Game of Thrones' DC Comics Easter Eggs Revealed

Jon Snow may know nothing, but Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin knows plenty about DC Comics. That's according to one Easter Egg - well, one cluster of Easter Eggs - highlighted by a fan online. The HBO series may have its sights set on Game of Thrones stories yet to be published, but upon revisiting the first entries in the epic "Song of Ice and Fire," at least two direct references to DC superheroes has jumped out. Especially now that one of them has his own CW TV show.

By now most devoted fans of the series and author know that George R.R. Martin is a comic book nerd, having himself revealed the fan letter he sent in to Marvel Comics in his youth. Thanks to one detail-oriented comic fan and GoT reader, his love of DC Comics can be verified just as much. The book in question is A Clash of Kings (first released in 1998) - a book that officially added two or three Houses of Westeros based on superheroes from the DC Comics Universe. Or, if you use your imagination, four.

The discovery was made and shared via Reddit, with the user highlighting the fact that Arya Stark, during her stay at Harrenhal took note of several Houses on hand to meet their overlords, the Lannisters. Among them in succession are three heroes that, when delivered together, paint a clear picture to the Justice League fans in the audience:

The user only highlights the mention of Green Arrow and Blue Beetle - also known as Oliver Queen and Ted Kord, two former members of the Justice League of America and its affiliates, and no stranger to fans of The CW both past (Smallville) and present (Arrow). The most eagle-eyed of DC fans may spot the nod on the first read through, since the terms "green arrow" and "blue beetle" are unmistakable for either fans reading... or the one actually committing it to his official series canon. As the sigils of House Sarsfield and House Bettley, respectively.

It's worth pointing out, though, that a figure defined by his "black hood" standing alongside these two DC heroes is quite possibly a reference to Batman himself. In fact, if this mention turned out to be too subtle either for Martin's liking or fans' attention, the author took care of that throughout the rest of his novels. Remember the broken down, gloomy, black-stoned castle called "Harrenhal" that we mentioned earlier (where Arya was held prisoner by Tywin Lannister in Season 2)? That massive castle was the creation of Harren the Black, and eventually occupied by House Lothston, whose sigil is - you guessed it - a black bat on a field of yellow and silver.

A shield of Lothston bearing the sigil was actually carried by Ser Jamie in the novels, before he passed it on to Brienne of Tarth. Not enough of a callout? There's also House Whent, whose sigil is nine black bats on a yellow field. A sigil to remember, since Ser Oswell Whent was one of the most famous members of the King's Guard ever known, among the few who defended Rhaegar Targaryen's "captor," Lyanna Stark in the Tower of Joy.

Ned Stark fighting by the Tower of Joy

The flashback to the fight scene between a young Ned Stark and Oswell in Season 6 didn't feature the sigil prominently, but it may have been for Warner Bros. copyright issues - Oswell was famous for his shining white helmet depicting the black bat, wins outstretched in something of a fantasy-era Batman logo. The ruling Lady of House Whent is also referred to as a "friend of the Night's Watch" because... of course she is. And considering what fans believe that flashback confirmed about Jon Snow's true parentage, it's only right Rhaegar would send his own Batman to protect it.

To top all that off, those sigils of the Green Arrow, Blue Beetle, and Black Hood are eventually joined by House Leygood. With a sigil of three lightning bolts spread across and orange background, we can only assume that even George R.R. Martin knew that making it yellow lightning over a red background would have been too obvious. That's regardless of whether it's meant as a nod to The Flash, Shazam, or possibly even Johnny Thunderbolt.

Assuming the fans of comic book culture aren't already convinced to dive back into Martin's original novels, these are only the veiled references found so far. And given the delays to Game of Thrones season 8 possibly on the way... now's a good time to get reading.

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Source: Reddit

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