Gal Gadot in Talks to Star in Revenge Thriller Ruin

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman Diana Prince in Justice League

Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot, who has become one of Hollywood's hottest actresses off the success of the DCEU standalone, is reportedly in talks to next star in director Justin Kurzel's gritty WWII revenge drama RuinWonder Woman 2 is also on Gadot's slate, with Patty Jenkins returning to direct with an eye toward a late 2019 release.

Before Wonder Woman 2 gets off the ground, Gadot will make one more appearance as the goddess-turned-superhero in the Joss Whedon/Zack Snyder-directed DCEU extravaganza Justice League. Though Wonder Woman has become more prominent in the Justice League marketing lately, Gadot herself insists Justice League is not just a Wonder Woman movie with some other DC heroes thrown in (though given the success of Wonder Woman, that might not be the worst idea).

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With Wonder Woman 2 not set to begin shooting until later in 2018, Gadot is reportedly negotiating to take on a role in the WWII drama Ruin, which will be ready to go before cameras in early 2018, as reported by Deadline. Justin Kurzel will direct Ruin, described as a revenge thriller in the vein of Fury or Inglourious Basterds, from a script by Matthew and Ryan Firpo. The plot of Ruin involves a guilt-ridden ex-Nazi on a mission through the wreckage of post-war Germany to find and kill the remaining members of his former SS death squad.

Wonder Woman Trailer 2 - Gal Gadot

Director Kurzel's previous credits include the very dark Shakespeare adaptation Macbeth and the disappointing video game film Assassin's Creed, both starring Michael Fassbender. Ruin sounds like it might be a perfect vehicle for Fassbender, but as yet there are no reports about the actor being attached to the film.

Coming off her turn as Diana/Wonder Woman in the standalone film and Justice League, Gadot may be seeking a role that takes her away from superhero fantasy and into a more gritty and realistic milieu. There are no details about the character she would be playing in Ruin, but she certainly would be a world away from the idealistic goddess who travels to the modern world and becomes a member of a band of superheroes trying to protect the earth from an evil supervillain (though Gadot would still be in the business of confronting evil Germans, something she can't seem to get away from).

In addition to Ruin, Gadot has also lined up a role opposite Bradley Cooper in the Max Landis-written undersea drama Deeper. Her DCEU commitments mean she is locked in to Justice League 2 and the Flash standalone Flashpoint as well as Wonder Woman 2.

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Source: Deadline

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