Game Of Thrones: 12 Characters That Deserve Some Payback In Season 6

Game of Thrones season 6 - Maisie Williams as Arya

For 5 seasons now, Game of Thrones has relentlessly been throwing one character after another through the ringer. No one is safe in this highly popular fantasy series, least of all your favorite characters. Almost everyone in Westeros has been beaten, betrayed, deserted, or humiliated in one form or another, and as such, most of them deserve some payback.

With Game of Thrones coming to a close soon, the time to strike back is either now or never. We've all been patiently waiting for those big bad guys to get their comeuppance and Season 6 might just be the time to square off most of the bad blood in the show.

Here are the 12 Characters That Deserve Some Payback in Season 6.

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12 Yara Against Ramsay

Back when Theon was first converted into Reek, he did have a brief, fleeting opportunity to escape his captor. That opportunity was provided by his sister Yara Greyjoy, who had traveled a far distance to rescue her brother from Ramsay. To her shock, when she successfully freed Theon from his cage, he refused to go. Yara thought that her brother was still alive, but she learned the hard way that Theon was long gone. After the siege and failing to bring her brother back, Yara admits that Theon is truly dead, replaced by the creature known as Reek.

While we haven't seen Yara for some time, that doesn't mean she's out of the game just yet. She could still make good on her promise to save Theon, either physically or mentally. Now that Theon has made his escape with Sansa, there's no telling what he could do next. With confirmation of a new Greyjoy character joining the cast, it might set up an interesting union between Yara and Theon to reunite and take out big bad Ramsay.

11 Margaery Against Cersei/High Sparrow

Margaery and Cersei Game of Thrones

As the Queen, Margaery was in a good deal of power when she married Tommen Baratheon. She even started playing mind games with Cersei in a quest for control, a risky move to say the least. It all quickly evaporated as soon as it had come, however, when Cersei plotted with the High Sparrow to have Margaery thrown in jail for concealing her brother's homosexuality. After her incarceration, we didn't have much to hear from the new Queen of Westeros, but that might all change in Season 6.

With Cersei released and ready to take on the High Sparrow's religious goons with the Mountain by her side, Margaery will eventually be let out of her cell and back by Tommen's side. She probably hasn't forgotten about the punishment that Cersei has put her through, and as Queen she's still in a good position to do something about it.

10 Tommen Against the High Sparrow

Dean Charles-Chapman Tommen Baratheon Game of Thrones

For the ruler of the Seven Realms, Tommen Baratheon has been a bit of a pushover. His mother and wife were both incarcerated, and still unbeknown to him, his sister is now dead. Tommen doesn't have the best reputation for taking a stand; the kid couldn't even pick a side between his mother and his new wife. Tommen indeed is still a kid, but that's no excuse for his lack of action. Compared to Joffrey, Tommen is timid in nature, but he just might be too timid, without a backbone in his entire body.

To see all the terrible things Tommen has gone through, its time for the guy to finally do something about it. With his mother out prison and a newly formed King's Guard by his side, perhaps we'll see the kid who sits on the Iron Throne finally become a man in Season 6. Tommen has an entire army to be disposed at the tips of his fingertips and could easily wipe out all of the Lannister's enemies in one fell swoop. We'll just have to wait and see if, like his mother, he ultimately chooses violence.

9 Jaime Against Ellaria Sand

Jaime and Myrcella

One vendetta is always repaid with another in Game of Thrones. When we last left Jaime Lannister, he was finally ready to tell Myrcella that he was actually her father. As it turns out, Myrcella already knew this secret on some level, and lovingly accepted Jaime as as the two embraced. It was a nice warm moment, and could have stayed that way if the scene only ended a minute sooner. Of course, in true Game of Thrones fashion, nothing too good to be true can last, and Jaime has to watch in horror as his daughter dies right in front of him.

It is revealed shortly after that Myrcella's death was at the hands of Ellaria Sand, who poisoned her out of spite after Oberyn was killed in Season 4. It is clear that Jaime's ship returns to King's Landing at the start of this Season,  but it doesn't mean he has to stay their for long. Now that Myrcella is gone, Jaime and Cersei only have one child left, and it's near impossible that either of them would gently let this go. With Jaime gearing up to take charge of the Lannister army, we might see the King Slayer return to Dorne this season in order to settle the score once and for all.

8 Sansa Against the Boltons

A lot of characters, almost all of them actually, have a rough go around in Game of Thrones. But none have been so continuously berated and mistreated than that of Sansa Stark, who constantly moves around from place to place to find her situation even worse than before. Joffrey killed her father, the Boltons took over her home, and Ramsay raped and beat her. Talk about a rough couple of years.

Now that Sansa and Reek are on the lam it might be time for the heiress of Winterfell to reclaim her rightful kingdom. Sansa has always mentioned that Winterfell is her one true home, and that inspiration combined with some loyal supporters might give her enough of an edge to launch an attack against the Boltons and, more specifically, Ramsay. There is definitely bad blood there, so it would be extremely satisfying to see Sansa finally take charge and deliver some much needed punishment to the man who relishes torture and pain.

7 Ghost Against the Night's Watch

Ghost Dire Wolf Game of Thrones

Some of the most gut-wrenching deaths in Game of Thrones have been the murders of the Starks' direwolves. Who didn't shed a tear when Robb's Grey Wind was caught off guard at the Red Wedding? In Season 5 there was only one last direwolf with their Stark counterpart, and Ghost has stood by Jon Snow's side through thick and thin. Unfortunately that time has now ended, and Jon Snow has perished at the hands of his treacherous brothers in the Night's Watch. With Jon gone, Ghost certainly won't be happy at those responsible.

For the first episode of Season 6, many trailers and scenes have been alluding to a battle at the Wall for what looks like the rights of Jon Snow's body. Ser Davos and a band of loyal Snow followers look to be protecting the body from the traitors that sold out their Lord and Commander. This means we'll hopefully get a good fight sequence to kick off the Season right, and Ghost, who we haven't seen in a while, will definitely be in the mix for some much deserved payback for his fallen master.

6 Theon Against Ramsay

Theon Greyjoy Game of Thrones

It's nothing short of fascinating that some of the most hated characters in Game of Thrones can turn into some of the most empathetic. Theon Greyjoy started the series as an ally to the Starks, and then swiftly kicked them while they were down by occupying Winterfell, becoming one of the most hated characters at the time. He was then captured the bastard Ramsay Snow, and horrifically tortured for nearly half a Season. Theon was beaten, starved, and even had his, erm, "favorite toy" removed from him. He finally broke down from Ramsay's punishment, and Theon ceased to exist while his subversive personality, Reek, was born.

When we last left Reek in Season 5 however, he somehow mustered up enough courage to save Sansa and escape from Ramsay's control. While he's on the run right now, it might be possible for Reek to embrace his former identity of Theon. He isn't past redemption just yet, and with all the humiliation that Ramsay put him through it isn't hard to believe that Theon has some repressed feelings of revenge on his mind. With Sansa looking to be gearing up to take back Winterfell, Theon might just get his chance to square things off with Ramsay once and for all.

5 Davos Against the Boltons/Knight’s Watch

Davos Game of Thrones Season 6

Davos doesn't have much to smile about nowadays. His man Stannis got his ass handed to him by the Boltons and his head cleaved off by Brienne, and his one source of innocence in Shireen was burned at the stake by her own father. To add on to his troubles, his one confidant in the Knight's Watch has just been assassinated and left in a ditch. Needless to say, Ser Davos is a bit overdue for some well deserved payback.

First there is the Knight's Watch to deal with, and judging by the trailers for the first episode it looks like Davos is ready to go toe to toe with Jon's killers. Even though he says he isn't much in a battle, we all know that he's just begging to see some action. Next, there is the Boltons to take care of, who are in a good deal of power at this standing time. You never know when power shifts might occur in Game of Thrones though. With a likely charge against the Bolton's fortress in the near future, Davos could get his chance to avenge Stannis, even though the Lord of Dragonstone doesn't deserve it.

4 Daenerys Against Sons of the Harpy

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones

The one rule that Game of Thrones will always adhere to is that noble characters that are comnfortable never stay that way. Daenerys had it too good for too long on the show, so it was only a matter of time before something bad turned the tables. She was a powerful ruler of Meereen, but that tranquility did not last. The uprising from the upper-class citizens of the city caused the vicious Sons of the Harpy to frequently attack Dany and her band of followers. Eventually, they struck when the Mother of Dragons was most vulnerable, and she was forced to vacate the city on top of her dragon.

To make things worse, Daenerys is shortly thereafter picked up by a ravage group of Dothraki, who don’t appear to be the friendliest people. Hopefully this season has Dany eventually barter with the Dothraki, and maybe even persuade them to join her army. Afterwards she will almost certainly make her way back to Meereen to exact revenge on those that opposed her. Maybe some flame-boiled Harpies courtesy of Drogon the dragon? Once that is out of the way, she might finally be able to start her long arduous journey to Westeros. It would be better she start sooner than later, as Game of Thrones will only be returning for a mere 13 episodes after this next season concludes.

3 Jon Against the Night’s Watch

Game of Thrones Season 6 Jon Snow

Poor Jon Snow. The Stark bastard child always tried to make lemonade out of lemons for the crappy scenarios he constantly found himself in. The thing about Jon was that he was smart enough to look at the bigger picture involved, but that concept was unfortunately the one that did him in. After banding together a group of Wildlings to help fight off the impending White Walkers, the Lord Commander’s brothers of the Night’s Watch didn’t take too kindly to the decision. They decided to do something about it, and stabbed Jon to death, Julius Caesar-style, with his young ward Olly delivering the final blow.

Although everyone involved with the production denies that Jon Snow will be returning this season, it is all but confirmed in the hearts and minds of countless fans. There are widespread clues that hint of Snow’s return, either through being resurrected, or a rumored hidden ability of him being a Warg. Either way, if Jon does come back, he might be a little ticked off at his brothers who did him dirty. While Jon is a level headed sort of guy, his return to the show might mean he isn’t exactly the same character we left him as. It could mean that he isn’t opposed to some much deserved revenge, either by leaving his brothers to be massacred by the White Walkers, or simply taking them out himself.

2 Cersei Against the High Sparrow

Lena Headey as Cersei Stark in Game of Thrones

Last season was a big one for Cersei Lannister. The strategic and often manipulative Queen Mother of the 7 Kingdoms finally got a taste of her own medicine she had been so fond to deal out to everyone else. She was held against her will by the High Sparrow and his band of goons, and was even forced to admit to fornication and incest by the season’s end. Just when she thought she was out of the woods, Cersei was forced on her walk of shame through King's Landing completely naked, while strangers on the road throw food, drink, and even feces at her. Harsh.

Of course, Cersei isn’t the type of person to take this offense against her lightly. Given the choice between peaceful resolutions and violence, Cersei will almost always choose violence. With the Mountain now resurrected into a Frankenstein’s Monster type creature, it’s almost certain that he’s going to use his new found skills to take down the enemies of the Queen Mother in the upcoming season. This could lead to some juicy battles in King's Landing that will almost definitely result in some spilled blood from both sides.

1 Arya Against Everybody

Maisie Williams as Arya Stark in Game of Thrones

While Arya Stark got a little taste of her payback with last season’s finale, she still has a ways to go before she completes her hit list. Which each terrible event that happens to the Starks (and there’s a lot of them) Arya only becomes further enraged, and further consumed with the thoughts of revenge. Burdened with her family's massacres, Arya took it upon herself to become Westeros' greatest killer. She eventually made it to the House of White and Black to start her assassin training. When we last saw the young Stark however, she had become blind resulting from her punishment for stealing a kill from the Many Faced God.

While the show has now caught up and even surpassed the events of the books, Arya's fate is yet to be determined. Chances are that her blindness won't be a permanent punishment, and her eyesight might return to her this season after realizing that she can't become part of the faceless. As we've seen, Arya Stark just can't give up the identity which means so much to her. Once she inevitably leaves the House of White and Black, she should make her way back to King's Landing to deliver some crippling blows to the Iron Throne. While some of the names on her hit list have already been scratched off, there is still Cersei, Walder Frey and the Red Woman to still take care of. With her new found skills, Arya is finally a force to be reckoned with and will no doubt exact some much needed payback in the forthcoming season.


Can you think of any other characters who might be angling for some payback this season? Let us know in the comments!

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