Gambit Casting Call Hints at Remy's Romantic Rival

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A new casting call for Gambit hints that a deep-cut Marvel villain may be plaguing Remy in the upcoming X-Men spinoff. Gambit has spent years stuck in development hell, changing its script, directors, and release date. Now, however, the Channing Tatum-starring movie looks to finally be moving along as Gambit aims to shoot in March of 2018.

We learned earlier this week that Gambit is eyeing a $155 million budget, far exceeding expectations for the solo film and outstripping both Logan and Deadpool by a significant amount. Whether or not that number proves to be accurate, the film will begin rolling cameras early next year in New Orleans, meaning additional details and set images will be right around the corner. Likewise, casting should start to finalize as the filming start date approaches - and we now have yet another tease of a Marvel comic character coming to the film.

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That Hashtag Show has a casting breakdown for a new character joining Gambit, and it appears he may be a romantic rival for Remy. More than that, the mysterious man may also turn out to be a villain from Gambit's past in the comics.

Butler - Supporting Character (30-40) Rosa's fiancé, villain with metrosexual charm. Should be physically imposing.

THS believe 'Butler' may be Donyell Taylor, a supervillain by the name of Bandit who was in an abusive relationship with Remy's former flame Belladonna. Everything we know about Gambit so far suggests both Belladonna and a wedding will factor into the film. Whether the nuptials are for Remy and Belladonna like in the comics, or between her and 'Butler' as the casting call suggests, it's not yet clear.

After his time as Bandit, Taylor eventually took over the Night Thrasher mantle from his half-brother Dwayne. The New Warrior died in the incident that kicked-off Civil War and is set to be adapted into the MCU for a New Warriors TV show. Because of that, it's unclear if Fox even has the rights to Taylor or the Night Thrasher or Bandit names. It could be, however, that Gambit will simply use the character as a jumping off point for another romantic rival for Remy.

Outside of Tatum in the title role, precious little is known about the cast of Gambit. Word emerged that Lizzy Caplan has a major role in Gambit, but nothing else has been revealed on that front. Similarly, rumors have stated Daniel Craig will play Mister Sinister, who's been teased a number of times in the X-Men universe. With just a few more months until Gambit begins filming, hopefully more concrete information will arrive soon.

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Source: That Hashtag Show

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