Game Of Thrones: 16 Things You Didn't Know About The Hound And The Mountain

12The Mountain has been portrayed by 3 actors

The Mountain Recast

We’ve seen so many different faces and characters of the course of Game of Thrones that it can be hard to keep people straight. If you didn’t notice that the Mountain has been played by three different people, we can hardly blame you. There’s a lot going on.

In season 1, the Mountain was played by professional wrestler Conan Stevens. However, he left the show after the first season to play the Orc king in The Hobbit prequel trilogy. He was replaced by Ian Whyte for the second season, who also played the White Walker in the pilot. Whyte moved on to play wildling giants (including Wun-Wun!), so the Mountain has been portrayed by Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson since then.

Björnsson is 6’9” and 400 pounds, so we think they ended up with the perfect actor.

11The Hound’s face is more terrifying in the books


We’re all familiar with the slightly melted half of the Hound’s face on the show. In typical show-biz fashion, he’s just disfigured enough for it to be distinctive, but not too badly to be truly disturbing. (The same goes for Tyrion, who’s technically supposed to be missing a nose.)

In the books, the wounds left by his sadistic older brother are far more disturbing. The right side of his face is completely burned, and his ear is just a stump on the side of his head. The burned side is black, with a few oozing red craters. There’s a mass of scar tissue around his eye, and a bit of bone showing on his jaw.

This would be impossible to pull off on multiple episodes of a TV show for a number of reasons...but it would still be cool as hell.

10The Mountain is 8 feet tall and 420 pounds

Tyrion Betting Against the Mountain in Game of Thrones

It’s hard not to think that Björnsson was just meant to play the role of the Mountain. Besides his strength and undefeated reputation in battle, Gregor Clegane is known for being an absolutely humongous man. His nickname isn’t “The Mountain That Rides” for nothing, folks.

His character is meant to be eight feet tall and 420 pounds of sheer muscle. He has to have custom armor made for him given his size, and it’s the heaviest in all of Westeros. He’s also so strong that he’s able to wield a six-foot-long sword in battle with just one hand. Rumor has it he’s cut men completely in half before.

Given the height and weight mentioned above of Mountain actor Björnsson, we’d say that’s pretty perfect casting - even if he's just a touch smaller than the monstrosity of the source material.

9Sansa formed an odd bond with The Hound

Sansa Stark and the Hound didn’t exactly get off to the best start -- after all, it the Hound was among the Lannister guards that killed Ned Stark’s bodyguards and arrested him. He’s also present when Joffrey takes Sansa to see her father’s severed head, though Sandor is the only one present who seems to care about her pain.

After Joffrey triggers a city-wide riot in season two, however, it’s the Hound who goes back into the fray to save Sansa from a gang of would-be rapists. And when the Battle of the Blackwater seems bleak, he goes up to her room to offer to take her back to Winterfell and away from the Lannisters. But she refuses out of fear, and the Hound eventually ends up traveling with her younger sister Arya instead.

8The Mountain suffered from extreme headaches

So much time is spent on the Mountain’s physical prowess that it’s hard to think of him with any kind of physical weakness at all. In the books, we learn that his body does have one flaw -- he suffers from extreme headaches.

His squire spills the beans that Gregor Clegane chugs milk of the poppy to try to keep the pain at bay. No one knows what caused them. While it could have been an unfortunate side effect of his size, while others think that he got one too many head injuries in battle.

Either way, as the story progressed, the state of Gregor’s head doesn’t matter quite as much as it did in early books...for several reasons, which we’ll get to below.

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