15Fan Theory that Galaxy Quest Is Actually A Reality Show

Galaxy Quest Aliens Thermians

Galaxy Quest is a show within a show. The movie creates a universe where the fictional show, its actors, and its adoring fans are realistically and affectionately portrayed. When the actors from the cheesy sci-fi show beat the Big Bad, they get their show renewed for another season in the


Some fans have hypothesized that this new run of the show is no longer a show within a show but a reality show. After finding out that it is all real, the government or the filmmakers realize the potential. If they send the old actors on actual adventures in space, the crew would be getting work once again, the Thermians would be thrilled, and Earth could explore the Universe.

Not to mention how the Thermians, having created a space ship exactly like the original, would save them a lot of money on props and CGI.

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