Game of Thrones: 10 Hidden Details About Daenerys Targaryen's Costume You Didn't Notice

No other character in Game of Thrones was as iconic or popular as Daenerys Targaryen. As soon as she started taking charge of her dragons and started taking kingdoms, she quickly became a sensation and one of the strongest beacons of feminism on television. It's too bad the showrunners made her do a 180-degree tantrum which barbecued millions of Westerosi.

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Despite this, Daenerys is still one of the most cosplayed characters in Game of Thrones. So, if you're planning to be either the Mother of Dragons or the Mad Queen, you'll need to make sure that you know the intricate details of her many costumes. A lot of love went into making those and for that matter, many hidden stories and details. It's time to strengthen your faith for Daenerys Targaryen once again by knowing these hidden details about her wardrobe.


Daenerys Snow prisoner

It's a long-standing tradition among the Dothraki males to only cut their hair if they're defeated in combat. As such, the longer their braid, the better their status. As impractical as that may be in battle, you have to admit that it looks stylish. Hence, it's understandable that Daenerys adopted this tradition and gave it her own twirl.

As soon as Khal Drogo died and she took over the Khalasar, Daenerys let her hair grow since nobody had defeated her. In fact, Daenerys has been winning ever since she lost Khal Drogo to a witch. As a result, her braids were at their longest before her nephew stabbed her... with a weapon.


While Daenerys was in the process of acquiring the Unsullied or an army, she was notably wearing a blue dress with leathery textures. They were deliberately made to look like that to resemble dragon scales but apart from that, the color blue is actually important to Dothraki culture. That's because blue is the rarest pigment where the Dothraki live, hence they designated it as their special color, reserved for leaders.

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You can even see that some of Khal Drogo's war paint (going from his shoulders to his chest) is blue. That's why Daenerys also assumed the Dothraki royal blue after she took over Drogo's Khalasar (what's left of it anyway). That, and blue really does well to contrast her hair.


Daenerys, despite being royalty, always thinks practically. At least that's what the lead costume designer, Michele Clapton, wanted to convey. As a result, Daenerys always wears trousers or pants underneath her dress. You can observe this during the many instances when she's wearing her dresses.

According to Clapton, these trousers (hidden or otherwise) enable Daenerys be able to run and or be agile when push comes to shove, this also stems from some of her fears. Compare that to the ladies of Westeros and you can easily see how Daenerys is always ready for the worst. Even Cersei Lannister or Sansa Stark never had that much common sense.


Daenerys in Game of Thrones

In addition to always wearing trousers when out and about, Daenerys almost always wears boots. Unlike the materialistic ladies of Westeros, Daenerys' temperament was forged in the harsh deserts of the East, which makes her thinking more practical.

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Michele Clapton also argues that if Daenerys had fancy lady shoes like some of the Westerosi women, she'd lose her strength and would certainly have less of a fiery appearance. In that regard, she prefers functional shoes to being a Cinderella. Like trousers, she also tends to keep these shoes hidden under long dresses.


From the start of the show to the end, Daenerys has always had jewelry that features a dragon in its design. During the early seasons, her dragon jewelry can be small as a bangle or necklace. Observe her accessories closely every season and you'll notice that they actually get bigger or change completely as Daenerys grows in power.

In a sense, her dragon-styled jewelry is a symbol of her power and also the size of her dragons who keep growing up every season. At times, it's also a representation of how Daenerys gets more in touch with her Targaryen identity. Whereas her dragon jewelry was barely noticeable back when she was Drogo's wife, they grew and became more conspicuous and blatant by the time she was with Jon Snow.


Other than before her wedding with Khal Drogo, the only time we see Daenerys in pure silky white clothes is during her ascent to the top of Meereen's food chain. There, she declared herself the Queen of Meereen and developed a new clothing style. This time around, it was a lot more revealing and radiant-- she even ditched the Dothraki royal blue completely.

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Clapton explains that this choice of clothing for Daenerys was made to give her a sense of "removal from reality," thus making the new Queen of Meereen more untouchable. It was also during this point where Daenerys had to start worrying about her image, which is why she tried the more elegant look.


By now, it's pretty obvious that Daenerys' clothing reflects the stages of her life and rise to power. However, this is most noticeable when she made the change from Eastern clothing to Western clothing. It also symbolized Daenerys' willingness to conquer Westeros and stick to her original plans.

The contrast between her Dothraki leather armor or Dothraki royal blue dress to the Targaryen black and red marks the completion of Daenerys' metamorphosis into a fully-fledged conqueror. While many other characters also undergo this wardrobe development, Daenerys' was the most dramatic.


For most of her childhood, Daenerys' only image of a Targaryen was her brother, Viserys. Needless to say, he wasn't exactly a model Targaryen despite following their clothing theme faithfully. Nevertheless, Daenerys still followed Viserys' Targaryen fashion sense and went full black and red.

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It doesn't end there too, turn your attention to her shoulder guards and you'll notice that Daenerys at that point looked closer to Viserys; he's initially the only person in the show to sport those sharp black Targaryen shoulder guards that give a tapered-V appearance. What's even more symbolic is that Daenerys wore it as she stepped in Dragonstone, the first capital of the Targaryen territory in Westeros.


As the final piece for dragon jewelry for Daenerys, she wore a large dragon-head iron chain that she drapes on her torso. It's also similar to what Viserys wore but his was smaller and just a mere pin. Clapton, again, explains that since Daenerys wanted to show her status even further but couldn't wear a crown yet (not officially, at least), the dragon chain was meant to be a stand-in.

It was her biggest and most flagrant display of her being a Targaryen. She did get to graduate into a crown eventually but that was rather short-lived, sadly. Regardless, combined with the seemingly wider shoulders that the Targaryen shoulder guards give, the dragon chain gives her a better display of power, even if it's just a mere illusion.


As soon as Daenerys set foot in Winterfell or the North of Westeros, she needed a new style. So, Clapton gave her an angelic white fur robe or dress. It did well to give her a saintly image when she rescued Jon Snow and his company from the White Walkers and it's worth noting that Daenerys did it out of pure kindness, something she doesn't usually do and her dress reflected that.

However, as soon as the war against Cersei began, her previously white fur dress started having shades of Targaryen red signaling her descent into madness. This dress then turned red completely after she loses Missandei, one of her longest loyalists. That was the point of no return for the Mad Queen and a drastic mood change preluded by the costume.

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