FX Renews 'It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia,' 'Wilfred' & 'Louie'

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The It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia gang gets at least another two years on the air. FX announced it would be re-upping its commitment to the comedy series that helped the network make a name for itself in original programming by giving It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia an order through season 9.

FX also committed to a second season of the American adaptation of Wilfred starring Elijah Wood, and a third helping of comedian Louie C.K.’s excellent Louie. Both series received a full order of 13 episodes.

While speaking at the Television Critics Association press tour, FX president John Landgraf discussed the deal that would bring two more seasons of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia to the network – mentioning that the show has been a major part of building the network’s identity, and that with the extension, Sunny will become the longest running comedy in cable television history.

As mentioned, the renewal is for another two years, but the overall deal with Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day and Glenn Howerton is actually for three - which means if the gang is up for it, they could extend the show’s run to 10 seasons.

Landgraf stated:

"It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia not only became a hit, but the cornerstone of FX’s successful comedy brand and we’re thrilled to be able to extend our partnership with Rob, Charlie and Glenn.”

Meanwhile, coming off a successful summer launch of Wilfred and Louie, FX should be able to transition nicely into its fall line-up of Sunny, a three-episode stint of Archer (which will return in the spring of 2012) and a full season of The League.

Jason Gann Elijah Wood Louie C.K.

Wilfred may have been something of a long shot for the network – given its unique premise – but since series creator Jason Gann has been playing the character for the better part of a decade, he’s managed to transition the Australian program of the same name to America without losing any of its edge. Thankfully, audiences and critics alike have responded favorably to Gann’s hallucinatory man-in-canine-suit – reveling in Wilfred’s somewhat destructive, but ultimately empowering, influence on his neighbor Ryan (Wood).

Clearly, though, Louie is the crown jewel in FX’s comedy line-up. Each week the series manages to provide a glimpse into the world as Louie sees it – alternating between his often self-deprecating stand-up and each episode’s central theme, which frequently ends up being as uncomfortable to watch as it is hilarious. After last week’s cathartic Dane Cook guest spot, it’s clear that Louie isn’t afraid to broach any subject.

In addition to its comedies, FX has also renewed a contract with Landgraf, who has agreed to stay with the network for another two years. With the exception of the premature termination of Terriers and Lights Out, Landgraf has proven himself quite the asset to FX, so here’s hoping his next two years will bring even more great content to the network.


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 7 premieres Thursday, September 15 @10pm.

Wilfred and Louie air Thursdays nights on FX.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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