How Game of Thrones Changed 'The Door' Ending in Different Languages

Hodor Saves Bran

[This article contains SPOILERS for Game of Thrones season 6.]


One of the most important and affecting moments of Game of Thrones season 6 was the conclusion of''The Door.' Not only did it depict the death of the beloved character Hodor (Kristian Nairn), but it explained the character’s origin and backstory, while also solving the mystery of why he’s called Hodor and why that’s the only word he ever says. “Hodor,” it turns out, was a combination of the phrase “Hold the Door,” which was repeatedly yelled at him as he held off an invasion by the White Walkers in the Cave of the Three-Eyed Raven, successfully saving the lives of his friends Bran and Meera but losing his own life in the process.

But because Bran, while experiencing the past, had used his supernatural "warging" power to dive into the consciousness of the younger version of Hodor (then known as Wylis,) the “hold the door/Hodor” command seeped into Wylis’ past and caused him to have something resembling a seizure. Therefore audiences, at the same time, watched Hodor’s death, the explanation of how he got his name, and the knowledge that Hodor had likely served the Starks for decades knowing his exact, tragic fate. Some fans of the show, however, may have been wondering something else: How, exactly, did the series swing the "hold the door/Hodor" thing in other languages?

The answer comes from an Imgur user, who went through and found the translations for the phrase (and name) in 21 different languages:

The translation may not have worked quite as well in every other language as in English, although the versions in Italian (“Blocca l’orda!”), Spanish (“Obstruye el corredor"), Dutch (“Houd de deur”) and Porteugese (“Segora a porta!”) do have a nice ring to them. The ones in Russian- (“Hod zatvori!”) and Polish (“Zahamuj dwych, lie moresz!”) were a little harder to say. The Hebrew one, meanwhile, took about four times as many words to set up as it did in English.

This whole exercise also has the effect of reminding viewers that, even though a couple of dozen characters died even more violently in the same season's finale, the Hodor death probably had more weight than the entire Sept of Baelor massacre put together. Not bad, for a character who only ever said one word.

Game of Thrones will return for season 7 in the summer of 2017 on HBO.

Source: Imgur

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