Game Of Thrones: 6 Best One-On-One Duels (And 4 We'd Like To See)

The enchanting continent of Westeros has provided audiences with everything they could have hoped to see from an epic fantasy series, ranging from frightening creatures, such as the White Walkers, to epic encounters between kings, queens, knights, and even wildlings.

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While Game of Thrones encompasses many themes, probably the most pressing issue for all parties involved is the battle for the Iron Throne, with war being the order of the day for obtaining this powerful position. This has resulted in many heart-racing duels taking place, and with a few episodes left before the series wraps up, there are still a few matchups that viewers are craving to see.

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10 Best: Bronn Vs. Ser Vardis Egen

After Catelyn Stark delivered Tyrion Lannister to her sister, Lysa Arryn, at the Vale, Lysa was all but ready to execute Tyrion for the crimes of his family. It was at this point that Tyrion demanded a trial by combat, with Bronn stepping up to the plate to take on loyal knight Ser Vardis.

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What made this duel so exciting was Bronn's unorthodox fighting style, with cheap shots and melee attacks as well as impressive dodging included in his strategy. While Lysa claimed that Bronn did not fight with honor, he proved that honor and heavy armor do not guarantee victory.

9 Best: Brienne Of Tarth Vs. The Hound

Due to Brienne's earlier promise to Lady Stark, she and Podrick were traveling to the Eyrie to find and subsequently protect Aria when they suddenly happened upon her and The Hound, whom she was accompanying. While Brienne offered protection, The Hound immediately distrusted her, due to spotting her Lannister sword, and the two begin their epic duel.

This fight consisted of the intense clashing of swords and gory hand-to-hand combat, with Brienne bloodily ripping off The Hound's ear with her teeth. While he miraculously survived, Brienne still holds the honor of being the only warrior to defeat The Hound in combat.

8 Best: Khal Drogo Vs. Mago

Game of Thrones - Khal Drogo Battle

Upon Drogo and Daenerys' Dothraki horde sacking a village, some raiders started gathering a group of women to be sold into slavery, only for Daenerys to come to their aid. A move that was disagreed with by some raiders, Daenerys defended her actions as Khaleesi while Khal Drogo ultimately decided to side with his wife.

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This infuriated Mago, one of the raiders, who then challenged the Khal to a duel. While Mago was quick on his feet and talented with a blade, Drogo was able to expertly dodge his attacks, swiftly slash his throat, and choke him with brute force.

7 Best: Jon Snow Vs. White Walker

During the battle at Hardhome, Jon and some of his allies rushed to the town hall to fetch dragonglass, only to find a White Walker lieutenant in their path.

This battle surely had viewers on the edge of their seat, especially with the White Walker knocking Jon's sword, Longclaw, out of his hand, thus leaving him unarmed. Adding to the distress of this scene was the way in which the White Walker would shatter each subsequent weapon that John used upon making contact.

Eventually, Jon recovered Longclaw and happened upon one of the most important discoveries of the seriesnamely, that Valyrian Steel can be used to kill White Walkers.

6 Best: Ned Stark Vs. Jaime Lannister

Upon hearing of Tyrion's kidnapping at the hands of Catelyn, Jaime swiftly gathered a group of Lannister guardsmen to confront Ned Stark and the rest of his party. When asking Ned for an explanation, Ned's response—that he gave the order to kidnap Tyriontriggered a vicious attack by the Lannister guards.

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Ned's men were killed almost immediately. However, as the talented and athletic Jaime moved in for the kill, Ned proved that age had certainly not worn him down completely, and he displayed some fine swordsmanship. Ned managed to hold his own against the apparently superior Jaime until one of the Lannister guards speared the Stark patriarch through the leg.

5 Best: The Mountain Vs. The Viper

After Joffrey's death came the announcement of Tyrion's second trial by combat, by which time no one expected a warrior to come to Tyrion's aid. To everyone's surprise, up stepped Prince Oberyn Martell of Dorne, otherwise known as "The Viper," to take on Cersei's champion Gregor Clegane and exact revenge for the death of his sister Elia and her children.

While it seemed unlikely for Oberyn to gain the upper hand in this tense matchup, he soon used his finesse with a spear to outpace and outwit the enormous, yet sluggish Mountain, thus knocking him to the floor and critically injuring him. Unfortunately, he let his emotions get the best of him, resulting in a lapse of concentration where The Mountain crushed his skull in front of a horrified crowd.

4 Like To See: Cleganebowl

This is probably one of the most talked-about duels yet, as hoards of fans have already expressed their desire for a number of seasons to see the Clegane brothers take each other on.

Since Sandor's early childhood trauma at the hands of his brother was first explained, we have witnessed an intense rivalry between him and Gregor, with the two momentarily clashing at the jousting tournament in the first season. Since then, their rivalry has grown even more bitter, with a thrilling clash seeming likely on the horizon.

3 Like To See: Daenerys Vs. Euron Greyjoy

In what was probably the biggest shock of the latest episode, the Greyjoy fleet successfully overcame Daenerys' forces as they approached King's Landing, with Euron using his enormous archer's bow to take down the second of Daenerys' dragons.

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This prompted the Mother of Dragons to charge head-on at Euron with vengeance on her mind. However, she eventually had to abandon this course due to the sheer numbers of his forces. Fans will surely wish to see Dany exact revenge, whether on foot or on the back of her last surviving dragon.

2 Like To See: Grey Worm Vs. Cersei

While this may be an unconventional matchup, there is every reason why this confrontation may in fact happen, even if not in the form of a traditional duel.

While Unsullied typically do not show much emotion and are incapable of sexual arousal, their leader Grey Worm fell in love with Daenerys' close adviser, Missandei, and the two shared an emotional bond. The hardened warrior could not bear to watch as she was executed by order of Cersei, and one cannot help but imagine how Grey Worm will want to exact revenge.

1 Like To See: Jaime vs. Cersei

With so much prophecy in Game of Thrones, there are plenty of theories that have created a buzz in fans' minds. One of the most groundbreaking revelations is that from Maggy, who told a young Cersei that she would eventually succumb to the "valonqar," which means "little brother" in High Valyrian.

While this term could refer to Tyrion, it could also refer to Jaime, who was born just a few minutes after his twin. The fact that he could be the one to murder the sister who he had such strong feelings for could result in a seriously fascinating plot twist.

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