10 Best Episodes Of Galavant (According To IMDb)

Galavant Season 2 Premiere Review

Galavant is a musical fantasy comedy show that's as campy as it is fun. It only lasted two seasons and originally aired to serve as the replacement for Once Upon A Time during its mid-season hiatus.

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The show always felt better than it had any right to be. Part of that definitely came from the story's self-aware nature that often poked fun at itself and the conventions of the medieval fantasy genre. Galavant embraced its campiness, all while delivering a surprisingly engaging story filled with hilarious musical numbers, plot twists, and even some compelling character arcs.

Underappreciated by many, it's as good a time as ever to look back at this gem of a show. Ratings of each episode on IMDb reflect the those that proved to be the very best in the show's 18-episode run.

Burst into song as we take a look at 10 Best Episodes Of Galavant (According To IMDb).

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10 "Dungeons And Dragon Lady" - 8.3

At this point in the show, the audience is well-versed with Madalena's true nature, but it's not until this episode that Galavant comes to understand her the same way. He realizes she saved him just so he can be her "boy toy" and not because she loves him. For Madalena, it's always about power and wealth, never love. Regardless, Galavant struggles to let go of his feelings for her as they've shaped so much of his identity and his recently reignited heroism.

9 "About Last Knight" - 8.3

After dealing with imprisonment and being essentially possessed, Isabella finally gains some agency in the second season as she breaks control of Wormwood's dark magic, banishing him from Hortensia, and ending the disturbing marriage arrangement she was forced into with her cousin. Wormwood remains a master manipulator, though, as he teams up with Madalena and Gareth and encourages them to go to war.

While all these things are important, the emotional crux of the episode is Galavant having to confront his daddy issues, as he learns the father who was never there for him now runs a home for young boys in need.

8 "Love And Death" - 8.3

Galavant doesn't seem like the kind of show that would permanently kill off its title character, but this episode does briefly kill him before an inevitable resurrection. How Richard reacts to this  and his ⁠—determination to save Galavant ⁠— offers some of the episode's strongest moments. It's an excellent depiction of how far Richard has come in terms of his values.

Unresolved romantic feelings rule the episode as Galavant's resurrection interrupts Richard and Roberta seconds better they're about to share their first kiss, while Madalena and Gareth articulate their complicated feelings for one another while simultaneously preparing their troops. As if that's not enough, the episode ends with Richard and Galavant gaining a zombie army.

7 "World's Best Kiss" - 8.4

If you've ever wondered whether a kiss is as good as you remember it, be assured that you're not alone. Galavant even made an episode that largely revolves around that very conundrum. Despite their separation, both Isabella and Galavant begin to question whether their first kiss from Season 1 is as magical as they remember it. They try to reconcile the memory by communicating through a magical amulet, but some bad reception makes things worse, as it creates some serious miscommunication issues.

The best parts of the episode belong to Richard, though. He learns that Gareth has taken his place as king. The newfound bond between Richard and Galavant deepens as Galavant helps him cope with this betrayal. To top it all off, Richard pulls a sword from a stump, not knowing that it's a sword that can only be drawn by the one true king who will unite the kingdoms. In one of his lowest moments, he unknowingly takes a step toward becoming a hero.

6 "It's All In The Executions" - 8.4

Mallory Jansen Galavant Agents of SHIELD

The Season 1 finale is arguably the show's most game-changing episode. By the end, Richard and Galavant have escaped the castle and are in a position where they have to look out for each other. Madalena kills Richard's brother Kingsley and becomes the true power on the throne, with Gareth now by her side.

Galavant and Isabella finally kiss and he admits he loves her, but only seconds later, they are separated. Isabella and the others in the castle cells escape with Gareth's help, although Sid is kept hostage. New dynamics and character pairings are teased for the second season, all while maintaining the show's signature campy fun.

5 "Bewitched, Bothered, and Belittled" - 8.5

This episode gives more depth to the selfish Madalena, even generating sympathy for her. The audience sees her made fun of as a child and despite her currently powerful station, still suffers abuse in the social sphere. Realizing that she might actually have genuine feelings for Gareth ⁠— unlike her shallow past relationships ⁠— only enhances her character further.

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Not only Madalena fans are rewarded in this episode, as fans of Chef and Gwynne see the two characters grappling with their new place on the social ladder, before choosing to go back what they know, all underscored by their sweet relationship.

4 "Do the D'DEW" - 8.5

Many fantasy stories feature some kind of dark magic, but Galavant is unique in calling it the "dark dark evil way,"abbreviating is as D'DEW. A key shift occurs in one of the season's most important relationships — Madalena and Gareth — when Madalena accepts Wormwood's offer to learn D'DEW and Gareth refuses. The building of trust and connection between Madalena and Gareth breaks down as she prioritizes her thirst for power.

The episode also has two characters singing about taking their relationship to the next level, a musical number that also features dancing zombies. Everything in this episode relates to the impending battle between different armies, creating a palpable sense of anticipation for when the fighting and the different characters' storylines will collide.

3 "A New Season aka Suck It Cancellation Bear" - 8.8

Galavant Season 2 Premiere Review

Only Galavant would open its second season with a musical number about how they can't believe they were renewed for another season. The hilarious, self-aware, and catchy song is definitely the highlight of the Season 2 premiere, but the episode also does a nice job developing new character pairings.

The first of these pairings is Richard and Galavant, who are now on the same side and have to figure out how to work together. The other pairing is Madalena and Gareth, who now rule together, but with Sid's help, Gareth has to figure out how to earn Madalena's respect and be a king just as much as she's a queen.

2 "Battle Of The Three Armies" - 9.1

Galavant Season 2 Finale Review

While Galavant is a fantasy show, it never seemed like the kind that could pull off a massive battle sequence. "Battle of the Three Armies" proves otherwise, as the armies of Valencia, Hortensia, and the undead engage in an epic battle right on top of poor Chef and Gwynne's hovel. There's enormous payoff for Isabella's character as she takes charge and leads the Hortensia army into battle, not to mention she and Galavant reunite after being separated for the entire season.

There's also payoff for Gareth, as he chooses to side with Richard instead of Madalena after she betrays his trust. The episode ends with one of the show's best cliffhangers as the unlikely group of heroes prepare to make their final stand, with only one more episode in the season — and ultimately the series — remaining.

1 "The One True King (To Unite Them All)" - 9.3

Galavant Season 2 Joshua Sasse Timothy Omundson

Acting as both a season and series finale, this episode is satisfying and epic. It resolves practically every running story arc. Wormwood is defeated as Richard proves to be the one true king and unites all the kingdoms. Madalena and Isabella face off, with Isabella defeating her enemy. Galavant and Isabella are finally married.

Tad Cooper is even confirmed to be a dragon, finally validating Richard's unconditional love and belief in him. The only loose end is Madalena, who remains a threat as she meets with the Dark Evil Lord and is set to go further down the path of D'DEW, a necessary cliffhanger if Season 3 had become a reality. Overall, it's the best possible ending for the show.

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