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Game of Thrones - Viserys

It is difficult to choose which character in the Game of Thrones universe viewers and readers love to hate the most, but Viserys Targaryen definitely made the top 10 list during the first season. Aside from being an entitled, whiny little worm, Viserys was an abusive sadist who enjoyed tormenting

his little sister, who happened to be Daenerys. Watching him degrade and molest Daenarys in both the novel and the show made it easy for fans to see why the citizens of Westeros demanded the death of his family.

When Dany finally stood up to her older brother as a Khaleesi, audiences stood as well--to cheer her on. She told her would-be king brother that it was she who was actual royalty and that he had better remember it when she smacked him across the face with a strand of heavy gold. This was the very moment the khaleesi seemed to become aware of her status and some of the power that came with it. Unfortunately for Viserys, her message fell on deaf ears, and he suffered greatly for not listening to it, ultimately dying beneath the smoldering heat of his own "crown of gold," courtesy of Dany's new husband, Khal Drogo.

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