Game Of Thrones: Every Season Premiere Ranked From Worst To Best (According To IMDb)

Season premieres of Game of Thrones do well to set up the mostly tragic events of the rest of the season, and here's each one, ranked.

Game of Thrones might have had a controversial final season, but that doesn't mean it isn't one of the best television shows of all time. The show was very consistent for the majority of its run, having some tremendous episodes that created unforgettable television.

Many of those greatest episodes took place in the season premieres which always did a great job at setting the tone for the shows. Each season-opening had the pressure of needing to bring in the audiences for the whole season, and they always managed to do just that.

Within this list, we will rank the eight episodes that kickstarted each season of Game of Thrones from worst to best by using the IMDb rating system.

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8 Season 8: Winterfell (7.6)

Unsurprisingly, the lowest-rated season premiere in the history of the show is 'Winterfell.' Taking place in the final season of the show, there was no season premiere that had more hype and expectation than this one, and sadly it fell slightly below par.

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Even though the episode didn't hold up to the same level as other season premiere's, it still gained a 7.6 rating from IMDb. The episode saw Jon and Daenerys arrive in Winterfell and not entirely be welcomed, with people questioning the dragons and whether they should be around.

Sam is also given an emotional moment as he learns the fate of his family and Euron his big reward. While it isn't the most action-packed episode of the show, it did do a fine job setting the tone for the final season.

7 Season 6: The Red Woman (8.5)

Next on the list with a much higher rating of 8.5 by IMDb is 'The Red Woman,' which was the premiere for the sixth season of the show. In this episode, the fate of Jon Snow is revealed following the shocking end to season five that left many believing he had died.

The true power of The Red Woman was showcased in this episode as she worked her magic to try to bring him back to life. At the end of the episode, fans were also allowed to see exactly what the Red Woman was, as she took off her necklace to reveal her true identity.

As well as that, Ramsay sends his dogs on a wild chase to hunt down Theon and Sansa in what is one of the most thrilling scenes on the show. On top of that, Daenerys is brought before Khal Moro, adding another issue for her to overcome.

6 Season 5: The Wars To Come (8.5)

In a world where Tywin no longer exists, Cersei and Jaime are forced to learn how to deal with life without him. While the pair share a very unnerving scene next to his dead corpse, they then try to focus on the wars to come in the future.

The episode was given a rating of 8.5 from IMDb and kicked off season five in style. After making his escape from Kings Landing, Tyrion begins life trying to find Daenerys as he and Varys arrive in Pentos, starting a totally new journey for him.

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In Mereen a totally new enemy emerges and as Dany attempts to see her dragons, she finds that they aren't exactly best pleased about being chained up.

5 Season 7: Dragonstone (8.6)

The series seven premiere episode, titled 'Dragonstone,' has an IMDb rating of 8.6. The episode saw the show really kick things into a new gear as the show began to start building towards the end with all the tension rising quickly.

Daenerys finally returned home in this episode, turning up to Dragonstone with her dragons to start planning her next move in her quest to be queen. She wasn't the only one planning though, as both Cersei and Jon were equally getting their own plans together.

However, the greatest part of this episode came from the north as Arya reminded the Freys that "the north remembers," getting revenge for her family from the Red Wedding.

4 Season 3: Valar Dohaeris (8.8)

With a slightly higher IMDb rating of 8.8, the season three premiere 'Valar Dohaeris' is next on the list. This was another terrific episode of the show which had a brilliant blend of action and fantastic dialogue and suspense which was building.

Beyond the wall, Jon was brought before Mance Rayder, which led many to wonder what might happen for his future. With Jon trying to make peace between them, the two leaders went head to head and disagreed over many issues.

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But away from that, Tyrion began demanding his reward for his actions in the previous season, while Littlefinger offered Sansa a way out. This started the brilliant story between them as they created a fantastic plot for them.

3 Season 2: The North Remembers (8.8)

The season two premiere episode, 'The North Remembers,' also has an IMDb rating of 8.8 and was a very highly anticipated episode. After the first season ended so dramatically, Game of Thrones built up quite the audience and fans were excited to see what would happen next.

As Tyrion replaces his father as the Hand of the King, allowing him to use his brains and talking abilities to his advantage. However, this episode was all about how the threats towards the King were being built all across the world.

With Stannis Baratheon announcing his plans to take the Iron Throne for himself, Robb Stark also made his next decision. The North came together in this episode and made their thoughts clear about the new King of the North.

2 Season 1: Winter Is Coming (9.0)

The first-ever episode of the show, titled 'Winter Is Coming' was rated highly by IMDb with a score of 9.0. This episode is one of the most important in the history of the show, mainly because of the pressure it had to showcase the world and all the characters within it.RELATED: Game of Thrones: 10 Best Dressed Characters in Westeros, Ranked

Even though the main focus is on the Stark family here, we are given a great explanation as to the world in general. It sets the tone of the show in a fantastic way and really did highlight the scale of everything. Quickly establishing that the Stark family would be the ultimate heroes, it was clear they were someone to root for.

Of course, the episode ended with a huge twist with the revelation of Jaime and Cersei's incestual relationship. Not only that, but it saw the shocking moment where Bran Stark was pushed out of the window which completely changed his character forever.

1 Season 4: Two Swords (9.1)

When it comes to the highest-rated season premiere in Game of Thrones history, that episode took place in season four. The episode 'Two Swords' was given a 9.1 rating by IMDb, featuring Jon standing trial at Castle Black, which led to some fantastic scenes.

Away from Castle Black, Tyrion welcomed a guest to King's Landing as Oberyn makes a surprise appearance instead of his brother. Straight away it was clear that Oberyn was going to add a fantastic new dynamic to the show as his distaste for the Lannisters was obvious.

Jaime was also given his steel hand in this episode as Brienne tries to get him to follow through on his vow to return the Stark girls. However, with Catelyn's death, things end up becoming much more complex in what is a detailed episode.

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