Game Of Thrones: 20 Fan Theories About The Lannister Family That Make Way Too Much Sense

The world of Game of Thrones is a magical one. White Walkers, Dragons, and morally grey characters you can't help but root for. Some of these characters include Cersei Lannister, Jaime Lannister, and Tyrion Lannister. The Lannisters are quite intriguing, so it's no surprise that fans love making theories about them.

Whether it's suggesting that Jaime will play a role in eliminating the Night King, or that Cersei is Gendry's mother, fans love talking about the Lannisters. Of course, it makes sense. They're all very interesting characters. It's not surprising that fans love to discuss them and make up theories about them. These theories are often heartbreaking, as is common on Game of Thrones, but there are some uplifting ones.

No matter the theory, one thing is clear: the Lannisters, from Cersei to Jaime to Tyrion, are fascinating. No wonder fans love to theorize about them. Cersei is very ambitious and power-hungry, she only cares about her children, who have passed away at this point in the show. Jaime is very complicated. He started out as a very unpleasant character. He pushed poor Bran Stark out the window and was generally really mean.  Now, however, he has developed into a better person. Tyrion is very intelligent and uses his brainpower to play the "game of thrones."  It makes sense that fans are fascinated by these amazing characters.

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20 Jaime Lannister Will Play A Role In Eliminating The Night King

According to a fan on Reddit, Jaime will play an important role in the final season of Game of Thrones. His Kingslayer title will come in handy, but this time he will be celebrated for eliminating the Night King. We'll have to wait for season eight to know for sure, but given the fact that Jaime is headed North, we think this theory is definitely very possible. This would be a great turn of events, because Jaime's Kingslayer title weighs heavy on him, even though he did it for the right reasons. This would be a wonderful way for Jaime to redeem himself in the eyes of everyone in Westeros. The audience, who have witnessed Jaime's character development, would also think this a good way for his story to end up.

19 Jaime Will Be The "Valonqar" Who Will Eliminate Cersei

This fan theory is definitely possible.  Based on a prophecy that Cersei heard as a child, she is going to be destroyed by "the valonqar", which is Valyrian for little brother. Cersei interprets this to mean Tyrion, but Jaime is a few minutes younger. So he could definitely be a candidate as well. He is actually more likely, given how close he is— or was— to Cersei. According to one fan theorist, Jaime is definitely "the valonqar" and will definitely fit the prophecy very well. This theory is just the right mixture of heartwarming in a strange way and heartbreaking, which makes it perfect for Game of Thrones. So this one definitely could happen on the show. And if it does, many fan theorists will be extremely excited.

18 Jaime Will Be Azor Ahai, The Hero Destined To Defeat The White Walkers

Game of Thrones White Walker

The fan theorist from the last section goes on to state that Jaime will not only fulfill the "Valonqar" prophecy, but another prophecy as well. He will be Azor Ahai, the hero who is destined to defeat the white walkers. This would also be a very fitting end to Jaime's redemption arc. Him playing such a huge role in such an important battle would show how much he has grown as a character. According to the fan theorist, Jaime's journey throughout the books and the show has been all about turning him from a corrupt man into a hero. And Azor Ahai is definitely a hero. The fan theorist also states that after eliminating Cersei, Jaime will gain Lightbringer: a weapon he can use to defeat the White Walkers. So it's a win-win situation for the fans.

17 Cersei Will Lose The Support Of The Iron Bank

Currently, the Iron Bank is supporting Cersei. But that could all change, according to this fan theorist.  The fan states that the Iron Bank has agreed to support the Iron Throne, not necessarily Cersei herself. By paying off the debt, Cersei has made it so that the Iron Bank does not need to care anymore whether the Lannisters succeed. Therefore, they will support whoever sits on the Iron Throne. Which might not be Cersei in the end. This theory could definitely happen. As the fan theorist states, Cersei makes decisions based on short term goals that end up costing her in the long run. She could definitely end up losing the support of the Iron Bank and that would be tragic for her.

16 Cersei Will Be Eliminated By Arya Stark

According to one fan theorist, Arya Stark will be the "valonqar" who gets rid of Cersei. But wait, you may be thinking. Doesn't that mean "little brother" in Valyrian? And Arya isn't Cersei's sibling anyway. But firstly, in Valyrian, words don't have a gender. So really it means "younger sibling." And secondly, the prophecy doesn't specify that it will be Cersei's younger sibling. Just that a younger sibling will destroy her. Since Arya is a younger sister, it could fit. According to the fan theorist, Arya's arc has all been leading to this. Eliminating Walder Frey was just practice for Cersei. This theory could definitely play out on the show, given the fact that Cersei is on Arya's list.

15 Cersei Is Gendry's Mother

Everyone's favorite child of Robert Baratheon might also be the child of Cersei Lannister? Say it isn't so. According to one fan theorist, it could be true. This theory mentions that in the show, Cersei tells Catelyn Stark about a baby she lost. According to Cersei, she never visited this baby in his crypt. Doesn't that strike you as odd? Cersei may be cruel in many ways, but she cares about her children. She would not have a child and then immediately discard them like that. So the only possible explanation is that the child is still alive. There's also the fact that Gendry becomes the apprentice of the best armorer in King's Landing. And how does this happen? The armorer is paid double the usual apprentice fee to take Gendry on. Sounds like something Cersei would do to us.

14 Tyrion Will Betray Daenerys For His Family

Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister and Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones

This theory is a very popular one. We've discussed it before.  And several fan theorists believe in it. One fan theorist believes that Tyrion will betray Daenerys to save Jaime from being locked up, much like Jaime once saved Tyrion. Why would Jaime be locked up, you may ask? Well, remember in season one when he pushed Bran out a window? The Starks most likely won't be too happy about that. Another fan theorist  believes that Tyrion has promised Cersei that her child will be king or queen of Westeros. Therefore, he will betray Daenerys that way. Both of these theories make sense within the show. And either of them could definitely happen. We'll just have to wait for season eight to know for sure.

13 Tyrion Is Secretly A Targaryen

This is another theory that we've discussed before.  Though this one may seem unlikely to some fans, secret Targaryens aren't unheard of in the world of Game of Thrones. Jon Snow is one, after all, which stemmed from another very popular fan theory before it was revealed on the show. So why not Tyrion? Especially since in the books, Aerys Targaryen had a thing for Joanna Lannister. And in the show and the books, Tywin treats Tyrion with nothing but contempt. Could this be because he knows that Tyrion is not his son? Anything is possible in the world of Westeros. This theory would definitely be interesting if it was to come to pass on the show. And it would make the last theory, about Tyrion betraying Daenerys, even more heartbreaking if it happens.

12 The Lannisters Represent Lust And Need To Be Taken Out By The White Walkers

11 Cersei Will Pass Away In Childbirth

Yet another heartbreaking theory. Or not, depending on how you feel about Cersei. According to this fan theorist,  Cersei's fate will resemble her mother's. She will give birth to a dwarf baby except in this case neither she nor the baby will survive. This would definitely be ironic given Cersei's hatred for her dwarf brother Tyrion. This could also fulfill, in a roundabout way, the "valonqar" prophecy. Since Jaime would be somewhat responsible for getting rid of Cersei if she were to pass away during childbirth. Because Cersei is carrying Jaime's child, and we know that there could be consequences for that, this theory is definitely possible. Also, it's intense and can be heartbreaking for some fans. That's very like Game of Thrones. 

10 Tyrion Will Sacrifice Himself To Cersei

Cersei Lannister and Tyrion

Cersei has hated Tyrion for a long time. Since the beginning of the show, she has not been fond of her younger brother, because she blames him for their mother's passing. And now, according to one fan theorist, she will finally get her revenge. When Tyrion and Cersei met, according to this theorist, Tyrion agreed to surrender himself to his sister. This is so that Daenerys and those supporting her can be safe. Of course, whether or not Cersei intends to honor whatever deal they made is another story. She could very easily eliminate Tyrion and then work on Daenerys and her allies. That would be very like Cersei and it would be very like Game of Thrones to end Tyrion's story on such a heartbreaking note.

9 Jaime Will Be Eliminated By Bran Or The Stark Family In General

Bran Stark and Jaime Lannister from Game of Thrones

Remember that infamous scene during season one? The one where Jaime pushed Bran out the window? That will come back to haunt Jaime, according to this fan theorist. Either Bran or the other members of the Stark family will destroy Jaime for his actions back then. Now this might not seem fair to some fans, but it would be very like Game of Thrones to make us think Jaime is getting a redemption arc, only to change at the last second and get rid of him entirely.  Therefore, this theory is definitely a possibility during season eight. According to the fan theorist, the Starks will question Jaime, just like they questioned Petyr Baelish. Fans will be watching excitedly and apprehensively as they wait to see Jaime's fate.

8 Jaime Will Be Saved By Jon Snow

That's right. According to one fan theorist, Jaime's life will be saved by the King in the North. This would definitely be unexpected. Especially since in season 1, Jon and Jaime didn't exactly have the best relationship. Jaime kind of made fun of Jon and the whole idea of the Night's Watch. However, now he knows what threats are out there. And that could lead him to have a new respect for Jon Snow. Jon also will likely need Jaime's help in the Great War. So since they will be fighting on the same side, they will have to look out for each other. This unexpected twist would be very Game of Thrones. Especially if Jaime does get the redemption arc that many fans are hoping for.

7 Cersei's Younger, More Beautiful Queen Will Be Brienne

"Brienne? Really?" You may be thinking. But hear us out. According to a fan theorist, this theory makes perfect sense. And we're inclined to agree. Brienne is younger than Cersei and is called— albeit mockingly— a beauty. Brienne is also someone who Cersei would never suspect, making this theory all the more likely. Game of Thrones does love to surprise its audience, after all. As far as taking everything that Cersei holds dear, there's no one who is closer to Cersei than Jaime. And Brienne has inspired him to become a better person, causing him to leave Cersei maybe for good. Unless he's the "valonqar," then he'll see Cersei again. Even if it's only to get rid of her.

6 Cersei And Jaime Are Secretly Targaryens

More secret Targaryens, you may be thinking. But this fan theory may surprise you. According to one fan, Tywin Lannister only cared about the fate of House Lannister. This is why he married Joanna in the first place. The theory states that she and King Aerys were lovers and that is where the twins really come from. This theory would definitely be a twist worthy of Game of Thrones. And would definitely make sense if you think about Tywin's character. He never seemed particularly close to any of his children, even Jaime, who you would think he would be proud of in his own way. However, if Jaime and Cersei aren't his children, it'd make sense.

5 ... Which Means Tyrion Is Tywin's Only Biological Child

Their relationship just got a lot more complicated. According to the last fan theorist, Tyrion is Tywin's only biological child. Still, Tywin is not close to Tyrion. Why? Well, according to this theorist, it's because Tyrion is a dwarf and therefore cannot be used for the glory of House Lannister. If all Tywin cares about is the honor of his house, this theory makes complete sense. Though it's not exactly smart or honorable of Tywin to treat his child like that. In the end, it becomes Tywin's downfall. Yet Tywin himself never could have predicted that. It's just the kind of twist Game of Thrones would like. So it could definitely happen on the show.

4 Jaime Will Pass Away In Brienne's Arms

According to a fan theorist, this makes perfect sense.  During season 5, while Jaime and Bronn are in Dorne, they talk about how they would like to end up. Jaime says "in the arms of the woman I love," which at that point was definitely Cersei. But now Jaime has changed. He has left Cersei and her influence behind. So what if he fell for Brienne? We could definitely see this happening. It's just the kind of plot twist Game of Thrones is known for. Even if Jaime does not fall for Brienne, this would be a good plot twist. He would still end up in someone's arms, just not the arms he always imagined.

3 Jaime Will Destroy The Night King's Dragon

Game of Thrones Night King Ice Dragon

According to one fan theorist, this is how Jaime will redeem himself for his Kingslayer past. He will instead become a dragon-slayer. This could definitely happen. Someone has to take out that dragon, and while Daenerys Targaryen herself is the obvious candidate, Game of Thrones does not really like going for the obvious route. Therefore, why not Jaime? It would definitely be a fitting end to his character arc and would provide some form of redemption for him. It would also be somewhat bittersweet as that dragon was Daenerys' once and fans grew to love it. Seeing the dragon be destroyed again would cause conflicting emotions in many fans. And Game of Thrones loves doing that.

2 Jaime Will Survive And Become The Next Commander Of The Night's Watch

1 Cersei Will Become The Night King's Queen

According to one fan, the Night King is searching for a Queen. And that queen could end up being Cersei. This would definitely be the heartbreaking— or heartwarming in a strange way— twist that Game of Thrones would do. According to the fan theorist, King's Landing will fall to the Night King and his army of white walkers, which will only grow and grow. Therefore, Cersei will be captured and turned into a queen for the Night King. This way she will get the king she truly deserves. This is foreshadowed in the fact that Cersei's breath is described as "icy." What else is icy? Or who else? The Night King. And we imagine his queen would be the same.

Know any other good fan theories about the Lannisters from Game of Thrones?  Let us know in the comments!

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