Game of Thrones: 15 Fan Theories The Show Actually Answered

Ned Stark Tower of Joy Game of Thrones Season 6 Finale

The countdown is on for season 7 of Game of Thrones, with just under a month until it premieres. The anticipation for its return is at an all-time high as the show has continued to grow in popularity with each passing season.

Part of the reason the show has become such a phenomenon is the rich mythology that has been laid out in George R.R. Martin’s bestselling book series. Since the release of A Game of Thrones way back in 1996, book fans have picked apart every word of Martin’s five released books. The fans' dedication to the text has yielded a number of interesting and very plausible theories. Now that the show has run out of book material, we’re starting to see whether or not those theories are true.

Obviously, the book and the show are very different at this point, and just because something is true in the show doesn’t mean it will be true in the books. But even with that caveat, fans are finally starting to get some of the answers they’ve waited years for. So whether they have turned out to be true or false, these are the 15 Game Of Thrones Fan Theories The Show Answered!

15 Jon Snow's Resurrection - True

This is arguably the moment the show surpassed the books. In Martin’s final released novel, A Dance With Dragons, he leaves us with the cruel and violent cliff-hanger of Jon Snow’s apparent death. After his decision to let Wildlings cross The Wall, a group of mutinous Night’s Watchmen stab Jon and apparently kill him.

While Martin is certainly not afraid to kill off main characters, this one seemed a little suspicious to fans. First of all, Jon seemed to still have a much larger role to play in the rest of the story. And secondly, to end the book with that moment seemed odd.

Sure enough, the show re-enacted Jon’s Julius Caesar moment at the end of season 5 and spent a year assuring fans he was indeed dead. It took them until the second episode of season 6 before Melisandre resurrected Jon as expected.

14 Reek Is A Eunuch - True


There are many fans who claim the books are superior to the show, but one instance in which that is certainly true is that in the books, we simply have to hear about Ramsay’s twisted acts of torture rather than witness them.

In A Dance With Dragons, we are introduced to a new character named Reek who we soon discover is actually the broken result of the tormented Theon Greyjoy. Ramsay has submitted Reek to unspeakable horrors, like flaying and amputations. Through the narration from Reek’s damaged psyche, it’s vaguely hinted at that Ramsay even removed Theon’s genitals.

Of course, the show has no intention of sparing the viewers from such horrors. While the actual castration is mercifully left off-screen, we see Ramsay taunt Theon by eating a sausage in front of him as well as sending the removed parts to Theon’s surviving family members.

13 Frey Pie - True

Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) executes Walder Frey on Game of Thrones

The Freys are probably the most hated house in Westeros. Ever since the Red Wedding, fans have been eager to see them get what’s coming to them. That could be the reason this theory is so popular.

In A Dance with Dragons, we’re introduced to the obese Northern lord Wyman Manderly, who initially seems to be a staunch supporter of the Freys, but is in reality hatching a plan to bring them down. When two Frey lords go missing after leaving Manderly’s home, the fat lord shows up to a feast with two massive pies. This led many fans to assume Manderly fed the Freys their own kin.

While differing in detail, the show made this dark, but crowd-pleasing theory a reality. In their version, a disguised Arya feed Walder Frey his own sons in a pie before cutting the old man’s throat.

12 Roose Bolton Is Immortal - False

Roose Bolton in Game of Thrones

One of the stranger long-lasting theories of the Song of Ice and Fire series concerns Roose Bolton and whether or not he might be immortal.

The theory suggests Roose is an immortal creature, possibly even a White Walker, who flays men and steals their skin to take on a new persona, similar to the techniques of the Faceless Men. There are even theories that Roose plans to kill Ramsay and take his skin. Though bizarre, there is a good deal of evidence to support this, like many characters’ mention of Roose’s ageless appearance, his cold blue eyes, and the Boltons’ legacy of flaying people.

The show, however, disproved Roose’s immortality in the most effective way possible; by killing him. Yes, there was little doubt that this theory would not come true after Ramsay shoved a dagger into his father’s heart.

11 The Pink Letter - True

Iwan Rheon as Ramsay Bolton in Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 9

Strange how one tiny letter could be responsible for so many rampant theories over the years.

The Pink Letter is the letter addressed to Jon Snow from, presumably, Ramsay - as seen in A Dance With Dragons. In the letter “Ramsay” states that Stannis is dead, he demands the return of his wife and Reek, and challenges Jon to come face him at Winterfell. However, a lot of the claims in the letter are apparently lies, leading some to speculate whether Ramsay really wrote it. Some have suggested it was either Stannis or Mance Rayder hoping Jon will come to Winterfell with a Wildling army.

Well, unlike in the book, Stannis and Mance were both dead at the time the letter was sent in the show. The letter very clearly comes from Ramsay as a challenge to Jon to come fight him for his former home of Winterfell.

10 Robert Strong's True Identity - True

Even in the books, this is the worst kept secret in King’s Landing. After being poisoned in his fight with Oberyn Martell, Gregor Clegane, aka The Mountain, is slowly and painfully dying. As a way of appeasing the Martells, the Lannisters send them the skull of The Mountain, while Qyburn performs experiments on his body. Shortly afterward, a new member of the Kingsguard is introduced; the gigantic Robert Strong, a knight who never removes his helmet. It’s pretty apparent that this is some sort of mutation of The Mountain, and some characters have even guessed as much, but Martin is still playing at least a little coy.

The show doesn’t seem interested in such mysteries. There is no Robert Strong and no pretending the monstrous knight is anyone but the obvious. Characters openly call him Gregor Clegane. No one seems all that weirded-out by it either.

9 Stannis Baratheon, Lord Commander - False

Stannis Baratheon in Game of Thrones

Stannis is a complex character and there are a great many book fans who think he is the right person to sit on the Iron Throne. While he entered the series as a cold man seduced by a dark religion, he soon realizes that instead of seeking to rule Westeros, he should be saving it. He is the only one of the Five Kings to come to the aid of the Night’s Watch and show real concern over the threat of the White Walkers. This has led some to conclude his true purpose is to serve as Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, protecting the Wall from the undead enemies.

The show had much less grand plans for Stannis, however. After a pitiful and disastrous march on Winterfell, an injured Stannis is found by Brienne. Seeking revenge for Renly’s death, Brienne kills Stannis, ending any future career plans with the Night’s Watch.

8 Cersei Goes Mad - True

Sept of Baelor destroyed by Wildfire

Cersei Lannister has never been a stable person even on her best days, but her increasingly unhinged behavior causes some book readers to suspect she’ll do something really crazy sooner or later.

Following the deaths of Joffrey and Tywin, Cersei grows more and more detached with reality, and develops an obsession with fire. Following her walk of shame in A Feast For Crows, fans are just waiting for her to take revenge. The top theory is that Cersei will fulfill the Mad King’s mission and destroy King’s Landing with wildfire.

While the damage wasn’t as extensive as some fans were anticipating, the theory more or less panned out. Cersei was cunning enough to get all her enemies in one place and crazy enough to blow up half the city just to kill them.

7 Hizdahr Zo Loraq's Treachery - False


Though not the most compelling mystery in the series, one of the biggest questions going into Martin forthcoming The Winds of Winter is who is behind the Sons of the Harpy.

The mysterious group has been wreaking havoc in Meereen after Daenerys took it from the slavers. They have been a growing problem for Daenerys and at the end of A Dance With Dragons, they are a serious threat in taking over the city after trying to assassinate the queen. While the ringleader of the Sons of the Harpy is still a mystery, the most popular pick is Hizdahr Zo Loraq, Daenerys’ new husband.

When Hizdahr showed up in season 5, many thought that things would play out much the same, leading to the revelation that he is the mastermind behind it all. However, after he is assassinated by the Sons of the Harpy, that theory developed quite a few holes.

6 Daario's Secret Identity - False

Daario Naharis Game of Thrones

One advantage the books have over the show is that they don’t have to show characters. Each chapter is told through a specific character’s point of view so there are opportunities to keep certain characters true identities mysterious. After it was revealed in A Storm of Swords that Arstan Whitebeard was actually Barristan Selmy, book readers began suspecting all mysterious side characters were actually someone more significant.

Daario Naharis, Daenerys’ hunky lover, has been the subject of a number of theories. Some say he’s actually the nefarious and sadistic Euron Greyjoy, as Euron claims to have traveled to distant lands and seems very confident Daenerys would marry him. Another popular claim is that Daario is actually long-absent Benjen Stark who, after going missing beyond the Wall, traveled to Essos to seek Daenerys help to fight the White Walkers.

The show proved this theory wrong in their version with a simple solution, casting actors to play Daario, Benjen, and Euron who look nothing alike.

5 Benjen Is Coldhands - True

There is a much more popular theory surrounding Benjen. He’s a character that just begs for theories to form. He disappeared beyond the Wall and, as of the last book, has not been confirmed to be dead.

One of the most convincing theories is that he is the mysterious character of Coldhands who helps Bran during his adventures beyond the Wall. There’s plenty of evidence to back this up, including the fact that Coldhands is apparently a former Night’s Watchman. However, Martin himself has reportedly shot this theory down.

The show seems to think the theory makes perfect sense however. Benjen finally reappeared in season 6 much in the same way Coldhands appeared in the books. He comes to Bran’s aid beyond the Wall, revealing he was killed by the White Walkers and ultimately brought back to life by the Children of the Forest. He’s never called Coldhands but, come on, he’s Coldhands.

4 The Hound Lives - True

The Hound and Arya Stark

Though the series has a lot of death, it also has a good bit of resurrection, which has led to readers to question any death that isn’t explicitly shown.

The Hound is an example of one such “death” that raises some red flags. After suffering a nasty wound in Storm of Swords, The Hound is on death’s door, too weak to even finish himself off so he asks Arya for a mercy killing. However, remembering all the bad things he’s done, she leaves him to suffer and die alone. It’s not until A Feast for Crows, when Brienne is visiting a septon village, that she spots an abnormally large, hooded man and a monstrous war horse, suggesting The Hound might still be alive.

After his being missing for a season, the show does indeed bring The Hound back, with a few more morals but retaining a talent for killing.

3 Robb Stark's Heir - False

Richard Madden as Robb Stark in Game of Thrones

Robb Stark was many people’s best hope for avenging the death of Ned Stark, which made the Red Wedding even more tragic. However, with two differing descriptions of Robb’s surviving wife as seen in the books brought some of that hope back. When Catelyn describes Jeyne Westerling, she makes mention of her child-bearing hips. However, when Jaime Lannister meets her post-Red Wedding, he notes her slender hips. This launched theories that the real Jeyne, pregnant with Robb heir, was hidden away after his death until the new King in the North could be unveiled.

Well, the show didn’t pull any punches proving this one wrong. Robb does get his new wife pregnant (Talisa in the show) but unfortunately, she is in attendance at the wedding. Not only is she one of the many victims, but she is stabbed repeatedly in her pregnant belly, pretty much ending any talk of heirs.

2 R+L=J - True

Jon Snow's parents revealed on Game of Thrones

This is the granddaddy of them all. The biggest, most prevalent theory to come out of the series.

Starting way back in the first book, with Ned’s flashback to his sister Lyanna’s death and her final words, “Promise me, Ned”, fans quickly surmised that Ned Stark was not Jon Snow’s father. The theory goes that Lyanna and Prince Rhaegar Targaryen had a child. Lyanna, while dying in childbirth, gave the boy to Ned, who then raised him as his own to protect the child’s true identity.

Finally, after all those years, we got confirmation on the theory in season 6’s finale as Bran travels back to this moment and witnesses the whole thing. While the father of baby isn’t confirmed, Lyanna hands him over to young Ned, asking him to take care of him. We then get the epic transition from the face of the new born child to Jon Snow seated in Ned’s place at Winterfell.

1 Jon Snow Has A Twin - False

Meera Reed in Game of Thrones

While Jon’s parentage has been the talk of the series for years, a more recent theory has popped up that also deals with his complicated family history; a possible twin sister.

We all know now that Lyanna died giving birth to Jon, but this theory suggests he was not the only child she birthed that day. The children were split up for safety, with Ned taking Jon and the other child going to the only other person there that day, Howland Reed. Yes, the theory is that Meera Reed is Jon’s twin sister, and there is evidence for it. She’s the right age, she is described very similarly to Lyanna, and we know nothing of her mother.

Not so, according to the show. Unless Lyanna in the show was just ignoring her newborn daughter, there was no other baby in that scene.


Which Game of Thrones fan theories do you buy into? Let us know in the comments!

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