Game of Thrones: Dickon Tarly Recast With Black Sails Actor for Season 7

John Bradley as Samwell Tarly in Game of Thrones Season 5

There is no denying the pulling power of HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones, based on George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire ongoing novel collection. While the show’s end is on the horizon (at least during the current timeline) and there are just over 10 new episodes left to watch before the series comes to its definitive end, there’s still plenty to get excited about when it comes to the land of Westeros and beyond.

While a whole slew of different talent has come in and out of the series through its time on the air so far, the reason for people leaving is usually that the incredibly violent and shocking story has killed them off in one way or another. A number of different recasts have also been made throughout the series’ run to-date, and now one more has been confirmed ahead of the season 7 premiere later this year.

Freddie Stroma (UnReal) will not return to the role of Dickon Tarly in the upcoming episodes of due to filming restrictions on ABC's midseason series Time After Timefrom Kevin Williamson. Watchers on the Wall reports that Stroma will be replaced by Black Sails actor Tom Hopper, who plays Billy Bones on the Starz pirate series. Stroma explained his departure by saying:

“I was shooting [Time After Time], so my character, I wouldn’t be able to go back now. It was still fun. I got to be in that world. I’ve watched all of it. It’s just an incredible TV show.”

Freddie Stroma as Dickon Tarly in Game of Thrones

While the news will be disappointing Stroma's fans, if what Dickon Tarly has presented so far during his time on Thrones is a sign of what he’s going to do in the future, it’s not a change that will cause much disruption or change on the show. Knowing that Stroma will be focused fully on Williamson’s new series, following the adventures of a young H. G. Wells and his time machine is definitely a strong sign of the performance he’ll be giving.

With that being said, Sam Tarly looks to be one of the bigger and more important characters leading into the series’ finale. He’s now finally found his place in the world and is hoping to unite the true leaders of the Seven Kingdoms, utilising his intelligence and knowledge which he seeks out in books and history. Because of his strong movement toward the show’s climax, there’s no telling just how his various family members who have rejected him will weave their way into the story; there’s every chance Dickon Tarly could become one of the biggest chess pieces in Game of Thrones yet.

Game of Thrones will return to HBO for season 7 this summer.

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