SR Pick [Video]: Galactic Empire State of Mind

Galactic Empire State of Mind

The best Star Wars fan video is not a bunch of kids using After Effects to make a badass lightsaber duel. It's also not the Phantom Menace review guy. It's actually a  College Humor creation from awhile back, Galactic Empire State of Mind.

Re-writing the lyrics to the Jay-Z/Alicia Keys hit single, the comedy squad adds tremendous production value and an ensemble of performers in full Star Wars garb to create one of the funniest and most comprehensive music videos we've seen.

There are so many moments in the four-minute video worth highlighting, but it's best you just watch it for yourself. From break dancing Rebellion pilots to the earmuff-wearing Princess Leia DJ, the music video is endlessly funny.

It's not so much the costumes or the movie clips, but rather the lyrics that give the video eternal glory. The song is just as catchy as the radio hit it parodies, and informative enough to tell the entire story of  Star Wars Episodes IV-VI in four minutes.

The effort displayed in Galactic Empire State of Mind is unprecedented for a fan video. It feels more like a professionally-made viral marketing music video created by a studio. In terms of quality and the clear financial task of buying the full costumes used, you can't help but deliver the utmost respect for those involved.

Enjoy the music video parody below, followed by the full lyrics so you can pick out your favorite lines or sing along. I'm pretty sure nothing in the world will ever beat break-dancing Ewoks.


[DARTH VADER/JAY-Z]YeahNo longer AnakinFormerly a SkywalkerSon's next rebel heroBut I'll be Sith foreverI'm the newest Dark lord And since my training yearsI can choke from anywhereYeah my force is everywhere Used to run with Obi Wan We were both best buds forevaBut after three movies Now I've got a blood vendetta Grew up on TatooineNo vegetation Catch me rolling through the cosmos in a moon-like station to Leia's home nation Death Star wrecks it Now princess knows, Vader ain't one to mess withFlying through the trenchesBlasting rebel noobiesWhat happened to the fat oneThink he died of heart disease All that's left is this guyChasing him in my TIE I won't deny That his force is pretty damn highDamn i just got wiped outFalcon shot the back of meSpinning into outerspaceBut I'll be back definitely

[PRINCESS LEIA/ALICIA KEYS]In Star Wars Empire is out to find Leia Death star plans in R2 Shoot the exhaust port Kenobi may now be see-through But the force is within LukeLet's hear it for new hope, new hope, new hope[Vader: You're welcome Obi Wan... I made you a ghost!]

[DARTH VADER/JAY-Z]Catch me rockin boots and a cape like supermanHell, I made wearing black more famous than that Jay-Z canYou should know I'd find you, hiding out at EchoNow I got a Blizzard Force eliminate you quick yoWelcome to the planet Hoth AT-ATs hit the spot Walking tanks are too legitBut they fall down a lot Check the front, check the back, cant find the Falcon yetWe need them all alive, so no disintegrations Boba Fett 8 million asteroids, where'd your little ship go?Get me to Cloud City, I got Lando on my payrollMe I gotta double check if carbonite's ok If freezin's safe for HanDoing Luke the same wayNew deal LandoAin't no pardonKid blew up my boysRest in peace Moff TarkinTurns out we are familyEmbrace your dark fateDad and son together, yo No way the emperor's safe, cause...

[PRINCESS LEIA/ALICIA KEYS] In Star WarsNow Han Solo's a coffee tableThere's nothing Luke can do [Vader: Should've joined me, bro!]He's on DagobahWith some dyslexic Jedi dudeRight hand still got sliced through Looks like they struck back, struck back, struck back

[DARTH VADER/JAY-Z]Lightsabers grindingPalpatine's smilingCause he knew it would come to this The light side is blind with casualtiesWho do evil casually, then gradually become worseDon't fight your destinyWasn't a great dad, trueAbsent all the whileNo happy times behind us, and plus, now I'm killin' youKeep fencing mister, 'cause now I sense a sisterYou don't go bad, maybe I'll enlist herNow Emperor wants you, only wants me rubbed out You controlled your anger, stayed light side devout Watch out kid, he's got lightning bolts to immolate Uh-uh, hell no, daddy powers activateEnd this prune with a badass murder suicideBald headed, mask off, heart melted kid you were right Burn all my gear so those Ewoks can't wear it againDo it, I'll be watching you, a ghost, name of Anakin

[PRINCESS LEIA/ALICIA KEYS] In Star WarsDestroy new Death Star's generatorEwoks to the rescueBlast through to the coreThis Regime's gonna be brand newGalactic Empire's throughThe Jedi have returned, returned, returned

Pretty awesome, right? What do you think about the video? What are your favorite lines? Share your comments below.

Source: College Humor

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