Game Of Thrones: 15 Funniest Memes That Will Split Your Sides

Season 7 is underway, and moving at an alarming pace. The setting is Westeros, the temperature is dropping, and the battle is slowly shifting towards the living against the dead. Winter is coming, and with it, the memes. We’re in for a harsh winter: there are plenty of them.

The series plays host to a vast amount of characters, and through George R. R. Martin’s writing of them, where they’re so distinct from one another, each one is ripe for meme-ification.

Some are born from incest, some are bastards, some are queens, and some are religious zealots. However, all are equal in the eyes of Game Of Thrones’ fans, and there’s a hilarious meme for practically every character out there.

From age-defying red women to wild to bear-loving romance, we’ve scoured the massive pool of Game of Thrones memes on offer and narrowed the list down to the funniest fifteen. It goes without saying that this list is chock-full of spoilers.

Here are the 15 Funniest Game Of Thrones Memes That Will Split Your Sides.

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15 Banterous White Walkers

Game Of Thrones Meme 1

The White Walkers are Game of Thrones’ most fearsome, terrifying enemies, who many fans have predicted will end the series victorious. They’re cruel, menacing figures, hellbent on destroying every single person in Westeros. Everyone knows that the White Walkers are beings that don’t have any semblance of humanity. What this meme presupposes is that… maybe they do?

After all, who doesn’t like drinking with their friends, even if the White Walker’s version is a little more twisted and a little more bloody? Riffing off of the "cracking open a cold one with the boys" meme that came to the forefront this year, this meme subverts it in the only way fitting for a White Walker’s gruesome tendencies. What’s even more astonishing is how fitting this meme is.

The "cold ones" clearly refers to the White Walkers, of whom there are actually several in the background, and the "boy" refers to the character Gared, a rather youthful and inexperienced member of the Night’s Watch. His head is lobbed off, or "cracked open," and so that the White Walkers can enjoy a nice, refreshing drink of blood. The White Walkers have never been so relatable.

14 Daenerys Storebought

Game Of Thrones Meme 9

Daenerys Targaryen may have a whole host of titles attached to her-- Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea-- but we can add another one onto that list: Conqueror of Grocery Stores.

What’s perfect about this meme is how crazily specific it is, and accompanied by Daenerys’ intense stare and the fact that the dragon egg looks very much like an oversized avocado, the image is more and more hilarious each time you look at it.

What better way to win over your Westeros doubters-- and its young populous-- than by appealing to their millennial tendency to gush over anything avocado-related? With a bit of bread, and a bit of Drogon’s firebreathing, Daenerys can whip up a delicious avocado on toast in no time. This is a requirement of any queen.

13 Just A Budget Drogo

Game Of Thrones Meme 2

Khal Drogo, the Dothraki leader who married Daenerys Targaryen, is one of Game of Thrones’ most beloved characters, in spite of the fact that his arc ended as early as the first season due to an infected wound. As a fan favorite, fans salivated at the prospect of returning to the Dothraki horde in season 6, where Daenerys would meet the clan’s new leader.

As it turns out, perhaps we set our expectations a little too high. No disrespect to actor Joseph Naufahu, but it’s hard to match both the menace and the beefcake of Jason Mamoa’s Khal Drogo. Of course, it doesn’t help that he’s constantly undermined by his fellow Dothraki, nor that their hairstyles and names are so similar.

As such, Moro is likened to the disappointing reality of a tinder date with someone who bigged themselves up a little too much on the app. He’s the guy who oversold his height and spruced up his Tinder with deceivingly flattering photos that are now outdated.

12 Iwan Rheon's Diverse Career

Moving on from a beloved Dothraki leader to a Bolton bastard that fans love to hate, Iwan Rheon’s tenure as Ramsay Bolton was one of fantastic scenery-chewing villainy. He subjected Theon Greyjoy to a series of gruesome torture tactics, set his hounds loose on a fleeing maid, made Jon Snow watch his brother Rickon Stark die before him, killed his own father, and raped Sansa Stark.

Jack Gleeson’s reign as Joffrey Baratheon-- the tyrannical king from season 2 to 4-- was a tough act to follow, but Rheon more than managed to hold his own, making an extremely believable villain.

Rheon as Ramsay was so truly evil, in fact, that his next role, as a young Hitler in a TV Mini-series Urban Myths frankly feels saintly by comparison.

11 Ruff Way To Die

Game Of Thrones Meme 15

Sansa’s time spent with the Boltons in season 5 of Game of Thrones wasn’t exactly a happy time. Enduring all manners of hardships, her escape from Winterfell during the season’s finale was a victorious triumph. Nothing, however, quite matches the catharsis felt when Sansa gets her satisfying revenge on Ramsay Bolton.

Bigging up his hounds, Ramsay’s prized instruments of fear turned on him-- he had been starving them to build up their considerable thirst for blood. Sansa watches on as Ramsay meets his demise, before walking away victorious.

There’s a hidden joke in this meme too. You see, the dog depicted actually belongs to Sophie Turner, the actress behind Sansa Stark. She managed to adopt the dog that played her direwolf Lady, in the second episode of season 1, and it has remained loyal to her ever since.

10 Ellaria Sand Should've Asked The Audience

Game Of Thrones Meme

In season 4's episode 8 "The Mountain and the Viper", Ellaria Sand watches on as her lover, Oberyn Martell, falls victim to the skull-crushing grip of Gregor Clegane. It’s a bloody, shocking moment that sends reverberations around the entirety of Westeros. How precisely will Ellaria exact her revenge on the Lannisters who took Oberyn away from her? Wait... by killing Oberyn’s family?

Mention the TV series’ Dorne subplot and you’re certain to hear some fans groan -- it’s an elaborate story hacked and crammed into barely half a season of content, giving reason to why Ellaria’s actions are so perplexing. In season 6's episode 1 "The Red Woman", Ellaria murders Oberyn’s brother and sends her Sand Snakes to kill Oberyn’s nephew.

It’s a moment of baffling tactical decisions that’s dismissed for the rest of the season. The fact that season 7 seems to be actively killing off each character from the Dornish subplot speaks volumes in how much they botched it up.

9 Brienne And Tormund Re-Enact Love, Actually

Game Of Thrones Meme 4

Fans love to ship Game of Thrones characters together, and one of the most popular pairings is Brienne and Tormund. Sparked by several suggestive glances that the Wildling leader sends in Brienne’s direction, almost every fan now hopes that Brienne finally realises that they have a lot in common.

The pairing is not even as unlikely as it seems from first glance. They’re both fighters, they’re both loyal, and they both have an association with bears (okay, it’s a bit of a stretch, but Brienne fought one while Tormund boasts that he sleeps with them). In this Love, Actually scenario, Brienne is Keira Knightley, Tormund is Andrew Lincoln, and Jaime is the totally unaware Chiwetel Ejiofor.

This, however, may seem to point towards the two lovebirds never ending up with one another, but… we can dream.

8 Red Woman Spam

Game Of Thrones Meme 8

Melisandre, otherwise known as The Red Woman, has always been a figure shrouded in mystery. She can survive drinking poison, give birth to shadow demons, and bring back major protagonists in order to advance the plot, claiming that it is all the doing of her Lord of Light.

While many of her actions-- including burning Stannis’ daughter at the stake-- may depict her as a villain, her intentions have always been righteous. She’s enigmatic, ominous, and contradictory, and a big secret was revealed about her in the opening episode of season 6.

Taking off her clothes, and more importantly, her glowing necklace, fans were horrified to be met with the sight of a sagging, wrinkled woman, a major departure from the young beauty of Melisandre’s typical state.

This also made her a prime candidate for a "Dermatologists Hate Her" meme, accurately rendered with bad grammar and hilarious hyperbole.

7 Gendry Who?

Game Of Thrones Meme 6

Season 6 and the first half of season 7 may have tied up some forgotten plot threads, such as the Brotherhood Without Banners, Nymeria, and Osha and Rickon, but there’s still one character that’s been left to roam-- or row-m if you will-- through the seas of abandoned plotlines. That character is Gendry, a King’s Landing blacksmith and bastard to King Robert who was smuggled out of Dragonstone by Ser Davos after the Red Woman set leeches upon him.

Though rumors suggest that his return to the series’ forefront is imminent, for now, it’s fun to think of him stranded at sea on his little rowboat, much like Pi in 2012’s Life of Pi.

Of course, there may not be a tiger on board to contest with, but with Euron and his armada sailing the high seas, his chances of not running into trouble are similarly slim.

6 Love At The Very First Sight

Game Of Thrones Meme 10

From the ending of the very first episode of Game of Thrones, it is made clear that the Lannister twins Cersei and Jaime have a very special, and extremely shocking bond. Their incestuous relationship in Game of Thrones is one of the series’ most disturbing and most famous parts of the show.

Throughout season 2 and 3, Jaime and Brienne built up a relationship that may have potentially gone the distance-- they certainly had the chemistry. Alas, as this meme proves, it may be hard winning over someone who’s love life has been taken up by his sister, who is his first and only love.

From the evidence given to us from season 4 onwards, that certainly seems to be the case, as Jaime has time and time again embraced Cersei’s love. Poor Brienne.

5 Jorah Can't Catch A Break

Game Of Thrones Meme 7

Poor Jorah. After six and a bit seasons of attempting to win Daenerys Targaryen’s heart, he’s still no closer to her. In fact, taken literally, he’s further than ever before. He’s faced exile, rejection, a series of boyfriends, a second exile, and greyscale. Yet, as this The Simpsons-based meme hilariously suggests, Daenerys’ concerns over Daario Naharis’ well-being is the worst of the lot.

Of course, Jorah’s friendzoney situation being made into a meme isn’t anything new, but there’s something heartbreaking about expecting the woman (or, er, underage girl) you love to care less about your survival after sacking a city, and more about Daario’s.

Just to rub salt in the wound, Daario wooes Daenerys in front of Jorah by presenting her with a Harpy flag, a token of their victory. Daenerys looks longingly at Daario without giving even a glance towards Jorah. We’ve all been there, my friend.

4 Theon Reeks Of Regret

Game Of Thrones Meme 11

Throughout the entire series, super-fan and television aficionado Chrys K has compiled a series of funny slides that narrate the show using her comedy chops, available to be browsed on ChrysReviews. Here’s just one slide, focusing on the continuous misfortune of Westeros’ favorite punchbag, Theon Greyjoy.

Theon has had a tough life so far. He’s been made to feel like he doesn’t belong at Winterfell by the Starks, he's been betrayed by his own house and left for the Boltons, he’s been tortured by Ramsay, made a eunuch, and been forced to watch Sansa Stark fall victim to Ramsay on their wedding knight.

Losing his sister to his villainous uncle and being forced to jump overboard and be branded a coward is just another day in the life of poor old Theon.

3 The High Sparrow Is Soo Relatable

Game Of Thrones Meme 12

We’ve all been there: receiving your monthly paycheck, splashing the cash early into the month, and living off ramen and ketchup for its remainder... only to repeat the cycle all over again once the next paycheck arrives.

Jonathan Pryce of Brazil fame is a British treasure and a widely celebrated actor, and his diverse acting range has seen him play both the highest of the high classes as Governor Weatherby Swann in Pirates of the Caribbean and slumming it out on the streets in Game of Thrones as the High Sparrow.

This massive contrast can only be pulled off by an actor of his talent and diversity-- and cheekily mirrors the difference between when you receive your money and when you’re desperately waiting for your next load to arrive.

2 Fans Loaf Joffrey

Game Of Thrones Meme 13

Joffrey may just be Game of Thrones’ most hated character, despite the best efforts of Ramsay Bolton and Walder Frey. He’s brattish, proud, and incredibly inhumane, with his actions leading to the death of Ned Stark and the torment of his daughter Sansa.

One reason for his petulant demeanour may be his parentage. It was uncovered in season 1 of Game of Thrones that Joffrey’s father is not King Robert but actually Cersei’s brother Jaime Lannister. With parents so closely related, there was always a high chance that Joffrey would turn out a little deranged, even if Tommen and Myrcella were anything but.

Thus, if Joffrey were any more inbred, he’d be a sandwich. Probably not one of the tasty sandwiches either. No, he’d be more like one of those pasty ham sandwiches that has extra butter and dolloped on plastic cheese in order to cover up for the lack of actual real meat. That absolute grossest sort of sandwich.

1 Sandor Just Wants To Catch Pokemon

Game Of Thrones Meme 14

Remember when Pokémon GO was still a thing? While the app’s popularity may have dwindled somewhat, the Hound is as popular as ever. He’s foul-mouthed, thrill-seeking, quick-witted, and absolutely terrifying to anyone on the wrong end of him, which makes the idea of him galavanting around Westeros in order to catch Pokémon all the more hilarious.

Instead, he’s grouped up with the Brotherhood Without Banners. While his purpose hasn’t yet been revealed, we can be quite certain from season 7's episode 1 that it involves the Lord of Light.

Perhaps the Lord of Light can grant Sandor the wi-fi necessary to play Pokémon GO? To catch them all, you’ll need to traverse the entirety of Westeros, and judging by Sandor’s journey from season 1 onwards, he’s doing a pretty good job of that.

With the White Walkers heading south and everyone's death fairly imminent, there's a lot of worse things that the Hound could be doing.


Are there any other Game of Thrones memes that you enjoy? Link to them in the comment section!

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