Gal Gadot Shows Conan O'Brien How To Train Like Wonder Woman

It is not easy being a superhero, as Conan O'Brien learned when Gal Gadot dropped by his show to teach him some tricks and share secrets on how she prepared to imbibe the role of Wonder Woman. The Israeli actress revealed that it took her 6 months of training and gym work prior to actually getting to film movie scenes as her character. O'Brien then jokingly said that he only got about 35-minutes to do his transformation.

Gadot has been going on various press activities to promote the Wonder Woman film. She has also been in other nightly talk shows including one in the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon where she got candid about almost quitting acting right before she landed the role of a lifetime - bringing the Amazonian princess to life. This time, however, things got a little more action-packed, as Gadot and O'Brien did a little bit of a training session supposedly similar to what Gadot had to go through to prepare for her new gig.

The segment (which can be seen in the video above) from Conan on TBS lasts almost 8 minutes long and features O'Brien and Gadot going through some combat fighting training. However, before they even went to the nitty gritty, the host asks Gadot what her assessment of his physique is, to which the actress pointed out his "very weak legs," and explained that "men have bigger thighs. But that's fine, we can work on that." To make matters seem more legitimate, Gadot event tapped the help of her personal trainer, Ruda Vrba.

As the session goes on, the three go over some basic fighting skills, like kicking. While Vrba and Gadot effortlessly perform the moves, O'Brien struggles before ultimately switching to doing the "Hava Nagila" dance, based on the Israeli folk song traditionally sung at Jewish celebrations. After a couple of times doing it by himself, the other two gladly joined him.

O'Brien tried his hand at a couple other activities too, such as learning how to fight and deflect with a sword a la Wonder Woman. By this time, he was also donning the character's wrist armor and her iconic headpiece, which he admitted makes him feel both powerful and beautiful. At one point, the comedian even suited up with his very own superhero costume, saying he felt unhappy with the way he looks not bulked up.

All throughout the funny bit, Gadot played along to every silly thing O'Brien pulled off. This includes his final act of boarding an actual mechanical bull, while still in his superhero suit - mimicking Diana's impressive horse back riding skills in the upcoming film.

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Source: Conan on TBS

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