Channing Tatum's Gambit Movie Is Still Set For 2019 - Will It Happen?

Channing Tatum is still attached to star in Gambit, but is Fox's movie really happening? Back in 2014, Tatum signed up to the X-Men universe as the Rajin' Cajun, with plans to introduce him soon. Four years later, he's yet to make an appearance and a standalone movie doesn't appear to be anywhere close to hitting theaters.

Gambit currently has a June 7, 2019 release staked out, making it one of three X-Men movies slated to hit theaters next year; Dark Phoenix is now delayed till February and New Mutants was pushed (again) till August. The biggest difference between these two films and Gambit is what stage of production they are in. While both Dark Phoenix and New Mutants are set to undergo major reshoots months after principal photography wrapped, Gambit has yet to film a single scene. Yet, somehow, Gambit is supposed to hit theaters in between these two films.

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As of right now, the only person still attached to Gambit is Tatum. Lizzy Caplan was cast in the film last year when it actually had a director, but with that seat vacant and the schedule shifting, her status is unknown. And really, the entire project should be in question at this point. In order to properly address what future (if any) Gambit has, let's first recap the hell it has gone through so far.

Gambit Has Been Stuck in Development Hell

Ever since Tatum was cast as Gambit, his solo film has not progressed well. Saying it has a troubled development may even be putting it mildly. Joshua Zetumer joined the project as a writer in late 2014 and it didn't take long for Fox to confirm a 2016 release date. Obviously, that didn't come to pass and the film subsequently missed expected releases in 2017 and 2018.

Most of these delays though have been the direct result of Gambit's director shuffle. Rise of the Planet of the Apes director Rupert Wyatt joined the project in the summer of 2015. He started the casting process, with Léa Seydoux offered the female lead role, but just a few months after he joined, Wyatt departed, leading the way for Doug Liman to take the job next. He left in the fall of 2016, which resulted in the biggest set back for Gambit. After nearly a year, good news came the project's way when Gore Verbinski agreed to direct, but he too left the project at the start of 2018.

Throughout all of these changes, Fox has remained persistent in getting Gambit going. They set start dates for film's production and even hired crew members in some cases. In others, casting decisions were made to surround Tatum, but it always falls apart. One of the film's biggest concerns is a reported $155 million budget that just won't go down. This is the definition of a project stuck in development hell, and yet, there's still a sense that Fox plans on making it. But will they?

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