Gal Gadot Posts Photo Of Her In Affleck's Batman Cowl For Halloween

Gal Gadot shares a new photo of her wearing Ben Affleck's Batman cowl from Justice League for Halloween. Zack Snyder took a chance in casting Gadot as the DCEU's Wonder Woman a few years back. She was best known for small roles in the Fast & Furious franchise, but was a scene stealer in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Any doubt that she's the perfect Wonder Woman was washed away in her solo Wonder Woman movie. Audiences have become so attached to her portrayal of the Amazonian that she's supplanted Batman and Superman as the face of the universe. This may not be terribly difficult to do with Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill likely out as Batman and Superman.

Still, Gadot has become DC's biggest star and some reports pointed to Justice League beefing up her role after seeing Wonder Woman's reception. Warner Bros. moved quickly to also get a Wonder Woman sequel in motion, although they just pushed it back to 2020. This just means that fans will have to wait longer to see Gadot return in the role, and she's testing out another DC role in the meantime.

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To celebrate Halloween, Gal Gadot shared a new image on Instagram of her from the set of Justice League. The image was originally taken by photographer Clay Enos (who is currently working with Gal again on Wonder Woman 1984) on Gadot's last day filming the team-up movie, so they decided to have a bit of fun. As you can see below, Gadot is still in her Wonder Woman costume but has received a brand new accessory: Ben Affleck's Batman cowl.

Gadot doesn't fill up the mask as well as Affleck, but she still looks pretty good with the cowl on. Barring some strange Elseworlds storyline where Gadot actually becomes Batman, this image isn't something fans should ever expect to see on screen. But for the purposes of Halloween, this is a fun and timely photo for Gadot to share.

It is, however, a bit ironic that Gadot would be the one wearing a Batman costume since her version of Wonder Woman is DC's most popular Halloween costume this year. Girls of all ages will be dressing up as Wonder Woman tonight and through any further festivities that continue this week. And if they aren't going as Wonder Woman, they may very well be Harley Quinn, who is DC's second most popular costume this Halloween. Both characters have been incredibly popular over the last two years and should continue to do so. If anything, 2020 could prove to be their biggest year as both will have brand new movies out that year. As long as Birds of Prey and Wonder Woman 1984 are hits, then they should continue to be among the most frequent choices in the years to come.

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