Gal Gadot Signed For 'Justice League' & 'Wonder Woman' Solo Film

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Good things come to those who wait, and for fans of Batman vs. Superman and the heroine known as Wonder Woman, it may be truer than ever. But even though the chance to see Gal Gadot in the iconic role has been postponed for almost an extra year, the actress recently confirmed that she was committed to portray the character in not one, but three films for Warner Bros./DC.

No additional details seem to have been confirmed, other than WB and DC are taking a page out of Marvel's book in saving pay where possible, and that the three films in which Gadot will appear are not a total mystery. First comes Batman vs. Superman, followed by the long-anticipated Justice League team-up film, and a stand-alone Wonder Woman movie rounding out the trio.

The report comes courtesy of Variety, who claim that the previously reported 3-picture deal is confirmed by their sources. They add the confirmation of the three previously mentioned films - BvS, JL, then a solo WW - as well as their belief that Gadot stands to make $300,000 for each of the three films, not just her first appearance. If true, then there is no question WB and DC have managed to balance out the cost of landing a major talent like Ben Affleck (and whichever rumored A-lister they land on for Lex Luthor).

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If the implication, then, is that Gadot's presence in all three films is at all comparable, then the story being crafted to introduce both her and Batman, not to mention the rest of the Justice League members is more a mystery than ever. Rumor has it that Batman vs. Superman won't just feature a cameo of Gadot's 'Diana' as some had initially thought, but an armored appearance. Could she play a larger role than may have been suspected?

All things considered, the films named as the basic structure of Gadot's deal aren't too surprising; BvS was already confirmed, and the rumors of a Justice League movie being filmed back to back with the Man of Steel sequel only gained momentum when production was delayed 10 months. If Warner Bros. has decided that a team-up was the best way to introduce their superhero roster (a novel idea we had from the start), then there was no doubt that Gadot's solo Wonder Woman movie would come after the team assembled.

Even so, it would seem that there at least signs of a strategy and road map coming into view at Warner Bros./DC. And if that's the case, is this even more evidence that the likes of Aquaman, Cyborg, and other League members could be expected to stand on their own come 2017 and beyond? Only time will tell.

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What we do know is that Gadot will have another year to approach the high physical standard set by Henry Cavill - good news for any and all actors who may be signing deals in the coming months. We've voiced our opinion that Gadot's size won't make or break her portrayal of the iconic superheroine, but more time to train is always welcome. Not to mention the time to figure out exactly where her character came from in Snyder's budding universe.

What do you think of the proposed plan? Does a Man of Steel continuation, moving to a Justice League story, followed by standalone films seem like a plausible plan? Or would you still prefer DC and WB to follow Marvel's formula? Share your thoughts in the comments.


Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters May 6, 2016.

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Source: Variety

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