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Oscar-winning costume designer Jenny Beavan is now working on the Gambit movie for 20th Century Fox. The X-Men spinoff film seemed all but dead for much of this year, until a sudden influx of updates this month revealed that the Channing Tatum headlined comic book movie is alive and well. In the span of but two weeks, Gambit both locked down a new director in the form of Gore Verbinski and secured an official 2019 theatrical release date from Fox.

Gambit, like Deadpool, is both a solo vehicle for and a relaunch of the eponymous X-Men character on the big screen. The Ragin' Cajun, aka. Remy Etienne LeBeau, was previously brought to life by Taylor Kitsch in a supporting role in 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine. While Wolverine's Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds is still playing the character in Fox's Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tatum will takeover the role of Gambit from Kitsch for the upcoming solo film. If nothing else, we can now safely assume that Tatum as Gambit will be dressed quite differently than Kitsch's iteration was.

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Omega Underground is reporting that Beavan has joined the Gambit team and will be providing the costumes for Tatum's namesake, among other mutant characters in the movie. Beavan not only won her second Oscar for her Mad Max: Fury Road costumes, she has also provided the striking outfits for several noteworthy period dramas over the years; ranging from Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes movies to Best Picture Oscar-winner The King's Speech.

Mad Max Fury Road - Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy

Gambit will serve as Beavan's second collaboration with Verbinski, after the pair worked together on this year's horror film A Cure for Wellness. Beavan is also the latest Fury Road alum to join Fox's X-Men movie franchise in a creative capacity. Fury Road stunt coordinators Guy Norris and Richard Norton both worked on next year's mainline installment and X-Men: Apocalypse sequel, X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

Dark Phoenix has only just completed principal photography at the time of writing this, under the direction of frequent X-Men film screenwriter/producer Simon Kinberg. Now that both Dark Phoenix and Deadpool 2 have wrapped production (next year's The New Mutants also wrapped filming earlier this year), it looks like Gambit will be the next live-action X-Men movie to roll camera. That means that much more Gambit casting and production team news should be arriving over the next three to four months, before Verbinski begins shooting his comic book adaptation.

Gambit's multiple false starts over the past few years have no doubt frustrated X-Men movie fans, but it's starting to look like those delays may have been for the best. Those working on the project have clearly paid attention to the critical/commercial success of Deadpool and Logan, and have followed their lead by re-fashioning Gambit as a similar type of superhero genre hybrid (in this case, a crime/heist thriller). The addition of intriguing creative talent like Beavan and Verbinski behind the camera further suggests that Gambit will have a unique flavor of its own, much like Deadpool, Logan, and next year's New Mutants especially.

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Source: Omega Underground

Key Release Dates
  • New Mutants (2020) release date: Apr 03, 2020
  • Deadpool 2 (2018) release date: May 18, 2018
  • X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019) release date: Jun 07, 2019
  • Gambit (2020) release date: Mar 13, 2020
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