10She Is Only A Teenager

A widow, a mother, and a ruling Queen. We know that Daenerys is young, but she’s not that young… right?! In fact, like many of the other characters in the books, Daenerys is practically a child. In the novels, she is only 13-years-old when we first meet her, and she

is sold to Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa) as a wife. The series made the executive decision to age her a little, bumping her up to all of 15-years-old in Season 1. (Presumably because audiences would reject her sex/rape scenes with Drogo if she was barely even in her teens.)

At this point, she is presumably a few years older, although years and seasons don’t seem to pass in the same way in Westeros that they do in our world (and she hasn’t celebrated any official birthdays). The Mother of Dragons is, at the absolute most, nineteen years old.

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