What Will Game of Thrones' Endings Be - And Which One Will Be Real?


Something that season 7 has been foreshadowing consistently is Daenerys' death. Be it her brave but foolhardy instances of riding Drogon into battle or the sheer number of times Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) and her other advisers have warned her that all it takes is one arrow to kill her, the seeds have been continually planted in fans' minds that Daenerys may not make it through to the end to sit upon the Iron Throne she covets.

Throughout the course of the series, Daenerys has transformed herself from a scared young girl sold into slavery into a self-possessed, confident queen with the power and loyalty to win back the kingdoms that once belonged to her family. Daenerys failing to do so - and thus failing to 'break the wheel' and build a new and better world that has rallied so many to her cause - would be tragic indeed, and just the kind of tragedy that would be fitting for the kind of fantasy epic story Game of Thrones is. There's also another matter season 7 has directly addressed: the matter of succession. If Daenerys' belief that she can't have children, even with Jon, holds true, she would be unable to continue the Targaryen dynasty as Queen.

While Daenerys is destined to go down as one of the greatest and most heroic female characters ever on television, the way Game of Thrones has set up all the pieces for the final act of their epic tale seems to point to the Mother of Dragons being the final player sacrificed in the game of thrones - which paves the way for Jon Snow to be the ultimate winner of the Iron Throne. While we don't want to lose Daenerys, the possibility of her death is subtext that season 7 has been actively pushing forward as text, and Daenerys herself could ultimately - perhaps inevitably - be the pivotal death at the conclusion of the series.

A happy ending where Jon and Daenerys defeat the Night King, defeat Cersei, and rule the Seven Kingdoms together as husband and wife would be lovely (and could even be shot to fool everyone). That kind of fairy tale ending, however, is completely unlike Game of Thrones' established style of storytelling. This isn't Disney, and a rosy happily ever after is simply too far fetched to expect for from this series. Fans should brace themselves for tragedy and a conclusion that is bittersweet, but hopeful (at least). Therefore this ending - Daenerys dies, Jon Snow becomes King - is the one we believe will be the "real" one for Game of Thrones.

Agree? Disagree? Which ending do you prefer for Game of Thrones? Sound off in the comments!


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