What Gabriel Luna Could Look Like As The Terminator

Fan art for James Cameron's Terminator 6 reboot shows what Gabriel Luna could look like as the new Terminator. Now that Cameron has control over his apocalyptic franchise, he's giving the reigns over to Deadpool's Tim Miller. Even though the movie was recently pushed back a few months, that decision hasn't slowed down the pre-production process. In fact, casting started to pick up following the minor delay.

The big news of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. star Gabriel Luna joining Terminator 6 as the franchise's new Terminator came earlier this week. Fans of the ABC Marvel TV series already became accustomed to seeing Luna's face be transformed by flames, but in new fan art, it's his new robotic side that comes out.

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BossLogic gave his take on Gabriel Luna as the new Terminator recently, which is quite convincing. Luna is shown with half of his face torn off, revealing his robotic insides. Keeping a leather jacket from his days as Ghost Rider, Luna's new look sees him trade in a flaming chain for a gun. Considering the art draws heavily on how the Terminators have looked in the past, it won't be surprising if this is close to how Luna looks come next year.

Playing what appears to be the main Terminator role in next year's reboot should offer Lune a new challenge as an actor. His performance as Robbie Reyes in S.H.I.E.L.D. conveyed the complexity of the character extremely well, and even though he had a darkness to him, he was still a hero. The situation most likely won't be the same for his Terminator role, however. But there's always a chance that Luna's Terminator could turn into a force for good, helping out the franchise's new leads.

While Luna is taking on the Terminator, he'll do so as he hunts down newcomer Natalia Reyes. She'll be joined by Diego Boneta on the adventure. As for where they'll get help from, that could be where Mackenzie Davis' soldier/assassin comes into play. She likely won't be the only source of help either as Terminator 6 is bringing back original franchise stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton. Who knows what the T-800 and Sarah Connor are up to all these years later, but it'd be fun to see both of them fight Luna too.

Even though the release date was moved, there hasn't been any word so far regarding a shift in the film's production schedule. The most recent plan was for Terminator 6 to begin filming this summer. If that sticks, then fans should be able to get an official look at Luna's Terminator shortly thereafter. But until then, the above fan art is sure to generate even more excitement for Luna taking on this role.

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Source: BossLogic

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