Galaxy Quest Documentary Celebrates The Best Star Trek Movie Ever Made

The new documentary Never Surrender: A Galaxy Quest Documentary, from Fandom and Screen Junkies, celebrates the making and legacy of the beloved 1999 classic. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the sci-fi/comedy film Galaxy Quest, which earned widely positive reviews from critics upon its release and grossed around $90.6 million worldwide.

Starring Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, and Alan Rickman, Galaxy Quest tells the story of the cast of a Star Trek-esque show eighteen years after it went off air. A group of aliens, believing the show to be real, enlist the actors to protect them from a murderous warlord, thus setting them off on a wild and hilarious adventure. Directed by Dean Parisot, the film was embraced by fans and became an enduring classic within the sci-fi genre. It also features Sam Rockwell, Daryl Mitchell, and Tony Shaloub. In 2015, Amazon announced it was developing a television show based on the film, but it now seems to be on hold.

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IGN posted the trailer online. The documentary traces Galaxy Quest's beginning as a difficult production all the way to its release and puts a spotlight on the fans who adore and celebrate it today. Watch the trailer in the space below:

Never Surrender features interviews with Allen, Weaver, and other cast and crew from the film, as well as celebrity fans such as Brett Spiner and Greg Berlanti. In a statement, Fandom's SVP of Programming Michael Chiang said, "Galaxy Quest was the first film that put fans at the center of the action and really foretold the era we’re in now, where fans are the most powerful force in entertainment." Screen Junkies and Fandom paired with Fathom Events for the release of this film. It will be shown in theaters for one night only on November 26th. Also included with the film will be the premiere of the Galaxy Quest Honest Trailer. It is unclear whether the Honest Trailer will then find its way online after.

The documentary's trailer appears to show every major cast member from the film except for one notable absence. Alan Rickman, who plays frustrated Shakespearean actor Alexander Dane, passed away in January 2016. It is hard to imagine the filmmakers would let his passing go unmentioned, so presumably there will be some sort of tribute for him. This documentary could be a fitting way to remember both Rickman and the film. The trailer really emphasizes the deep passion fans feel for Galaxy Quest. It is always refreshing to see fandom be celebrated, and it will be especially nice to see how much it means to those who created the film. Hearing from celebrity fans should also be a sweet touch, especially since cast members from Star Trek are featured. Many people count Galaxy Quest as a Trek film, further demonstrating how well it manages to capture the magic of the Trek universe.

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Source: IGN

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