Gal Gadot Was Runner-Up For Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road

Gal Gadot has revealed that she was a runner-up to star as Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road. Though she has now solidified her place in cinema history by portraying Wonder Woman in the DCEU and leading their most successful film, Wonder Woman, there was a time when she was close to getting her breakout role slightly earlier. While she was cast in the role of Diana Prince just a few years ago, back during her time with Fast & Furious, Gadot was looking for a bigger role in Hollywood.

While Fast & Furious may have helped showcase her, it did not do so from an acting point of view. Still, she's come out of that franchise and moved onto bigger and better things. She may now (and forever) be known as Wonder Woman, but in an alternate universe it would have been the role of Furiosa that gave her a chance to truly shine.

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Gadot revealed in an interview with THR that she was a "runner-up" for the lead role in Mad Max: Fury Road that ultimately went to Charlize Theron. Gadot notes that there's no hard feelings over the situation - and points out their shared experience working with director Patty Jenkins - but also states that missing out on roles like these is what made her begin to think about giving up acting. Thankfully, the role of Wonder Woman came along and made sure that didn't happen, but the thought of Gadot in Fury Road sure is fascinating.

Theron received lots of praise for her work in Fury Road, thanks in part to the grueling process that director George Miller went through to make the film as practically as possible. Simply swapping Gadot in for Theron would be a dramatic shift from how many see Gadot now. She has the bubbly personality, big heart, and stunning looks in both real life and as Wonder Woman, so a transformation into Furiosa would be a change, but one that Gadot could still pull off potentially.

Thankfully, the casting process for Furiosa wound up being great for both Gadot and Theron. Theron has since found her own action film (and hopeful franchise) in Atomic Blonde, while also still waiting to see if her Mad Max spinoff will ever get made. Gadot on the other hand landed the role of a lifetime and looks to be the new face of the DC Extended Universe as it moves forward. With appearances in Justice LeagueWonder Woman 2Flashpoint, and likely even more in her future, Gadot's star will only continue to rise. And should Furiosa ever happen and Theron need a great co-star, maybe then Gadot could enter the Wasteland.

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Source: THR

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