16Lena Headey – Dredd

Think Cersei Lannister represents Lena Headey’s most villainous role to date? Think again. That honor goes to Pete Travis’ painfully unappreciated comic book adaptation Dredd and the part of Madeline “Ma-Ma” Madrigal, a villainous drug lord and the film’s principal antagonist.

A scarred sociopathic former prostitute,

Ma-Ma takes revenge on the pimp that scarred her by “feminizing” her attacker mid-fellatio and while he’s under the influence of Slo-Mo – the drug that slows down time for its users, making the experience all the more painful. From there, she rises up to take control of Peachtree block, using the dilapidated housing unit as the base to mass-produce Slo-Mo. Crazed, cunning and excessively violent, only Mega City I’s greatest judge stops Ma-Ma from continuing her bloody reign. She would totally eat Cersei for breakfast.

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