Movie News Wrap Up: 'The Gambler,' 'The Lost City,' Del Toro's 'Book of Life' & More

Jonas Cuaron Write Lost City

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Brie Larson may join The Gambler; Gravity writer Jonas Cuaron is headed to Atlantis; David Oyelowo and Kate Mara sign on for Captive; the Vince Vaughn film Term Life gets cancelled; and the voice cast is revealed for Book of Life.


Short Term 12 star Brie Larson is in talks to join Mark Wahlberg for The Gambler.

Brie Larson Cast The Gambler

A remake of the 1974 film, The Gambler has been in production for a few years now, with a script from The Departed screenwriter William Monahan ready to go. In fact, the project was all set to be a Departed reunion a few years back, with Monahan, director Martin Scorsese, and star Leonardo DiCaprio all on board - but now all that's left is Monahan's script.

Since then, both Wahlberg and Rise of the Planet of the Apes director Rupert Wyatt have jumped on board, and things are seemingly back on track for the project. Although it's safe to assume Wahlberg will play the film's lead, an English professor turned gambling addict, it's unclear at this point who Larson might play.

Source: Deadline


Jonas Cuaron, son of Gravity director Alfonso Cuaron and co-writer on that film, has signed on to write The Lost City for Warner Bros.

Jonas Cuaron Write Lost City

Although there are many lost cities for Cuaron to explore, this particular film will be set in the deep sea, in Atlantis. Story details are still being kept under wraps, but this is the same project that was shopped to Peter Jackson a few years back and is apparently a "big one" for Warner Bros.

Before tackling The Lost City, however, Cuaron is trying to figure out scheduling on his next directorial effort, Desierto. Once he locks that down, he will presumably begin work on The Lost City script.

Source: Variety


David Oyelowo (Jack Reacher) and Kate Mara (House of Cards) are on board for Captive, a forthcoming film based on a true story.

David Oyelowo Kate Mara Cast Captive

That true story is a 2005 incident in which Brian Nichols (Oyelowo) escaped from jail, killed four people including the judge assigned to his case, and then held a meth-addicted single mother (Mara) hostage in her Georgia apartment. While being held captive, the mother, Ashley Smith, used Rick Warren's self-help book The Purpose Driven Life to reason with Nichols.

Both Oyelowo and Mara have been mostly recognized for their strong supporting work, but will seemingly be taking center stage in this very focused story. Jerry Jameson, a long-time editor, will direct the project off a script from Brian Bird and Reinhard Denke, which is based off Ashley Smith's memoir An Unlikely Angel. The film is slated to start shooting later this month.

Source: THR


Universal has decided to cancel Term Life, a crime drama that was slated to star Vince Vaughn.

Vince Vaughn Time Life Cancelled

Term Life was to feature Vaughn as a man on the run from the mob who is trying to stay alive long enough for his recently christened life insurance policy to go into effect. That way, when the mob inevitably "gets their man," Vaughn's character's daughter would be financially secure. In addition to Vaughn, Hailee Steinfeld (Ender's Game) had signed on to play the daughter and Peter Billingsley (better known as Ralphie from A Christmas Story) was to direct.

It seems that inter-studio changes are partially to blame for the cancellation, as several high-ranking executives within Universal have left the studio. Moreover, the idea of a Vince Vaughn drama may have been a tough sell for audiences who are used to seeing the actor in more comedic roles.

Source: Deadline


The animated film Book of Life, which has director Guillermo Del Toro as a producer, has announced its full voice cast.

Guillermo Del Toro and Doug Jones on the set of 'Pan's Labyrinth'

Channing Tatum, Zoe Saldana, Christina Applegate, and Diego Luna are among the dozen or so actors who will be lending their voice to the film. And of course it wouldn't be a Guillermo Del Toro production if Ron Perlman didn't make an appearance.

As far as the film itself, Book of Life will follow Manolo, a young man who travels to three visually distinct worlds while at the same time finding his true passion. The project certainly sounds like a Del Toro production, and will reportedly feature some fresh takes on contemporary pop songs courtesy of composer Gustavo Santaolalla (Brokeback Mountain).

Book of Life will release October 17, 2014.

Source: THR

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