his dark hair. But somehow he believed that it was normal for his kids with Cersei to bare her looks.

To be fair, Robert was pretty removed from his kids. He was more interested in other pursuits. But still, the guy had to be completely oblivious not to have seen that his children weren't his own.

18 Their Kids Are Very Normal (For The Most Part)

The face that launched a thousand slaps.

In Game of Thrones, Cersei makes a comment about the Targaryen family, who were famous for their romantic relationships within their family. She stated that the gods used to "flip a coin" whenever a Targaryen was born to determine whether or not they would turn out okay. Well, this has a lot of basis in reality as bad things tend to happen when two people with very similar genes mate. Therefore, it's pretty odd that all three of Jaime and Cersei's kids turned out normal. Sure, Joffrey is sort of the exception to the rule. He was a total monster but he wasn't entirely crazy. He was more like a very spoiled little boy with a lot of power. And then there's Tommen and Marcella, both of whom are utterly normal despite having parents who are brother and sister.

17 Cersei Won't Be In The Same Room With Jaime's Right-Hand-Man

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Jaime Lannister and Jerome Flynn as Bronn in Game of Thrones

Some fans may not have realized that Cersei has never shared a scene with Jaime's right-hand man, Bronn, throughout the entire run of Game of Thrones. This is because Lena Headey (Cersei) and Jerome Flynn ( Bronn) used to date and their relationship did not end on good terms. As reported by The Telegraph, Headey and Flynn are not on speaking terms and have both desired to never be on set at the same time as one another. Yep, their dislike for one another truly is that intense.

Although they appeared to have patched things up sometime during the middle of the show's run, their current anger for one another is said to be as bad as can be. So, this will likely continue on in the final season of the show.

16 Cersei Blamed Jaime For Marcella's Passing

Game of Thrones Myrcella season 5

Cersei tasked Jaime with bringing back their daughter Marcella from Dorne despite the fact that she was married off to the Martells in order to strike an alliance between the houses. Jaime was happy to go and save his daughter after receiving Marcella's necklace alongside an eery message. Jaime and Bronn managed to get her out but a vengeful Elaria Sand has other plans for her.

Although Elaria was ultimately the one responsible for the demise of the Cersei's daughter, for a while she actually blamed Jaime for it. This literally made no sense since Jaime did everything he could to save her. It seems like Cersei never really forgave Jaime for this as their relationship was never quite the same again.

15 Jaime Didn't Blame Cersei For Tommen's Passing

Jaime had nothing to do with the demise of his daughter Marcella, but Cersei very much had something to do with their son Tommen's offing. Although Tommen made that final jump on his own, he was put in that position after his mom took out his wife, The High Sparrow, and a great deal of fairly innocent people. Jaime knew this and yet he didn't harbor resentment for it. Sure, he became more worried about his partner after the event at the Sept, but it didn't really have to do with Tommen.

Jaime should have been very angry at Cersei for what happened. Her anger and hurt outweighed her love for her son and that ultimately led to his demise.

14 Why Would Cersei Be With Lancel If She Loved Jaime?

In both the books and the show, Cersei Lannister has claimed to love her brother Jaime on multiple occasions. She remains devoted to him in multiple ways including only having his children. But she wasn't faithful to him when he was captured by Robb Stark. During this time she spent her nights with her cousin Lancel. This was an odd choice as Lancel had none of the qualities that Jaime did with the exception of being a Lannister and being blonde. She valued her family the most, therefore one could make an excuse for having relations with her own cousin over other characters. But in the books, her betrayal is even odder as she was with a character named Osmond Kettleback, who was not related to her.

13 Jaime Almost Had Cersei's Season Six Storyline

Jamie Lannister Oathkeeper Game Of Thrones

The Independent posted an article that included details of what George R.R. Martin had originally planned for his characters in A Song Of Ice And Fire. Martin explained that he once wanted Jaime to be the one to go on a rampage after the demise of Joffrey. Of course, in the show, it's Cersei who goes down this path. The books haven't quite caught up, so it's unclear how Martin will proceed with his work. But with what he's done with Jaime in A Feast For Crows, it's highly unlikely that he will take on Cersei's qualities.

It makes far more sense for Jaime to continue on a redemptive path while Cersei heads the other direction. Not only is it compelling, but it fits within what Martin originally set up.

12 Cersei Is Barely Jealous Of Brienne

Game of Thrones Gwendoline Christie speaks with Lena Headey Cersei Lannister while Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Jaime Lannister looks on at the Blue Wedding

One of the things that doesn't make sense about Jaime and Cersei's relationship is how Cersei wasn't all that jealous of Brienne of Tarth. Although Jaime and Brienne never had a romantic relationship, their connection is arguably deeper than the one between him and his twin sister. Cersei is smart enough to pick up on this which probably explains the slight hostility that she showed her in the few scenes that they shared together. But, then again, Cersei is pretty mean to everyone she comes across. It's odd that she didn't grill Jaime about his time with Brienne more, as well as go after Brienne in a more obvious way. After all, Cersei isn't one to let these kinds of things slide. She is very vindictive. And yet, in this scenario, she totally stepped back.

11 Jaime Didn't Receive A Warm Welcome When He Came Back To Cersei

When Jaime was captured by Robb Stark, Cersei spent much of her time trying to get him back to her. This was one of her main goals while he spent his time behind bars. And yet, when Jaime finally returned to her, she seemed less than pleased.

We can all remember that strange scene when he returned to her and she simply gave him a disappointed look. One would have thought that she would run into his arms. But Cersei seemed ashamed of Jaime for getting caught as well as losing his sword hand. This would make sense for Cersei's character if it had been any other character. But when it comes to Jaime, she's supposed to love him more than anything.

10 Cersei Still Wants To Make Things Work With Jaime After He Betrayed Their Family

Despite a number of circumstances where Jaimie disappointed Cersei, she still attempts to make things work with him. Although more and more it feels like she's doing this out of some sort of loyalty as opposed to genuine love. On several circumstances, Jaime has betrayed Cersei by conspiring with Tyrion. First and foremost, Jaime helped to set Tyrion free after he was sentenced for taking out Joffrey. This resulted in the demise of Tywin Lannister which left the family vulnerable to attack.

Then, in Season Seven, Jaime not only met with Tyrion again but he also set up a larger meeting with him and Cersei. After all of this, Cersei still let things slide instead of being absolutely furious that Jaime betrayed her. After all, she has always wanted him to be loyal to her.

9 Why Did Jaime Fall For Her To Begin With?

The books and the show spend a lot of time explaining how Jaime and Cersei fell for one another when they were very young. But it literally makes no sense why Jaime would fall for Cersei, to begin with. Sure, Jaime was a real piece of work when he was younger, but he still had more redeeming qualities that she did. Cersei was always a monster. She just got much worse as time went by.

Aside from the fact that she's beautiful and related to him, there's really no reason why Jaime would want to sacrifice so much to be with her. Did she really treat him in a way that no other woman could? Did she really reveal much of her heart and soul to him? All of it just doesn't make a lot of sense.

8 They Didn't Hide Their Relationship From Tyrion

Tyrion is one of the most intelligent characters in Game of Thrones. So, it makes sense that he would find out about the true relationship between his siblings. It's clear that he knows about the romance between them. Even in the first episode of the series he alludes to this. Later on, he even jokes that he was jealous that he was left out. All of this should have made both Jaime and Cersei feel very worried. After all, they played things as cool as they could, and even got away with hiding their truth from the world. So, it would have made sense for Cersei, in particular, to take Tyrion out so he didn't let her secret slip. And given that Cersei always loathed Tyrion, she could have had a great excuse for taking him out.

7 Cersei Calls Him "Stupid"

Game of Thrones season 4 - Jaime and Cersei

"I always knew you were the stupidest Lannister." This is just one of the many times that Cersei makes a mean comment about Jaime and his lack of intelligence. If Cersei truly loved her brother, she wouldn't be degrading him in such a way. Sure, in comparison to Cersei, Tyrion, and Tywin, Jaime may be the least intelligent among them. But he is certainly no slouch. The man is quite brilliant as he's been able to survive as long as he has. But that aside, Cersei just wouldn't be treating the love of her life in such a downright mean way. None of this makes sense. But perhaps it's one of the reasons why Jaime decided to leave at the end of Season Seven.

6 That Scene At Joffrey's Grave

Without a doubt, one of the most divisive scenes in Game of Thrones history is the one between Jaime, Cersei, and Joffrey's body. In the books, the two Lannisters engage in a consensual act. But, in the show, the scene is decidedly less positive. In fact, it drew a lot of criticism. The scene is one of the most messed up moments in television history. It went from being boundary pushing to something far more sinister and unkind. This is one of the reasons why people were so angry about it.

But from a story perspective, it didn't make much sense either. Cersei had just lost her eldest son and was grieving. Jaime could have comforted her at this moment as he did in the books. Instead, he released his frustrations in a really hateful way.

5 Cersei Didn't Keep Jaime In The Know When It Came To Her Plans

Although Tyrion came to talk to Cersei and they came to some sort of hidden agreement, Cersei never intended to send her army to the North at the end of Season Seven. This is something that she and her closest allies knew but Jaime didn't. In fact, Jaime was kept in the dark for much of the last few seasons. This is odd as Cersei is doing a lot of what she's doing for Jaime and her family. Still, he knew nothing about her plans with The High Sparrow, or the Sept of Baelor, or the lie to Jon Snow and Dany. One would think that she would have included him on her plans to ensure that he would be behind them in some way. Instead, springing the truth on him just pushed him away further.

4 Cersei Kept Her New Pregnancy From Him

One of the strangest things that Cersei kept from Jaime was the fact that she was pregnant with their fourth child. We would think that she'd tell Jaime as soon as she knew to further connect the two of them. Instead, Cersei waited until Jaime was almost out the door to tell him that she was carrying his kid. Even Tyrion knew about the baby before Jaime did. Frankly, this choice really doesn't make much sense from a practical standpoint as well as a character choice. The one thing that truly connects Cersei and Jaime are their kids. So, why wait to tell him?

It almost seems like the writers wanted to keep this secret until it made the most sense dramatically instead of thinking about what Cersei would have actually done.

3 Jaime Stuck By Cersei Even After What Happened At The Sept Of Baelor

Sept of Baelor destroyed by Wildfire

We've already discussed how Cersei's actions at the Sept of Baelor led to the demise of Tommen. This is obviously an event that should have pushed Jaime away from Cersei. But even if he could have separated Cersei's actions from Tommen's fate, he still should have been upset by the use of wildfire on King's Landing.

So much time is spent on Jaime's backstory with The Mad King and why he had to take him out. Cersei's actions at the end of Season Six perfectly mirror those of The Mad King and yet Jaime barely reacts to that. This is a huge story error when you think about it. If any event was to turn Jaime on Cersei, it should have been this one.

2 Jaime Puts Up With Euron Greyjoy


For whatever reason, Jaime stuck by Cersei all the way until the end of Season Seven when the life of the entire country was on the line. This meant that he put up with a lot of stuff that he probably shouldn't have before he made that big decision to leave her. Euron Greyjoy is the perfect example of a character that Jaime wouldn't stand to deal with.

Sure, the Lannisters needed allies in the war against Dany and Jon. But the fact that Euron wanted a romantic relationship with Cersei should have put Jaime more on edge. There were a couple of tense scenes between the two but they didn't amount to much. If Cersei wasn't genuinely considering a romantic alliance with Euron, this wouldn't have mattered much.

1 Cersei Let Jamie Leave Her

After everything that the two have been through Cersei still let Jaime leave her at the end of Season Seven. One would think that she would have fought to be with him at that moment. The only other choice would be to have taken him out. This makes sense as she's become one of the most ruthless characters in television history. Instead, the third option was chosen and Cersei cast him aside as if he were nothing to her.

Fans are happy about this because they get one more season of Jaime Lannister's arc of redemption. But it doesn't really make sense. Here's hoping that the writers find a way to make this decision make more sense in the final season of the show.


What do you think makes no sense about Jamie and Cersei's relationship? Let us know in the comments below!

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