Game of Thrones: Kit Harington Talks About War With The White Walkers

Kit Harington Talks Hardhome

English ingendude Kit Harington is currently Stateside promoting his latest theatrical release, the haunting and beautiful biopic Testament of Youth. You can read our full interview with him, but here we share Harington's thoughts on that other major project of his that's making waves right now.

Last Sunday, Game of Thrones delivered one of the most raved about episodes yet with "Hardhome," which concluded with a jaw-droppingly brutal battle between the Free Folk and the White Walkers. After four and a half seasons of teasing, Thrones fans got all the gruesome, undead carnage they craved. And they weren't the only ones thrilled with the final results.

Harington shared a bit about what it was like to shoot "Hardhome," along with some behind the scenes details on the White Walkers, and the newly revealed Night King.

"Hardhome" just hit here in the States, so Game of Thrones fans here are losing their minds about it. What was it like to shoot that sprawling final sequence?

It was intense. To give you an idea: I shot this film (Testament of Youth), this entire film in three weeks. And that's how long it took to shoot that twenty-minute sequence (on Game of Thrones). So it was one of the most intense pieces of filming, I've ever done. It was great. I loved it.

I saw it the other night and--you just never know how you're going to feel about it. And it's important to me that it worked. I really felt it did. I was very happy with it. It upped the stakes for Thrones, which was good. It was a marker point in Thrones that should have been hit, and needed to be hit. And I was happy with it.

Kit Harington on Game of Thrones stakes

When you're interacting with the White Walkers, what do they look like on set?

Exactly as they do (on screen).

That’s all prosthetic makeup?

All prosthetic. The Night King is prosthetic as well. They look like that even down to the eyes. We are doing glowing (contacts). And it's fucking hilarious, because you're walking around (between setups) and you've got a White Walker talking to the Night King, just holding cups of tea. (Chuckles and smiles. Yes. Kit Harington can smile.)


Testament of Youth opens June 5, 2015. Game of Thrones airs on HBO Sunday nights at 9 p.m.

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