Kong: Skull Island Director Potentially Teasing Gambit Movie Talks [Updated]

Gambit Movie Loses Director

A new social media post from Jordan Vogt-Roberts may tease the Kong: Skull Island director is in talks to helm the long-in-development Gambit movie for 20th Century Fox. The hits haven't stopped coming for Fox and Channing Tatum as they try to bring Marvel's Gambit to the big screen for his own solo vehicle. After losing a series of directors and suffering numerous release date changes, however, things may finally be moving along. Franchise producer and X-Men: Dark Phoenix director Simon Kinberg says Gambit is still in the works, and for now the movie's 2019 release date seems to be holding.

With a little over a year before Gambit is promising to hit theaters, fans are eagerly awaiting the start of production. After all, if the movie doesn't begin rolling cameras in the coming months, then it will once again have to bump its debut. Luckily, reports suggest Gambit will start filming in June, giving the project plenty of time to make its release window. And if it's truly set to kick off next month, that means a director announcement should be right around the corner.

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Jordan Vogt-Roberts shared an intriguing image to his Instagram Story (captured by Omega Underground) that may just reveal he'll be the one to bring Gambit to life. In the photo below, a number of classic Marvel games are displayed and Gambit is visible on two of the covers.

UPDATE: The Wrap's Umberto Gonzalez clarified that Vogt-Roberts had a meeting about Gambit, but is not currently officially "in talks" to direct Fox's film.

This is just the kind of cryptic tease directors and actors usually give when they've boarded a superhero project, though comics take the place of video games. Vogt-Roberts is an avid gamer, though, so the switch-up makes sense. Vogt-Roberts directed the live-action trailer for Destiny 2 last year and he's also helming the Metal Gear Solid movie Sony has in the works.

No further information was supplied in the post, but its the vague nature that does seem to hint at something more secretive. That and the fact this was posted to his Story and thus disappeared after 24 hours. Unfortunately, Vogt-Robert's love of games could mean this was simply an innocent display of some classic titles the director recently acquired (or was simply showing off).

Unless Gambit gets pushed back again, an official announcement of the movie's director should be coming in the next few weeks. That means fans won't have to wait long to solve this mystery. If it turns out that Vogt-Roberts is directing Gambit, it will be a boon for the film. The director did a stellar job bringing Kong: Skull Island to life and the more grounded nature of a character like Gambit would be a perfect fit for Vogt-Roberts' sensibilities. After all, the director joked he wanted to make a Marvel movie with no superheroes. While Remy LeBeau is certainly a fantastical character, the world of Gambit would allow for plenty of realism.

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Source: Jordan Vogt-Roberts (via Omega Underground)

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