Galaxy Quest TV Series is Moving Forward With New Writer

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The Galaxy Quest revival series that was being set up at Amazon is now back on track, with The League writer Paul Scheer set to take over scripting duties. The Galaxy Quest TV show was first announced back in late 2015 with several of the original film's stars set to jump aboard, but ran into a series of snags that ultimately ground the production to a halt.

The original Galaxy Quest was a 1999 comedy film about the aging cast of a canceled Star Trek-like TV series, reduced now to making a living appearing in person as their characters, being sucked into the middle of a real-life science fiction adventure by a race of aliens who styled their whole civilization after the defunct show. The movie starring Tim Allen, Alan Rickman, Sigourney Weaver, Sam Rockwell and Tony Shaloub was a solid box office hit but took on bigger life over the years, becoming a beloved cult film.

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After several years in limbo, Amazon's plans to revive Galaxy Quest with a series are now back on track (via THR). Comedian Paul Scheer has been hired to take over scripting duties from original writer Robert Gordon, who will stay on to executive produce.

Scheer has a long list of series writing credits, most notable being six episodes of the FX series The League, about a group of friends participating in a fantasy football league. Filthy Preppy Teen$, NTSF:SD:SUV, and Funny or Die also appear on his writing resume. As an actor, Scheer has appeared in The League, Veep, Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock and Upright Citizens Brigade.

With Galaxy Quest moving forward again and a writer in place, the next step is to assemble a cast. Original movie stars Tim Allen, Alan Rickman, Sam Rockwell and others were all reportedly ready to join the series two years ago, but then Rickman passed away and Tim Allen was lost thanks to his Last Man Standing series. The loss of Rickman cuts deep for fans of the original movie, given the popularity of his character Alexander Dane, the dignified stage actor forced to humiliate himself playing the alien Dr. Lazarus with his famous catchphrase "By Grabthar's hammer, by the Sons of Warvan, you shall be avenged!"

Rickman is irreplaceable, but if Amazon can bring the rest of the cast back (including Allen whose Last Man Standing has been canceled) and if Scheer and the creatives can recreate the spirit of the original movie, there's no reason a Galaxy Quest series can't work. Coincidentally, Seth MacFarlane will soon be releasing his own very Galaxy Quest-like sci-fi comedy series The Orville on Fox. And real Star Trek is returning to the small screen too, with Star Trek: Discovery from CBS All Access.

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Source: THR

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