Gal Gadot Explains What Makes Wonder Woman Relatable

Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot has opened up about why Diana Prince is such a relatable character in Wonder Woman. After solidifying her place as one of the best and most beloved comic book characters of all-time for over the past 75 years, the character is finally getting her chance to shine in a live-action feature film of her own. The now fourth official outing in the DCEU, Wonder Woman promises to not only be the first chance for Gal Gadot to really flex her muscles as the character - following her brief introduction in Batman v Superman last year - but also the Wonder Woman movie that many fans have been waiting decades to see finally come to fruition.

Following the disappointingly divisive reactions that both Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad received last year, early reactions to Wonder Woman suggest that it may be the turning point in the DCEU that fans and critics have been hoping for. The fact that it also promises to deliver a faithful adaptation/retelling of Diana Prince's origin story only further warrants the understandably high amounts of excitement surrounding its upcoming release.

Set to hit theaters in the States this Friday, Gal Gadot and many of the film's other team members have been busy these past few weeks promoting the film. And while recently speaking with CinemaBlend, Gadot talked about how she and director Patty Jenkins worked to make sure that Diana came across as a relatable character in the film, even despite her overwhelming physical strength and power:

"It was really important for Patty and me that this character will be relatable. And I think the fact that she's the most powerful warrior, but she can also be vulnerable; and she can be confident but confused; blunt, but curious. There's so many different qualities to her character that makes her not perfect and easier for us to relate. She's still Diana, but nowadays she's wiser and more educated about the complexities of life and the world and mankind. But she's always full of compassion and warmth and love for everyone."

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Considering that when Diana is introduced in Batman v Superman - she has supposedly given up on humanity, and assumed a much colder and detached existence than fans might have assumed - it's interesting to see just how much Gadot and Jenkins worked to make sure the character was as compassionate as possible in her first standalone film. Based solely on the first reactions and the footage that's been released from it thus far, though, it looks like the duo have managed to capture a version of Diana that comic book fans would be able to recognize and identify with the most.

Balancing the line between being someone who's compassionate and kind and curious, but also isn't afraid of enforcing harsh punishments on any criminals or villains in her sight, she indeed seems to be embodying the grace that so many of the posters and trailers have gone out of their way to sell up until this point. Basically, all that's to say that, after all this time, it's looking more and more like Wonder Woman is actually going to be a film deserving of its titular character's legacy, finally.

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Source: CinemaBlend

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