Game Of Thrones: 10 Best Costumes On The Show, Ranked

It’s no secret that the costumes on Game of Thrones are often intricate and detailed. The costumes are more than just clothes on this show as they often tell a story and give insight into the character wearing them. The details on these clothes can indicate where a character is from and what their personality is. It's Because of all this attention to every aspect of the costumes that make the outfits on Game of Thrones so memorable. While it’s difficult to pick just 10 costumes from the show, there are some looks that have been iconic.

We’ve collected a list of the 10 best costumes on Game of Thrones and rank them leading up to the best.


Melisandre starts out as rather an enigmatic character on the show when she is first introduced. As the Red Priestess, her classic outfit reflects this. Her red dress and hood are fairly simple but also elegant. She also sports a collar-like necklace. The overall look enhances her natural red hair and her beauty, and there is also something quite mysterious about the costume. Clearly, there is more than meets the eye to this character, and she has a queenly feeling about her.


The one character who has the most iconic costumes throughout the entire series is Daenarys. She is a character whose outfits reflect her journey. As she travels from Westeros to Qarth to Slaver's Bay and more, her outfits often take on elements of the cities she is in. Many of her outfits also include details related to her dragons, and this dress is where this is obvious. The detailing is delicate, but the strength of the dragon scales is obvious. This costume reflects both her femininity and her strength as a ruler.


The female characters in Game of Thrones all have unique journeys which is something that many fans loved about the show. As a knight, Brienne subverts the expectations of women’s roles in Westeros. While Brienne has many different armor looks throughout the series, this more classic look is hard to beat. Her full plate of armor reflects her full immersion into a warrior’s lifestyle, and it’s also rare to see a woman wearing full armor like this on a television series. This plate of armor is definitely at the beginning of Brienne's journey, and it’s interesting to see her story progress.


The outfits that the women of Game of Thrones wear often give insight into where they are from and their status in society. There is no shortage of gorgeous gowns in the series.

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One of the most intricate and beautiful is the dress that Margaery wears for her wedding to Joffrey. The dress she wears reflects House Tyrell as it is more suited to a warm climate. It’s also full of beautiful floral details. The roses on this dress definitely reflect the fact that Margaery seems delicate but has thorns not everyone can see.


As far as costumes are concerned, one of the most talked-about journeys is Sansa’s. Many people have noted that her outfits and her hairstyles often reflect the other women around her. For example, when she is in King’s Landing, she does her hair similar to Cersei's. When Sansa goes back to Winterfell, she begins to come into her own. Her dark outfit reflects the journey she has been on, and the bold necklace she wears is definitely a statement piece. This outfit reflects the power she has found.


Cersei’s style on the show changes drastically as she goes through her life. In the early seasons, Cersei is still stuck in the role of being a supporter. She is clearly not happy in her roles, but she wears more traditional dresses and feminine looks.

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Later on, as she becomes Queen of Westeros, her looks become more harsh and tyrannical. This armor-inspired metal look is hardcore and shows Cersei’s status.


Game of Thrones Series Finale Jon Snow

While often the women’s costumes on the show steal the show, the men also have some iconic looks. Almost all of the characters wear outfits that show who they are which makes it difficult to pick the best.

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No list of best costumes on the show would be complete without Jon Snow’s big fur cloak, however. This cloak definitely pays respects to Ned Stark. It’s also a practical costume as the harsh winters of the North make it necessary to wear heavy items of clothing such as this.


Game of Thrones Finale Daenerys

Daenerys definitely had to appear on this list more than once considering how many of her costumes on the show were iconic. Her final look in the series is definitely one of her best. It’s a dark, powerful look. The leather has scales embossed into it. Plus, that shot with her wearing this outfit as the dragon wings unfold behind her is truly unforgettable. This look shows the power she has amassed at this point in time.


Things You Didn't Know About Jon Snow: Youngest Lord Commander

While some of the best costumes from the show have come song in later seasons, this Jon Snow  ook also belongs on the list. This outfit is a slightly elevated look from his normal Night’s Watch outfit. The Lord Commander costume is stately but also rugged which reflects the landscape around. Plus, the look is pretty dramatic which is fairly fitting for Jon Snow.


Game of Thrones Finale Daenerys

This look is definitely a departure from Daenerys' earlier outfits. This heavy, white fur coat both stands out and blends in with the North. While many of the characters in the last couple of seasons have darker looks with black leather and fur, Daenerys bucks the trend with this white coat. This shows how even though she is working alongside the North, she is still determined to stick out.

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