X-Men Spinoff Gambit Delays Production Start to March

Production on Gambit has been pushed back one month, and will now begin filming in New Orleans this March. FOX may be in the midst of a negotiation that could see the entire studio become part of Disney, but they're still moving forward on a number of projects. One of them just so happens to be Gambit, which is one of their X-Men spinoffs that has long been stuck in development. Despite having Channing Tatum locked in to star as the "Ragin' Cajun" Remy LeBeau, Gambit has only picked up steam more recently.

Gore Verbinski is the latest director to be attached, and more recent reports have Lizzy Caplan looking to join the cast. These are good signs for the project, as were reports that filming would run from February to July next year. For an as-of-yet unknown reason, the start of production on Gambit has been pushed back one month.

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Omega Underground reported the change in Gambit's production schedule. With the start of filming delayed one month, the timetable for the entire production has also shifted. Production is now expected to run from March till August, giving Gambit a comfortable cushion to get ready for its February 2019 release.

This production delay is expected to allow even more time for pre-production to finish and give Fox some extra time to fill out the production crew. It was previously revealed Jess Gonchor, a frequent Coen Brothers collaborator, joined the project as its production designer, and also brought Oscar-winning costume designer Jenny Beavan into the fold. Verbinski is also re-teaming with Bojan Bazelli - his cinematographer on A Cure From Wellness and The Lone Ranger.

With several production members already confirmed for the project, the next step for Fox will be to continue filling out the cast. Caplan's deal isn't yet finalized, but all indications are that she will star alongside Tatum. There were previous rumors of Mr. Sinister being the villain of the film - and since debunked rumors said Daniel Craig was the top contender - but more recent reports say Candra could be the main antagonist. Outside of the villain, there's still the rest of the supporting cast to add, and casting breakdowns indicate there are plenty of roles left to be filled.

For a project that has experienced several lengthy delays, pushing back production a single month is hardly cause for concern. Instead, it is just another sign that Gambit will begin production sooner rather than later. As it attempts to build on the success of Deadpool and LoganGambit has big shoes to fill, but the talent assembled early on look poised to deliver.

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Source: Omega Underground

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