Gambit: 5 Characters Lizzy Caplan Could Play in the X-Men Spinoff Movie

Lizzy Caplan is set to play the female lead in Gambit. We break down the mutants most likely to appear in the X-Men spinoff.

Lizzy Caplan in Marvel's Item 47

After years stuck in development hell, Gambit finally appears to be moving along, with Lizzy Caplan joining the film - but who will she play? While previously slated to arrive in theaters last year, Gambit has had notorious trouble hanging on to filmmakers - like DC's Flashpoint, the past few years have seen the film completely change hands and direction. The past few months, however, have seen the movie start to course-correct.

The script has been reworked, Channing Tatum has reaffirmed his faith in the film, and Gore Verbinski will be helmingGambit also once again has a release date, slated to arrive in 2019 following Fox's trio of Marvel films next year. It currently looks like the film is moving towards filling out the cast, and it may have got its first addition to Tatum.

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All of that led up to the reveal that Lizzy Caplan is being eyed for the female lead in Gambit. No other details have emerged at this time, but there's only a handful of female characters from Gambit's pantheon in the comics that could be adapted to film. Who could she be?

Bella Donna Boudreaux

Gambit Bella Donna 2016

The leading candidate for characters Caplan could play in Gambit is Bella Donna Boudreaux. Léa Seydoux was originally cast as Bella Donna in 2015, although the shake-ups the film has undergone since then have led most to believe the actress is out of the picture now. While her background would have made her perfect for Bella Donna, Caplan certainly has the skills to pull off the role. What's more, it's hard to imagine the female lead of Gambit not being Bella Donna.

Introduced in 1992's X-Men #8, Bella Donna was created by Jim Lee and Scott Lobdell. She meets Remy LeBeau as a child and the two hit it off instantly, which creates some complications. While Remy belongs to the Thieves Guild, Bella Donna belongs to the rival Assassins Guild. Though there are flavors of a Romeo & Juliet story, a wedding between the two is actually proposed to help unite the clans. Bella Donna's brother Julien, however, mars the ceremony by challenging Remy to a fight afterward. Remy not only succeeds but kills Julien, choosing to then leave his clan and bride for exile.

The Thieves Guild and Remy's outsider status from his own people are two of the biggest aspects of the character, meaning almost any Gambit origin story is sure to feature them and, specifically, Bella Donna. Of course, there's no clue what part of Gambit's life his film will follow. There's also nothing saying Bella Donna will be the female lead - she could merely be a supporting love interest. If that's the case, another person from Gambit's past may prove to be Caplan's role.

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Candra the Externals

Last month, a rumor emerged that Candra will be the villain of Gambit. Though nothing has confirmed this report, it's not hard to imagine it being true. Debuting in 1993's Gambit #1, Candra is a powerful telepathic who's part of the mutant race the Externals. Along with her psychic powers, Casandra is immortal and able to awaken mutant powers in others. In exchange for some of this power, Candra has long been a figure worshipped by the Thieves and Assassins Guilds. Somewhat naturally, Candra has had plenty of run-ins with Gambit and the two have long had an antagonistic relationship.

Candra also has ties to Bella Donna, as she activated the latter's mutant powers (astral projection and powerful energy blasts). Given the complicated morality of the Guilds and Gambit himself, it would be easy for the film to not feature straightforward heroes and villains. Still, Candra would make for a solid outright villain and a very different role for Caplan. Meanwhile, Bella Donna could still factor into the story as a smaller character. Though Bella Donna and Candra are the two most likely parts Caplan will tackle, an even more interesting role remains that has even deeper ties to Gambit.

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