Game Of Thrones: Every House Officially Ranked From Weakest To Strongest

The world of Game of Thrones is populated with numerous family names. There are the big ones like the Starks, the Lannisters, and the Targaryens. But there are also smaller ones, like the Daynes, the Tarlys, and the Mootons. How are we supposed to keep all of these family names in our brains before the final season ends? It is an exercise in futility. Luckily, we've watched this show so many times, every aspect of its lore is imprinted in our brains forever. (We've lost the ability to remember basic math though.)

The different families in Game of Thrones are not as difficult to recall if you focus on their current level of strength. Below follows a list of all the major families in the show, from weakest to strongest. These families have to have been mentioned more than once on the show in order to make an appearance. They are ranked based on where they left off after the seventh season. Their strength is determined based on multiple factors. How many fighting men do they have at their disposal? How much land can they say they hold? What is the status of the members of the main family? How much power can we objectively say they possess?

It is important to remember each house from Game of Thrones before the new season closes. With the White Walkers set to attacks all of Westeros, it is helpful to remember what houses might appear to assist in the battle for survival. Read on if you want a better understanding of how each house in Game of Thrones is ranked before the fight begins and the dust settles.

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20 House Reyne

House Reyne is never actually seen in the show, but it is mentioned a lot. The Lannister theme song is called "The Rains of Castamere," and it is based on a family that used to be close in status to the Lannisters. Or at least they thought they were.

Thanks to their uppity and arrogant behavior, the Lannisters came to the Reynes' castle one day and absolutely ravaged it. House Reyne was wiped from the face of Westeros. That's what happens when you cross the Lannisters. House Reyne was made extinct. As the song goes, "And now the rains weep o'er his halls and not a soul to hear."

19 House Frey

House Frey used to be one of the main houses with a large amount of people under its command. That all changed when Arya Stark came to pay her regards. In retaliation for the Red Wedding, Arya eliminated not only the head of the house, Walder Frey, but every single one of his close and extended male relatives that she could get her hands on.

She gathered all of them at the Twins and poisoned them. Thanks to her efforts, House Frey stands in shambles, with no real power left among them now that Walder is gone. We're not saying they deserved such retribution, but we definitely agree that winter came for House Frey.

18 House Bolton

Like House Frey, House Bolton has been effectually wiped from the land. However, House Bolton brought about its own demise. Ramsay Bolton, the natural son of Roose Bolton, wrested control of his father's house from Roose by stabbing him in the stomach. He then proceeded to get rid of his father's new bride and her newborn son in an exceedingly savage manner.

When the Starks reclaimed their seat at Winterfell from Ramsay, the only thing they had to do to destroy House Bolton was eliminate him. Ramsay himself had done most of their work for them. The Bolton fighting strength was also wiped out by the Starks' allies from the Eyrie.

17 House Tyrell

It is unfortunate that a strong house such as House Tyrell was unceremoniously destroyed by the end of the seventh season. Cersei Lannister began her work dismantling the Tyrells the day she blew up the Sept of Baelor, with Margaery, Loras, and Mace Tyrell all inside. The only surviving member of the main family was Olenna Tyrell, the aged matriarch of her house.

Later on, the Lannister army swept down on Highgarden, stole its food stores and coin, and eliminated Olenna. The Tyrells had shown such skill in diplomacy and political maneuvering, but their lack of true fighting strength ended up being their downfall.

16 House Tarly

House Tarly was a small but strong family that served under House Tyrell for many years. But after switching sides to join the Lannisters, House Tarly met an unexpected roadblock on the road to their House's success.

Danaerys Targaryen attacked the Lannister army and demanded obedience from the survivors. Both Randyll Tarly and his heir, Dickon Tarly, were incinerated by Daenerys' dragon when they refused to kneel. The Tarly line is survived by Randyll's wife and daughter (and, of course, Sam), but without a fighting force by their side, their future as a house in Westeros is uncertain.

15 House Clegane

House Clegane is a tiny house with a history of serving other, larger houses. Currently, the Clegane line lives within two brothers, Sandor and Gregor. Sandor Clegane, also known as the Hound, is a wandering knight who has taken up with the Brotherhood Without Banners. Gregor Clegane, also known as the Mountain, is an undead hulk of a man with seemingly no conscious thought of his own.

The Cleganes have suffered over the years, and neither Clegane brother is in a position to survive long once the eighth and final season commences. House Clegane is not gone, but it very well might be soon.

14 House Seaworth

Of all the houses discussed in this list, House Seaworth is the newest. Made an official name by Stannis Baratheon after Davos Seaworth assisted him during the siege at Storm's End, House Seaworth is a house built on merit, not a legacy.

However, after the Battle of the Blackwater, Davos' line was ended when his son met a fiery demise thanks to a wildfire trap. It is unclear in the show whether Davos' wife still lives and whether or not the rest of his children survived too. If not, then House Seaworth spent a brief existence in Westeros. However, given Davos' position with the King in the North, House Seaworth's prospects could rise.

13 House Tully

House Tully is in a strange predicament. Edmure Tully, the heir to Riverrun, was held prisoner by House Frey. He was married to a Frey and then kept in prison, leaving ownership of Riverrun contested between Brynden Tully, Edmure's uncle, and the Frey army.

When Brynden was eliminated, control over Tully lands was given to the Freys. However, after Arya Stark dealt with House Frey, the future of House Tully was left in doubt. Is Edmure still a captive of the last remaining Freys? Could he potentially break free and regain control of Riverrun? Edmure is the last of the Tullys, and his house's survival depends on him.

12 House Martell

Like the houses residing in the Eyrie, House Martell thrived thanks to the separation they enjoyed from the rest of the Seven Kingdoms. Safe in Dorne, the Martells could sit out the conflicts that rocked Westeros in relative comfort.

The Martells were not safe, however, from internal conflicts. Ellaria Sand and the Sand Snakes staged a coup on Doran Martell and his son, wiping the main Martell line from Dorne. It is unknown which of Doran's surviving relatives can take control of their house's future. However, thanks to Dorne's isolation, the people under House Martell have some breathing room to decide on their future.

11 House Reed

The Reeds have been long-time allies of House Stark. They are a small house that lives in the bogs to the south of Winterfell. In Game of Thrones, the son and daughter of Howland Reed accompanied Brandon Stark north of the Wall. His son, Jojen Reed, perished in the frigid wastes. Last we heard from her, Meera Reed left Winterfell to return to her family.

Though still a small house and with their line threatened by Jojen's loss, the Reeds could be worse off. When you compare them to some of the other houses that no longer exist in Westeros, the Reeds are downright lucky.

10 House Baratheon

For all intents and purposes, House Baratheon is wasted. Robert Baratheon perished with no trueborn children to follow him. Stannis Baratheon and his entire family met their doom in the North. Renly Baratheon never even had the chance to father any children.

The only hope for House Baratheon lies squarely in the hands of one of Robert's natural children. Gendry grew up in the slums of King's Landing. The Baratheon blood and name faintly lives on in him if he should ever choose to claim it. If he survives the events of the eighth and final season, Gendry could prove the preservation of House Baratheon.

9 House Mormont

House Mormont is one of the lesser houses of the North, but the strength of their spirit is admirable and undeniable. This is due in large part to the strength of the Lady of Bear Island. Lyanna Mormont is the ruler of House Mormont. This responsibility was foisted on her after her mother perished at the Red Wedding; she was only ten years old.

However, despite her young age, Lyanna proved an effective leader, ruling her people with care and making stern decisions when need be. Despite the small size of their army, House Mormont is a force to be reckoned with.

8 House Karstark

The Karstarks were one of the few Northern families to have their armies left intact after the Red Wedding. This is due to the fact that the Karstarks abandoned Robb Stark's cause after he ended their lord for treason. Thus, they missed the events at the Twins.

Under Harald Karstark, House Karstark joined forces with House Bolton. During the Battle of Jon and Ramsay, the Bolton and Karstark armies were defeated. Thankfully for the Karstarks, when Jon Snow was made King in the North, he pardoned the Karstarks. They are now one of the leading houses in the North, led by Harald's daughter, Alys Karstark.

7 House Umber

Like the Karstarks, House Umber joined forces with House Bolton during the Starks' greatest hour of need. Renowned for being staunch supporters of the Starks, their betrayal came about when knowledge of Jon Snow's allowance of the wildlings onto Northern lands reached Smalljon Umber's ears. He then pledged fealty to House Bolton.

However, similar to the Karstarks, after their defeat at the Battle of Jon and Ramsay, the Umbers were shown mercy by Jon Snow and allowed to pledge their fealty once more to House Stark. They remain one of the larger houses in the North.

6 House Royce

The Royces are a house that has come out of left field to become one of the strongest houses in Westeros. Yohn Royce is a member of House Royce, and currently serves as warden to Robin Arryn, the Lord of the Vale.

After Petyr Baelish was removed from power, Yohn Royce now holds the reins to the future of House Arryn. Normally, a smaller house like Royce would serve under the Arryns. But given Robin's inexperience, House Royce now guides House Arryn instead of the other way around. Plus, since the Vale stayed out of the majority of the fighting in Westeros, they are the most robust and high-numbered army in the Seven Kingdoms.

5 House Greyjoy

The Greyjoys are currently split into two forces. The large majority of Iron Islanders fight for Euron Greyjoy. A smaller portion wishes to serve under Yara Greyjoy, Euron's niece. Despite this divide between the Greyjoys, the house is thriving.

Under Euron's command, the Greyjoys could see an alliance forming between the Iron Islands and King's Landing. Under Yara's command, the Greyjoys could see an alliance forming between the Iron Islands and House Targaryen. Either situation is a boon to the Greyjoys. In order to maintain this status, however, the in-fighting must cease.

4 House Arryn

Of all the houses in Westeros, House Arryn has done particularly well for itself, despite the fact that Lady Arryn was pushed out of her own Moon Door. Quite frankly, that may have assisted in lifting the house up.

Young Robin Arryn is now the Lord of the Vale, and, under the knowledgeable guidance of Lord Yohn Royce, he will hopefully turn into a prime example of what a Lord of the Vale should be. Since the Arryns declared for nobody during the War of the Five Kings, their armies are healthy and untouched for the most part. House Arryn is coming into the eighth season in a strong position.

3 House Lannister

The Lannisters of Casterly Rock have three surviving members of the main family, and the end of the seventh season saw them going their separate ways. Currently, the might of the Lannister army resides with Cersei Lannister in King's Landing. She holds the Iron Throne, which boosts the power her house possesses.

However, given that her army is comprised of fewer men than the combined forces of House Stark and House Targaryen, Cersei will have to think strategically if she wants to stay on top during the eighth season. In fact, she will probably have to play things unfairly in order to win the game of thrones.

2 House Stark

House Stark has been through the wringer throughout the entirety of the show. Lord Stark was beheaded in the first season. His wife and eldest son were eliminated at the Red Wedding. His youngest son was shot through the heart with an arrow by Ramsay Bolton.

However, despite these hardships (calling them "hardships" is an understatement), House Stark has prevailed and become a powerful house once again. The might of the North has rallied behind them, along with whatever strength the wildlings and the Lords of the Vale can bring. Plus, the three surviving members of the main family include Sansa, a now learned political strategist, Arya, a Faceless Man, and Bran, the Three-Eyed Raven.

1 House Targaryen

At the beginning of Game of Thrones, House Targaryen would have been placed at the bottom of this list. Cast out of Westeros and struggling for survival across the Narrow Sea, the last living member of House Targaryen was a nobody. However, in the span of seven seasons, House Targaryen has grown from nothing to something.

Daenerys Targaryen has an army of Unsullied and Dothraki at her disposal. She also has two remaining dragons at her side. Plus, Jon Snow was revealed to be Aegon Targaryen in the previous season, and he has the might of the North at his command. With two members of this ancient house united, perhaps House Targaryen is going to be back on top.

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