10 Upcoming Movies Featuring Game of Thrones Actors

If Game of Thrones was a big part of our lives, being just regular people, then you can bet it's huge for the actors and actresses involved. It's not just a ticket to Hollywood stardom or bigger prospects for them; in the long span of time they were together on set, they have become a family. Sadly, all good things must come to an end (even if it was a rather bad ending).

Close as they might be to their Game of Thrones family, life has to go on for these actors and actresses. If you have become fond of them, however, you're in luck. Several of the major characters in Game of Thrones have their own upcoming movies both in Hollywood or other local film industries. At the very least, you get to see these familiar faces again in their natural habitat, on camera; here are 10 of them.

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First on the list is none other than our tempered Sansa Stark (Turner). That role alone made her a strong candidate for the troubled and confused yet omnipotent Jean Grey. Hence, she's set to play the most powerful mutant ever in X-Men: Dark Phoenix which is to be released on June 5 for the US or early June for other countries.

Dark Phoenix sees Jean Grey possessed or influenced by one of the most destructive entities of the X-Men or Marvel universe, the Phoenix Force so she'll probably be quite villainous here. Of course, this isn't Turner's first foray into the world of X-Men. She officially became Jean Grey in the previous film X-Men: Apocalypse and she has proven to be quite capable of handling the fan-favorite role.


It seems the Stark sisters are on a roll and are taking over the X-Men film franchise. Sansa (Turner) is not the only one with the big mutant role, her sister Arya (Williams, not really related in real life) is also set to assume the role of a teenage mutant in The New Mutants from Marvel. Her film is slated to be released on August 3 in the US, or early August internationally.

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It's similar to the X-Men films but follows a different take on the mutant formula by adding a horror movie twist. For mutants to actually be vulnerable enough for a horror film, you can imagine how horrific or more powerful the antagonist or monsters will be. We can certainly expect a darker and more disturbed Maisie Williams here, more screamy too.


After her failed royal tenure at King's Landing, Cersei (Headey) is now off to make everyone's life more difficult in another media. This time around, her cold and calculating cheekbones will be tormenting others in a political film called The Flood. The movie is set to be released on June 21 on the U.K., only locally it seems but there should be ways of seeing it on other platforms depending its popularity.

The Flood stars Headey as a clinically detached immigration officer who interviews asylum seekers and immigrants. What makes her so good at her job is her handling of emotional interferences when it comes to questioning. Basically, Cersei as an immigration officer, which doesn't bode well for the migrants and refugees.


As for Jaime (Nikolaj), he'll no longer be with her dear departed sister (not that he's alive anyway). Nikolaj just recently released a gripping thriller film called Domino where he plays a cop. He also stars in that film alongside Melisandre (Carice van Houten). After that, Nikolaj is back for even more thriller films.

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He has another upcoming mystery movie called Suicide Tourist. Apparently, it's a thriller drama with some romantic elements added to it (no incest, though). Suicide Tourist is set to be released on November 21. Beyond that, Nikolaj also has two more upcoming films called The Silencing and Notat which will both arrive sometime in the near future.


Brienne of Tarth (Christie) is one of the few lucky ones who survived the Game of Thrones. She's not so lucky in love (her character only), however, but that doesn't matter. She's a big strong woman who doesn't need anyone, certainly not David Copperfield (the novel character, not the magician). That's because Christie's next upcoming film project is The Personal History of David Copperfield, the adaptation of Charles Dickens' novel.

Here, she stars alongside renowned Thespians such as Tilda Swinton in a Victorian-era setting. In fact, Christie will be playing Jane Murdstone, which is a far cry from her honorable role as Brienne. Murdstone is actually quite sadistic in the novel and does her best to hate David, meaning she'll probably be portrayed as one of the villains in his life. The film adaptation has no release date at the moment.


No more scheming for Littlefinger, not in his grave anyway. For his actor, Aidan Gillen, however, there are new opportunities abound in Hollywood. We have seen Gillen before, most notably in Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials. Now, he's back in Hollywood again for a new role in the film adaptation of Michael Koryta's novel Those Who Wish Me Dead.

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Based on the novel's plot and premise, the film is a neo-Western spaghetti genre with a female protagonist, namely Angelina Jolie. The star power doesn't stop there; the film also includes Jon Bernthal (The Punisher) and Nicholas Hoult (X-Men, Mad Max: Fury Road) along with Gillen. There's no release date yet, so don't hold your breath.


The tragically lovelorn Mother of Dragons who was stabbed in the back (figuratively) by his own nephew/lover is not giving up on romance. Her actress, Emilia Clarke is moving on from a certain someone who knows nothing. Clarke is set to star in the romance film Let Me Count The Ways where she will play the poet Elizabeth Barrett, a real-life figure best-known for her poem How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Count the Ways.

Now, don't you google her name, unless you want spoilers to the ending of the unreleased film. Anyway, it features the courtship of Barrett and the love of her life, another poet. Based on real-life, of course, Barrett became mysteriously ill after gaining worldwide fame for her poetry. It's a classic romantic drama, so don't expect many modern steamy trysts (it's 19th century, sorry folks). Also, no release date yet.


Rob Stark (Madden) is no stranger to war, having fought in the clash of kings, specifically seasons 2 and 3 of Game of Thrones. As such, his actor, Madden, is out to star again in another war film called 1917. As you might have guessed, it's a World War I war drama film. It's bound to be interesting as there aren't many films set during that time period.

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The filmmakers have yet to reveal the plot. Still, some sources claim that it will follow the story of two young soldiers on the battlefield. Included in the cast are some of the tried and tested faces of war movies and blockbuster films such as Benedict Cumberbatch, Mark Strong, and Colin Firth alongside Madden. The said war film is due to be released on December 25.



Peter Dinklage seems to be taking things slowly for his career right now. Perhaps his role as Tyrion and Hand of the King had him quite exhausted. Hence why he probably has no radiant roles at the moment. His next film project is just voice acting for The Angry Birds Movie 2 where he's going to lend his wits and likeness to an eagle.

That's not exactly a bad tradeoff from being a Lannister lion. The Angry Birds Movie 2 has a released date of August 14 in the USAfter that, Dinklage will move on to provide more of his voice talent to The Croods 2. There, he'll play a caveman named Phil Betterman (a suspiciously odd name for a prehistoric human). Meanwhile, The Croods 2 will be released on September 8, 2020.


After smugly stealing the throne of King's Landing and the six kingdoms of Westeros, Bran (Isaac) is still not content. His actor, Isaac will be starring in a heist film, The Blue Mauritius. It follows the story of five international thieves who are out to steal... a stamp... of all things. Okay, apparently it's the world's most VALUABLE stamp. You'd think Isaac would stop at the throne of Westeros. Anyway, there's no release date yet.

That's not where Isaac's film projects end, though. He also has an additional sci-fi movie titled Voyagers. It's about a space mission involving children. Problems arise when their captain (seemingly the only adult onboard) is killed. It's basically Lord of the Flies in space and thankfully, Isaac won't be playing a bland character here.

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