Wonder Woman: 15 Pictures That Prove Gal Gadot Is A Real Life Goddess

Audiences were in awe of Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman, but she doesn't just play a goddess in the movies; she is one in real life. These photos prove it.

The 2017 Wonder Woman adaptation has taken the world by storm, proving that women can take the lead in superhero action films, earn a butt-load of money, and good reviews to boot. Gal Gadot originally stole the show in 2016's Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, despite only being in a handful of scenes, and continues to wow comic book nerds and other moviegoers in her own solo adventure, guided by director Patty Jenkins (who is is rumored to return to direct Wonder Woman 2). But while Wonder Woman was the first recent success for DC, what about Gadot's life outside of the DCEU?

While audiences were in awe of her decked out in Diana's super suit, looking at her in real life, Gal Gadot doesn't just play a goddess - she is one. Her Instagram game is strong, and the proof is in the pictures. From her early days as Miss Israel to now, she continues to look stunning every step of the way. We have to give serious props to Gadot and her styling team, because we could stare at her all day.

Get ready for an onslaught of star power and fabulousness. These are the 15 Pictures That Prove Gal Gadot Is A Real Life Goddess.

15 The T-Shirt


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Much to the disappointment of some, Gal Gadot is already married, having tied the knot with real estate developer Yaron Versano back in 2008. This photo caused a little bit of controversy on Twitter, as her husband was accused of bashing other women while complimenting his wife with a cheeky t-shirt, but it may have been an overreaction. It’s a cute picture that shows how proud and supportive he is of Gadot’s acting career as she continues to gain traction in Hollywood.

As funny as the shirt is given the context, it’s also nice to see Gadot wearing little to no makeup, as she has such a beautiful, naturally fresh face. The photo was so fitting that it went viral on both Instagram and Twitter, likely boosting the t-shirt’s sales.

14 Premiere Night

Gadot was red carpet ready for the Wonder Woman premiere, showing how glamorous she can be when she isn’t busy with fight evil. Jenkins and the film's co-stars look great too, but you can’t help it when your eyes go right to Gadot. Her styling team did a great job with her. Plus, catching part of the movie poster in the background shows a neat contrast between Gadot’s bubbly demeanor and Wonder Woman’s intensity, separating the actress from the character.

Once again, this shot shows that Gadot can rock any hairstyle, whether her hair is tied back or flowing freely. Some people may not be a fan of this look on her, but really, she looks fabulous in anything. Between this dress and her Wonder Woman armor, red is definitely her color.

13 Hat-Tastic

Another from #GraziaChina 🙏 ❤️

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This is a shot from the May 2017 issue of Grazia China, when Gadot appeared on the cover. It’s a simple shot, slightly less flashy than the actual cover, but she still manages to catch our eyes without actually making eye contact – no "smizing" required.

Some people dislike hats because they might not look good in them, but no funky headgear can detract from Gadot’s gorgeousness. She looks sleek dressed in all black to match her hair, and her ability to rock a hat – any hat – speaks to her versatility in fashion modeling. No wonder she won her country’s national beauty pageant early on in her career.

Gadot should be on more covers, because even after a hit movie in a major franchise, the world needs to see more of her.

12 Bumped Up

Most fans already know this, but in case you didn’t, Gal Gadot was pregnant during Wonder Woman reshoots. The crew did a good job of hiding her baby bump through camera close-ups and editing tricks, but the fact that she powered through a pregnancy to film all those epic action sequences alone makes her a real warrior goddess. She was already working hard, training for six hours a day and gaining 17 pounds of muscle.

But Gadot wasn’t hiding her baby bump here – she was working it. The dress looks amazing on her and, while not necessary, flattered her bump with the shape of the dress. In the right side image, you can barely tell that she’s pregnant, aside from her hand on her stomach.

11 Pageant Flair

Before Gadot played a warrior princess, she was a pageant princess, having won the Miss Israel title when she was 18 and then competing at Miss Universe 2004. During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Gadot admitted that she competed in Miss Israel for the experience and didn’t want to win Miss Universe. She could have definitely won if she had wanted the crown, though, and even in her thirties could still win today - if it wasn't for the age limit!

A curly bob may not be the ideal pageant style, but it frames Gadot's face nicely. The dress is also sexy, while still tasteful for a pageant, leaving enough to the imagination. The elegance and poise she had onstage shows that she was always a goddess, long before she picked up the Wonder Woman mantle.

10 Head Shot

Gadot has been the face of Gucci’s Bamboo fragrance since 2015, and this head shot was taken for the campaign. She’s more recognizable as herself here, with her hair flowing down similar to Wonder Woman’s. It’s another simple, more natural photo of her, but she remains beautiful and eye-catching from whichever direction you’re looking.

That hair. Those eyes (this time she is "smizing" – amazing). Whether you want to call her a jack of all trades or a triple threat, the point is that she can do it all and look great while doing everything.

Gadot has led other international campaigns, including ones for Miss Sixty, Huawei smartphones, and Jaguar cars. Honestly, she could probably sell anything, which is why she can be seen as goddess tier.

9 Training Session

Work it! Very happy Friday ! 💪🏻👊🏻😈 #Rudavrba

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We already established that Gadot is committed to fitness and pushed herself physically to bring Wonder Woman to life, and she continued her training for the first Justice League movie, which will be out this November. Any doubts of her ability to portray Wonder Woman were out the window when this and any other photo of her at the gym surfaced on social media.

Look at her arms – they’re so toned. Look at that definition on her. Not to mention the intensity in her eyes. She is in the zone. This made her even more perfect for playing Diana of Themyscira, but she looks amazing like this off-set. During an interview on Live with Kelly and Ryan, Gadot said that her training for Wonder Woman was more intense than her military training.

8 Fun Photoshoot

#throwback to a fun photoshoot 📸

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More of her modeling work, this could either be an actual pose or Gadot having some down time in between frames for this shoot. She looks so happy and relaxed, which further brings out her beauty while she is clearly enjoying herself without a care in the world. This photo gives off an early morning vibe, with the dark background and only one or two lights on Gadot to make it appear as though she just woke up. The natural makeup look seen again would fit that scenario.

Any opportunity to see her bubbly side, which separates her from her character, Diana Prince, is a good one, because we get that sense of relatability to her even though she is a goddess among us regular folk.

7 Always Laughing

Always laughing with these two 😘😋 #TBT #WonderWoman #Grateful

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This is from the set of Wonder Woman, snapped in between takes of the back-alley scene where Diana the “secretary” protects Steve Trevor from assassins as a fight breaks out for Dr. Poison’s notebook. Comic book fans quickly figured out that this scene is actually a homage to the 1978 Superman movie, when Clark catches a bullet for Lois Lane in similar fashion.

We already know that Gadot has a gorgeous smile, but seeing her laugh makes us want to be on-set with her because of how much fun it looks - or at least, see the movie again. Seeing behind-the-scenes shots like these make us appreciate our stars even more because of the human aspect where we can see the actor separated from the character for a moment.

6 Where Do We Sign Up?

To raise money for Communities in Schools, which provides support to at-risk youth to keep them on track for graduation, Gadot held a sweepstakes event that granted one lucky winner and a friend the chance to hang out with her at the Wonder Woman premiere (a similar, but separate contest was held for someone to meet her costar, Chris Pine at the same event).

We would all want to be her VIP. She looks so warm, friendly and inviting, traits of hers that can be picked up on while watching any of her interviews. Plus, she did it for a great cause, which shows that she has a big heart to boot. Hopefully we’ll get another chance when Justice League or Wonder Woman 2 comes out.

5 Kicking Back

Gadot suffered a painful back injury days before the press tour and Hollywood premiere of Wonder Woman. She wore flats to all of her events, including the premiere, and did all of her interviews standing up. When telling hosts Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest about it, Gadot described the situation as having happened “at the worst time ever.” Ripa jokingly offered her a massage or muscle relaxer.

Even though she’s probably on a private jet, seeing her kick back and relax gives her that “just like us” vibe that we like seeing in celebrities. Plus, the sunglasses add a bit of humor to the photo for some reason. It makes us wonder if she was sleeping when the photo was taken, which would be even funnier.

4 True Words

yes 💗 {credits to the owner}

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Beautiful and intelligent? We’ll happily take it.

While originally asked about how she got into shape for her first starring role, Gadot delivers a powerful message at the end of her interview with Access Hollywood. There’s no question that Wonder Woman is a groundbreaking film that pushes women to the forefront as the heroes, which is a huge step forward for feminism and women’s representation in Hollywood.

Building on the success of her movie, Gadot encourages both boys and girls to continue the conversation about female empowerment now that they have a female superhero on the silver screen to look up to.

She’s so genuine and honest about her experience, and she remains humble and down-to-earth after all of her success – that’s a goddess right there.

3 Wonder Women

Gadot appeared on the May 2017 cover of The Hollywood Reporter alongside Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins. Jenkins actually admitted that she didn’t think Gadot was right for the role at first, but after watching her on camera, she realized Gadot was perfect after all.

In the Hollywood Reporter feature, Jenkins also talked about the pressure of making the most expensive movie for a female director, which turned out to be worth every penny based on box office results (Wonder Woman lassoed in over $100 million opening weekend, when it had a budget of $150 million). Gadot and Jenkins ended up becoming close friends in the process, hanging out together outside of filming.

While this list is mainly about Gadot, they both look stunning on this cover.

2 Simple and Clean

Even Wonder Woman has her off days. Motherhood can be quite stressful, leaving Gadot tired after caring for her two daughters. She is like any other parent whose children either wake them up early or keep them awake at night. But we don’t know what’s more beautiful about this – her fresh face, or her outlook on family life. Gadot always makes time for her family, whether she's hanging out with them at home or they're visiting her on-set.

Most women would never step foot out in public without “putting their face on” (i.e. doing their makeup), much less share a photo of their makeup-free face on social media. But Gadot shows us everything, and it’s absolutely incredible because we get to see her as just, well, her. She's flawless even with her flaws. While Gadot probably knows how beautiful she is, her confidence is something that everyone should have or want. And the caption for the photo?

"The most simple things are the ones to make us the happiest." 

Absolutely perfect.

1 Natural Glow

Hello… 😊

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It must be the gold, but everything about this photo screams “goddess.” This is another shot that was taken for Gucci’s Bamboo Fragrance campaign, and Gadot is lit up both physically and emotionally. This is one of the best photos that showcases her smile and eyes, and the aesthetics all work together, from her wardrobe to the backdrop. Gadot can light up any room she enters, and that light simply moves with her.

The accent pieces on her armor from Wonder Woman were one indicator, but based on this shot, gold is a nice color on her too. While Gal Gadot looks striking in anything and everywhere, from movies to modeling, if there is any photo that proves she is a real goddess, it’s this one.

While her sequel is a long way off, you can catch Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman once again when Justice League is released on November 17 of this year. Anyone looking to see more of Gadot’s gorgeous self can find her on Instagram (or any social media platform, for that matter).


What's your favorite picture of Gal Gadot? Are you excited for Wonder Woman 2? Let us know in the comments!

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