Game Of Thrones: 15 Couples We'd Love To See

Kristofer Hivju as Tormund and Gwendoline Christie as Brienne on Game of Thrones

Let’s face it, life in the Seven Kingdoms sucks. On Game of Thrones, minimum wage, benefits, and unions have yet to be invented. Even having a title by no means assures you a relatively happy life -- nor even a safe one. If it’s not the job or a rival that kills you, it’ll be the greyscale or a White Walker. But sometimes, a twist of fate, or a bonding experience, affords our favorite characters just a hint of happiness.

At long last, season seven is nearly upon us! There is undoubtedly a plethora of treachery, misdeeds, and murder most foul on the horizon. Basically, with George R.R. Martin and the Game of Thrones showrunners in charge of your fate, you could die at any moment. The best that folks can hope for are a few fleeting moments of joy during their short, miserable existences.

Here are 15 characters on Game of Thrones who we would love to see hook up, be it sexually, romantically, or just because they would make awesome scene partners.

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15 Brienne of Tarth and Jaime Lannister

He’s a misunderstood Kingslayer. She’s a socially awkward badass knight. Brienne and Jaime’s story arc is practically a romantic comedy. Despite many obstacles, they share an undeniable chemistry. They “meet cute” at Robb Stark’s camp, when Catelyn tasks Brienne to exchange a captive Jamie for her daughters that she believes are being held at King’s Landing. The renowned swordsman develops respect for Brienne after she bests him in a duel, and she warms up to him when he reveals the complex circumstances behind his infamous nickname.

They have a couple more life saving bonding moments before arriving at King’s Landing, where Brienne suffers a shade-filled run-in with a jealous Cersei. Then Jamie gives her a blade of Valerian steel – the Westerosi warrior’s version of a letterman’s jacket. Their lingering goodbye before Brienne sets out to find Sansa is rife with meaningful brow furrowing. When they reunite at Riverrun, they’re at cross-purposes, and it’s clearly tearing them both up inside. As Brienne waves mournfully to Jamie from her canoe, it can’t be the last time they see each other. Perhaps, by their next encounter, Jamie will be completely single and ready to mingle.

14 Tyrion Lannister and Viserion

Tyrion spent his childhood dreaming of dragons, secretly wishing to be a Targaryen instead of a Lannister. There is a prevailing theory that these were more than just fantasies. Tywin repeatedly denounced Tyrion as his son, and it is possible that Tywin wasn’t just being his usual, impossibly cruel self in those moments. Tyrion could be an honest-to-gods Dragon Rider.

He’s the only one who has shown any sort of rapport with the beasts outside of Dany, as Viserion and Rhaegal let him free them after they’d been starved and chained in the catacombs. Those hangry beasts had every reason to fry Tyrion up like an apple pie. But he approached them calmly, telling them a sweet story from his childhood about the ridicule he’d received for requesting a dragon as a Name Day present. With Tyrion traveling alongside Dany and the dragons to conquer Westeros, there will be dragon-riding opportunities on the horizon. The gold dragon is the perfect match for our favorite Lion.

13 Sansa Stark and Daario Naharis

No woman in the Martinverse has had it worse in the romance department than Sansa Stark. Initially promised to uber-sociopath Joffrey Baratheon, her kindish husband was Tyrion, who refused to consummate their marriage because of her age and his love for her handmaiden, Shae.

Sansa eventually managed to escape King’s Landing, but only to be forced to pair up with slimy Stark fetishist Petyr Baelish. He then traded her to the Boltons as a power play, forcing her to marry the newly legitimized bastard, Ramsey. Arguably more psychotic and violent than Joffrey, the former Snow gifted her with the wedding night from hell and kept the "romance" alive every night thereafter.

Nowadays, she’s on an upswing, having gotten revenge on Ramsay, told Baelish where to stick his Little Finger, and has been instated as the Lady of Winterfell. Dany’s ex-booty call, Daario, can be irritatingly persistent, but he also really likes keeping his ladies happy. Dany made it clear she's done with him, and Sansa is long overdue for a respectful lover. Daario’s staying in Essos for now, but maybe Dany will send for him, or perhaps he’ll stow away on her ships, allowing him to run into Sansa at Winterfell. Either way, these two could both really use a win in the romantic department.

12 Ser Pounce and Rhaegal

Though he was on screen for but a moment, it was long enough for this proper fellow to pounce his way into our hearts. It was one of the show’s scant seconds of pure sweetness, ruined immediately by Tommen telling Margaery that Joffrey once threatened to kill his beloved pet and surreptitiously feed it to him (because of course he did). If Ser Pounce survived Cersei’s Sept-splosion, leading to the suicide of one of Westeros’ only animal lovers, our furry friend is going to want some retribution.

Dany’s dragon, Rheagal, aka The Green One, is also known for being one of the smaller dragons, having to fight over food with his brothers. What’s a dragon but a giant, scaly cat with wings? Dany will obviously be riding Drogon into battle. With Tyrion (hopefully) on Viserion, that leaves Rhaegal without a cohort. We can’t think of anything cuter (or more metal) than the prospect of a kitty riding a dragon.

11 Arya Stark & Nymeria

The Stark children serendipitously found an abandoned litter of six Direwolves - one for each of them. Ayra called hers Nymeria, after a fierce Dornish queen of the Rhoyne. They were inseparable pals, always at each other's side -- until Joffrey threatened to gut Arya with a sword.

Like any good doggie, Nymeria leaped in and bit his arm, protecting her master. Though Joffrey was the instigator, Cersei ordered Nymeria’s execution. In a heartbreaking scene, Arya sent Nymeria away to save her life, which led Cersei to have Sansa’s Direwolf, Lady, killed in Nymeria’s stead.

There are only two Stark Direwolves left. Jon’s wolf, Ghost, is currently kicking it with him in Winterfell. Nymeria, meanwhile, is thought to be roaming The Riverlands. In the books, she has formed a wild pack, and has perhaps reverted to her feral state. But surely she would remember Arya if they crossed paths again. How cool would it be if this badass warrior woman got to take down some bad guys with help from a pack of Direwolves?

10 Ser Bronn & Lady Olenna Tyrell

The Queen of Thorns is long overdue for some sunshine and rainbows after the year she's had. She just lost her beloved grandchildren to Cersei’s throne-grabbing mega-plot. Bronn, Jaime’s Bro from another Mo, is a mercenary with dreams of climbing the social ladder and marrying into money. He’s mostly a good dude, having fought for Tyrion in his first Trial by Combat. He thought he had it made when Cersei offered him the hand of a Lord’s daughter, in exchange for declining to fight for Tyrion a second time. But, unsurprisingly, Cersei welched on the deal, freeing him up to accompany Jaime to Dorne. Jaime also dangled the Prominent Wife carrot but has yet to give up the goods, and Bronn appears to be growing weary of Lannister shenanigans.

She may be getting up there, but Olenna is reportedly so good in bed that she convinced her sister’s fiancé to break off the engagement and marry her instead. Bronn could align with Olenna, help her get revenge on Cersei, and then retire somewhere warm together.

9 Meera Reed and Podrick Payne

Like most ladies of the Martinverse, Meera Reed has had a pretty rough go of it. She’s stuck on a bleak and uncertain mission with Bran Stark – one that resulted in the death of her brother. She's endured some of the harshest weather imaginable in her time with the young Greenseer, as well as a couple of near-rapes along the way (though that's arguably a better fate than many of her fellow Westerosi sisters). Still, she too could do with a positive in her life.

Podrick, Tyrion’s former squire, was gifted to Brienne by Jaime to aid her on her quest to find Sansa. He’s one of the few truly good men in Westeros, having repeatedly proved his loyalty to Tyrion and Brienne. Maybe he still has a lot to learn about being a knight, but he could do with a self-esteem boost after enduring constant ridicule from Brienne.

Despite seemingly limited experience, Pod is known for having some serious skills in the bedroom. Don't forget (honestly, how could you?), three prostitutes that Tyrion hired to take his loyal squire's virginity refused to accept payment for it, because he showed them such a nice time. He could well be the happy ending Meera has earned.

8 Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey

Though Catelyn Stark's brother is already married to Roslin, they haven't shared airspace since conceiving their child on the second-least romantic wedding night ever (after Sansa and Ramsey). The Red Wedding was billed as reconciliation between the Freys and Starks after Robb broke his engagement to Roslin to secretly marry his true love, Talisa. No one really understood how pissed this made Walder until Edmure reluctantly agreed to take Robb’s place.

After meeting the beguiling Roslin, Cat Stark's reluctant younger sibling warmed to the idea. But while he was off consummating his marriage, his entire family was brutally slaughtered to the tune of “The Rains of Castermere”. He was taken prisoner shortly thereafter, where he remained for two seasons, until Walder decided he would make a good pawn in taking back Riverrun.

Edmure was a bit of an entitled dick at first, but after rotting in a cell for two years, and only learning of his son when Jaime threatened to catapult Junior into the castle walls, he deserves to see his wife again and meet the product of his lone night of marital happiness.

7 Arya Stark and Gendry

Gendry is a talented blacksmith and the end result of one of Robert Baratheon's extramarital escapades. He met Arya when she was on the lam from the Lannisters, posing as a boy. They got into some pretty heavy stuff together traveling the Kingsroad, and he later agreed to keep her secret after he discovered her true identity. She in turn concealed his identity from a group of Lannister soldiers on a Baratheon Bastard Eradication mission.

Their attachment grew while compulsorily hangin’ at Harrenhall in Tywin Lannister’s service, until Arya arranged for their escape via Jaqen H’gar. Tellingly, when Arya tried to talk Gendry out of joining the Brotherhood Without Banners, offering a place in her family instead, he declared that, if anything, she would be his lady (awww!).

And hey, with his pedigree, he might even be coming into a title soon. Arya began her perilous journey when she was a kid and has been pretty busy since, whittling away at her kill list. But if she’s ever going to have any sort of romantic storyline, Gendry is her guy.

6 Yara Greyjoy and Daenerys Targaryen

Yara Greyjoy and Daenerys alliance in Game of Thrones

As the most eligible lesbian in Westeros, Yara Greyjoy is on track to bring sexual healing to the realm’s legion of beleaguered ladies. Dany, in her infinite ferocity, has managed to skirt a lot of oppression, but she’s also already had, and still carries a torch for, the hottest and manliest of men, Khal Drogo. Daario is a great protector and seemed to make her about as happy as any other man could, but she dumped him when she left for Westeros, asserting that she needs to stay single for leverage on her quest. Yara enthusiastically pledged her loyalty and 100 ships to Dany, and they bonded over the idea of sisters doing it for themselves. Yara warned Dany that her uncle Euron would soon stop by, offering a larger fleet, but it was going to come with a big, unpleasant caveat. Yara, on the other hand, never demands, but is “up for anything”. She would gladly serve her queen in the battlefield and the bedroom, with no strings attached.

Dany is going to need to unwind at the end of her long, hard days spent conquering Westeros, and Yara can provide.

5 Cersei Lannister and Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish

Cersei has always been a force to be reckoned with, but she was an especially evil gal in season 6 when she burned the Sept of Baelor to the ground, killing her daughter-in-law, countless innocent bystanders, and everyone else who was pissing her off that day. Gutted, her last remaining child, Tommen, leaped to his death. There aren’t a lot of folks who will take her side at this point, including her brother/lover/baby daddy, Jaime, who earned his nickname, Kingslayer, in a noble effort to prevent the Mad King from committing a similar atrocity. Still, it was an effective power play, because folks are going to think twice about crossing her going forward.

Littlefinger has always been keen to align himself with whomever he believes will come out on top and edge him closer to the Iron Throne. Like Cersei, he too is super into hatching evil plots, and the pair have even collaborated in the past. Littlefinger told Sansa about his royal ambitions, but she declined his shudder-worthy offer to join him. Assuming she's not willing to turn on her brother/actually cousin Jon, Baelish's Starkian dreams appear to be out the window.

Cersei and Littlefinger are a match made in a super evil heaven.

4 Grey Worm and Missandei

Dany’s right hand lady has been teaching the Common Tongue to the Commander of the Unsullied, and they’ve bonded over their tragic backgrounds. When Grey Worm was laid up after a run-in with the Sons of the Harpy, she introduced a whole new language to the soft-spoken warrior. They shared a kiss and revealed their feelings for one another.

But Grey Worm remains reluctant to pursue a relationship because of that whole having-been-castrated-as-a-child thing. Missandei, however, has expressed an interest in getting creative, and she even made an attempt at some recon when she heard that some of the Unsullied had been visiting brothels.

Grey Worm and Missandei are both good people, and they’re so sweet together that at least one or both of them is certainly doomed as they embark on Dany’s quest to rule the Seven Kingdoms. That’s just what happens to nice folks in the Martinverse. Here’s hoping they are able to figure something out before the inevitable tragedy strikes.

3 Yara Greyjoy and Sansa Stark

As we have already established, high-quality men are few and far between in the Seven Kingdoms; this is possibly part of the reason that Yara is down to clown with the women of Westeros. We've already discussed how Dany’s former paramour, Daario, would make a fitting long-term fella for Sansa. But, at the moment, he’s on a different continent, so it could be a while before they meet. Yara, on the other hand, is accompanying Dany to Westeros, where Khaleesi plans to hit every stop on her world tour. Yara and Sansa’s paths will surely cross sometime soon.

Greyjoys and other Iron Islanders are known for their raping and pillaging, but as part of their alliance, she promised Dany that she would cut that crap out immediately. Sansa is over getting bossed around by men, so perhaps Yara’s new congenial approach will prove effective. Yara can provide Sansa with some long-overdue TLC and, help her get her groove back before she starts entertaining the idea of allowing men back into her keep.

2 Brienne of Tarth and Tormund Giantsbane

There's no getting around it: Brienne and Tormund are a match made in Giant Heaven. Tormund, a Wildling, was Mance Rayder’s right hand man until Mance was killed for refusing to bow to Stannis. Tormund took command of the scant remaining Wildling force and formed an alliance with Jon Snow against the White Walkers. He helped avenge Jon’s temporary death by mutineers, and then playfully busted his balls after Milisandre resurrected him. It was then that Brienne arrived at Castle Black with Sansa in tow, stopping the oogly-eyed redhead dead in his tracks.

Tormund took one look at the Amazon from the Sapphire Isle and was instantly smitten. The Internet abounds with GIFs of the sweetly leering faces he makes at her. Brienne seemingly remains unconvinced, but since Tormund’s one of the only men around who is roughly the same size as Brienne (very helpful during a make out sesh), she may yet come around -- so long as a protective Pod doesn’t throw a cock-blocking axe into the works.

1 Daenerys Targaryen & The Iron Throne

Dany has already overcome about a million obstacles. It ain’t easy being a woman in Westeros, folks, but Dany has thwarted the men who would oppress her at every turn. She emancipated the Unsullied army, and every other slave she encountered, earning legions of loyal followers and ridding Essos of its most awful overlords. And she was never more inspiring than when she incinerated the Dothraki Khals and yoinked their army right out from under them.

Because of her gender, her enemies consistently underestimate her, so they never see it coming when she annihilates them. She doesn’t nail it every time, but she truly wants to make the world a better place for its inhabitants. With a fleet of ships, steadfast soldiers, numerous alliances, and three menacing dragons, she’s ready to close and get that coffee. Plus, with those dragons by her side, she’s the only one who could increase the coolness factor of a chair made of swords. Dany’s got this, ya’ll.


Season seven of Game of Thrones premieres on HBO on Sunday, July 16th.

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