Game of Thrones Author Working on New Game With Dark Souls Developer?

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A new rumor claims that the creator of Game of Thrones, George R. R. Martin, is working with FromSoftware to develop a new game. The game studio may have just recently released Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice to critical praise, but that hasn't stopped reports from the company stating that it would be interested in tackling a new type of adventure with a Dark Souls twist.

One  brief rumor stated that FromSoftware may tackle a battle royale title. Truthfully, that genre approach is rather hard to imagine, but it's known that the studio has at least two active projects on the go. Meanwhile, as fans await the arrival of the final season of Game of Thrones, many avid readers may be wondering why they've yet to receive the next entry in the book series. It's no secret that franchise creator George R. R. Martin is a busy man–which has seemingly delayed the eventual launch–and a new report claims that he is also spending some time developing a brand-new game video game with the studio behind the incredibly popular Dark Souls franchise, FromSoftware.

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Reported on by Spawn Wave (with assistance from Liam Robertson, a noted and reliable industry insider), this currently unnamed project is an open-world game where players will be able to roam from kingdom to kingdom. Besides being an ambitious undertaking that pushes the boundaries of the studio, it is still described as a Souls-like adventure. As has often been the case in the past, Bandai Namco is said to be publishing this new title from FromSoftware, and the publisher may reveal it as soon as E3 2019.

It's important to not put too much stock in this report quite yet, as the game isn't even officially announced yet. Still, a project being overseen (or at least contributed to by) the writer behind Game of Thrones would be a strong selling point for any piece of software. A setting with various kingdoms to explore also doesn't sound all that different from the franchise that made George R. R. Martin a household name.

There aren't too many details for fans to go on at this point, and it's still important to rein in expectations since this is still a rumor. Given the track records of both parties involved, however, it's definitely worth noting for anyone that's a fan of FromSoftware or Game of Thrones. As gamers now look to the quickly-approaching E3 2019 to potentially shed some light on the matter, they can find some sort of twisted solace in having FromSoftware's mind-numbingly difficult Sekiro to keep them preoccupied.

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Sources: Spawn Wave, Liam Robertson

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