New Galactus & Silver Surfer Comic Coming From Garfield Creator

The newest issue of Unbeatable Squirrel Girl features several side stories, including a Galactus/Silver Surfer comic from Garfield creator Jim Davis. For almost three years now, writer Ryan North has been crafting the fan-favorite Unbeatable Squirrel Girl with artist Erica Henderson and colorist Rico Renzi. Though situated in the main Marvel Universe, the story blends meta-commentary and zany antics with tons of pop cultural references. Like the recent run of Howard the Duck, it almost feels like it exists in its own world.

Before the current run, Squirrel Girl was well-known amongst Marvel die-hards for having beaten characters like Wolverine and Doctor Doom in battle. North and his team, however, helped to catapult the character into the mainstream - and have added Galactus to her list of conquests. Soon, she will appear in Freeform's New Warriors TV show. In the meantime, her comic is continuing to try new things. For next month's issue, the comic will take the form of a zine made by Squirrel Girl that features a number of guest comics, including the one from Davis.

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EW has new details on Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #26, which will drop on November 8. In the comic, North will pen a story drawn by Davis and his assistants Gary Barker and Dan Davis. Fittingly, the story will involve Galactus, a character whose appetite is perhaps only matched by Garfield. Hit the link for s strip from the story, and check out Davis' take on Galactus below:

Along with the Galactus story, the issue will feature a Kraven the Hunter story by Michael Cho, a Spider-Man story by Rahzzah, a new Howard the Duck tale from Chip Zdarsky and Henderson, and Renzi will put the spotlight on Tippy-Toe, one of Squirrel Girls' main companions. Previews for each of the stories can be seen at EW, which spoke with Davis about the conception of the project. For the artist, once North pitched him on the idea, everything fell into place:

“Ryan explained to me, he wanted it to be done in our style. He likened and wrote Galactus as Garfield and Norin Radd as Jon. That determined what they were going to look like. When you look at the Silver Surfer, he’s 75 percent of the way there anyway with Jon, all we had to do is give him the big eyes. That was a natural. John kind of hangs around Garfield anyway, he’s the straight man to Garfield’s gags and has to get him food. He’s like Garfield’s herald. Galactus was tougher. We were throwing stuff back and forth, and the initial sketches just weren’t working for Galactus. I said okay, we gotta make him fat. The guy eats planets, for god’s sake! Once we do that, it’s a little less Galactus but certainly a lot more Garfield. It looked more natural. Obviously, Galactus has put on a few mega-tons for this strip.”

A Garfield-style approach to Galactus almost seems like something a fan would dream up, only this time the fan was a hit Marvel writer who had the ability to bring Davis in on the project. It will be interesting to see how the whole thing plays out and whether it kicks off any further collaborations between the veteran comic artist and Marvel.

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Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #26 arrives on November 8.

Source: EW

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