X-Men Spinoff Gambit Recruits Pirates of the Caribbean Director

Gambit Channing Tatum

Fox is closing in on snagging Gore Verbinski to direct their next X-Men spinoff, Gambit. With a renewed focus on the larger universe at their disposal and the willingness to make movies that are very standalone from the larger continuity, Twentieth Century Fox is moving forward and finding success with their X-Men universe. Even with a mainline story continuing to run, it's been Logan and Deadpool that have made the biggest splashes for the mutant world to date.

Now, the attention is starting to turn towards the next X-Men spinoff, starring Channing Tatum as the "Ragin Cajun". He's been locked in to play the lead in Gambit for a few years now, but the project has continued to hit snags after losing one director after another. Well, Gambit's time may finally have arrived, with a former Pirates of the Caribbean director now joining the film.

Deadline is reporting that Gore Verbinski is in talks to join Gambit as its director. Their report states that the project is a high priority for the studio, and early indications point to Verbinski being all but locked-in to direct at this stage. He's coming off directing the horror film A Cure for Wellness earlier this year, though he also called the shots on the original Pirates of the Caribbean movie trilogy, Disney's Lone Ranger, and the animated feature Rango, among other films.

Should Verbinski's deal close as believed, it will finally mark Gambit making significant progress. It was not too long ago that Tatum said the project was starting over, so either they have quickly worked to realize their take on the film, or Verbinski will be coming in during this process to help finalize things. Either way, Verbinski could be a good choice for the project as he has shown the ability to handle big budget movies before. Gambit was previously rumored to have a huge budget, but that approach may have changed since then.

Word of the director search winding down comes straight on the heels of several other details pertaining to Gambit making their way online. Plot details tying Mister Sinister and a heist plot to the Ragin Cajun have offered up the first possible explanation for what the film will be about. Meanwhile, rumors have also popped up and been denied that Daniel Craig is a possible contender for the main villain. How much of this sticks could depend on the director that is chosen and Fox making sure they have the same creative vision. If that happens to be Verbinski, then the chances of him directing and Gambit finally moving forward may be good.

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Gambit is currently in development and does not have a release date.

Source: Deadline

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